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Today's Creation Moment

The Myth of the Walking Whale
Psalm 148:7
"Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:"
Whales pose some interesting problems for those who believe that all living things slowly evolved to their present forms over millions of years. According to evolution, sea creatures gradually...

The year in review ... and a special gift for you

Mark Cadwallader2011 Year-End

Dear Friend of Creation,

Did God create? Is the Bible credible? Or do time and chance account for everything we see? You know the right answers, of course, but countless millions of people don’t! And in their darkness, they are stumbling headlong into a Christ-less eternity!

Yes, the Creation vs. Evolution debate is far more than a scholarly discussion; it is a crucial struggle for the hearts and minds of young and old, with far-reaching consequences. Whether you turn on a television or open up a newspaper, the issue of evolution is everywhere – even in Saturday-morning cartoons! Though the theory of evolution is crumbling more and more, the science establishment’s censorship and monopoly continues to grow in strength. That’s why we – you and I – must be the ongoing emissaries of truth!

This is a critically important time. As evolutionists like Richard Dawkins step up their attacks on the Bible and creation, Creation Moments is right where God wants us to be – in the thick of the battle. Our mission is to glorify God by presenting scientific evidences for the historical truth of the Bible … and that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 48 years.

This year, once again, because of your generous gifts, our program “Creation Moments” is being broadcast on over 1,300 radio stations and outlets around the world (an astounding number in comparison to others), equaling 625,000 minutes of broadcasting. We’ve produced more than 1,600 programs on a wide variety of creation topics that are available for stations to air. Truly, only God knows how many millions of people we are reaching through our radio program!

Our Spanish version of “Creation Moments” – Momentos de la Creación – has also grown this year. It is currently on 25 stations, 4 networks and 14 repeaters, reaching the Southern US, Mexico, Spain and the Caribbean, as well as South and Central America. We also created this year an area on our website for Spanish-speaking visitors, and we will be expanding that, too, as we have our English internet presence.

Our website has become a vital part of our ministry. This past year alone, more than 150,000 people visited our site to download copies of our free Church Bulletin Inserts and our new Biblical Creation Youth Bulletins … and to learn about creation from our archive of thousands of articles, scripts, newsletters and blog postings. They also came to our website, looking for DVDs and books – like our brand new Letting God Create Your Day Vol. 6.

More than 8,000 people are now receiving the Creation Moments e-mail every weekday for personal encouragement and for passing along to others. We’re also reaching many thousands more through our involvement with the WorldNetDaily website. In the last four months alone, over 26,000 WorldNetDaily readers visited our website to learn more about God’s amazing creation … and 800 of them are now receiving our “Today’s Creation Moment” devotional e-mail. For many, Creation Moments has become their only source of information about biblical creation.

We have received many inquiries from teachers, churches, parents and grandparents wanting information on understanding and presenting the truth of God’s Word. It has been an exciting year of seeing God at work! Creation Moments is doing more than just presenting information; God is using this ministry to impact people like these for His Kingdom …

“Aloha! I am a science teacher at a Christian school and frequently pass along your Creation Moments insights when they tie into my curriculum. The kids get real excited and want to know what time they can listen to Creation Moments themselves. Thank you for your tireless work. It is making an impact on thousands of people, I’m sure!”

“You have helped me countless times when I am debating atheists online. Your resources are wonderful and really glorify God. May you continue the good fight for His glory and praise.”

“When I first became a Christian, my new faith was shaken by the teachings of evolution. Thanks to Creation Moments, I learned that science and the Bible are compatible and that evolution is refuted by scientific evidence. I don’t know what would have happened in my life had it not been for the materials I read from Creation Moments!”

As you can see, God is using Creation Moments to touch real people and change lives. My question to you is: How much is it worth for people to know the truth and to have that truth set them free? I believe it is worth far more than any amount of money, for it has eternal value. Many of us invest in stocks, bonds or bullion – whatever yields the most monetary profit. This year would you consider an investment in eternity? For countless millions in desperate need of God’s truth, eternity hangs in the balance.

Creation Moments is poised to continue seizing opportunities to share the life-changing message of God’s Word. But we need your help! It is only through gifts from you and others who believe in this ministry that we’re able to continue our work. Would you prayerfully consider a special year-end gift? Together, we can continue to make an impact for the Kingdom of God!

Thank you so very much for your prayers and your support. May God richly bless you in the coming year!

Yours in Christ,

Mark Cadwallader, Board Chairman

Wonder of CreationP.S. To show our appreciation for your year-end gift, we will send you The Wonder of Creation, a book with beautiful full-color photos on every page. This small book really covers a lot of ground! And it raises many questions evolutionists don’t know how to answer – such as “Why do creatures sleep?” After all, how could sleep have evolved if it makes creatures more vulnerable to attack? Add this book to your creation library for a tax-deductible gift of any amount.

Remember that a cash gift postmarked by December 31 can help reduce your 2011 federal income taxes. If you itemize, the higher your tax bracket, the greater the savings for your charitable deductions. To receive a 2011 tax deductible receipt, donations must be postmarked by the US Postal Service on or before December 31, 2011.