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Who was First to North America?
Genesis 1:28
“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth...”
The conventional understanding has always been that North America was populated by people who crossed from Asia to Alaska via the Bering Strait and then migrated down the West Coast. Eventually, some...

Global Warming

Global Warming

We asked our readers and listeners to share their thoughts on whether global warming is a real threat or if it’s a hoax. And if it’s real, is it caused by man?

Please note that the views expressed below are those of our readers and listeners and do not necessarily represent the views of Creation Moments.

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Global Warming Comments

"The new term is 'Climate Change,' since the evidence now points away from global warming. The climate is constantly changing, so this nebulous term is probably always going to be an accurate description of reality in some sense of the meaning of the word. 'Global warming' and the previous term, 'global cooling, are too testable, so climate change is a much better choice. It cannot be falsified. The entire controversy, like every other controversy, is rooted in the way we think. What is the basis for thought? There are really only two options: arbitrary assumption or Divine revelation.

As to whether the climate will be a threat or problem, it may go along with earthquakes in diverse places, etc., but speculation is not the command of God. In fact, it seems that God forbids adding to His words or taking anything from them. This would hold for everything that He is currently saying through Scripture as He unfolds His glory through the Bible, and it would hold for everything that He is currently saying through scientific inquiry, as He unfolds His glory through His Creation. Allowing yourself (or myself) to add even a single assumption allows you to prove anything to yourself. Anything! Allowing an assumption to become a presupposition hides the fact that the assumption is just something you made up. Allowing the presupposition to become part of your worldview causes the made-up stuff to seem more real than real reality.

We who follow Christ are not subject to the false trilemma known as the Münchhausen Trilemma. According to Münchhausen, no one can ever come to a rational conclusion about anything, since all human thought must be based on assumption (axiom). Conclusions can also appear to be based on the smokescreens of circular reasoning or infinite regression that cover up the fact that the conclusions are based on assumption (axiom). This idea conflicts with observed reality, since it would demolish all science and reason. This false trilemma is really a Secularist trilemma, since the three choices are in the realm of Naturalism. There are two other possible choices, one of which is Divine revelation. God, speaking through Scripture, makes it plain that all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding come from Him. Even the knowledge that the ungodly have is a gift that comes from God.

The human mind can move freely from make-believe to reality and back to make-believe without ever being aware of the difference between lie and truth. The truth will set us free. Jesus Christ is the truth. The Holy Spirit is our teacher in this age. Christ lives within. He is an ever-present help. God does lead His people. This is how we know that the Bible is His word, His utterance, without error. We know this without circular reasoning by Divine revelation as the Holy Spirit communes with us and teaches us.

God has not revealed through scientific inquiry that any climate change is man-made. The reports that are available to those who are not directly doing the research are all over the map. In fact, it has seemed to become a political tool more than anything else. Any statement as to whether or not there is a man-made contribution to climate change would be coming from made-up ideas and not from what God is plainly showing through scientific inquiry into the actual Creation. Therefore, it is speculative. In the Church, speculation causes division. God is very concerned about unity and the prayer of Christ that we all may be one.

God has revealed that the Earth is His, that He is in control, and that He will fulfill His purpose. He also reveals that we are to be good stewards of what He has given. To walk in fear is sin. To be irresponsible regarding the environment is sin. To depend on  assumption rather than Divine revelation, leading, and teaching is sin. – B.S. 

"The question I always ask someone who is afraid of man made global warming is first what percentage of the atmosphere is C02 and second what percentage of the CO2 is from man made sources.

Answers: (1) less than 0.04%   (2) less than 3.3%

These real numbers just don't add up for me. I just don't have enough faith to believe in man made global warming!" - D.W.

“The following link provides excellent data and charts showing how naturally occurring water vapor has a much greater effect on GW than anything caused by humans. Of course, most of the biased GW computer programs ignore that fact! Including the effect of water vapor cuts human effects by a factor of 20 – from 5.53% to 0.28%!

Just how much of the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is caused by human activity? It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account – about 5.53%, if not. This point is so crucial to the debate over global warming that how water vapor is or isn’t factored into an analysis of Earth’s greenhouse gases makes the difference between describing a significant human contribution to the greenhouse effect, or a negligible one.” – P.C.

“Laws have recently been written to charge mass tax amounts, citing Global Warming.  Stating CO2 is causing vegetation to grow in the mountains and thus blocking the snow pack, and reducing the amount of water that reaches the rivers by making it soak into the ground instead. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?

Politicians WAKE UP! GET A BRAIN!

Logging the mountains DESTROYS any ability to build any annual snow pack! Snow melts off logged areas even at temperatures below freezing without trees and brush to shade the ground when the sun shines.

The Sun is allowed to hit dirt and rock, thus heating the ground. Plus, lack of vegetation means several things: sudden run off as dangerous flash floods, rather than slow run off, and the MUDDY WATER KILLS FISH, the WATER TABLE dries up, and wells go dry, watersheds go dangerously low and stagnate or dry up completely. Major mud slides occur as there is nothing to tie the surface together.

With the lack of CO2 to feed the plants, which breathe it in and exhale Oxygen for us to breath, we will suffocate. CO2 is a good gas, a needed gas that we may benefit from plants turning it to Oxygen, for us to inhale, and we exhale CO2. CO (Carbon MONOxide) is the bad one.

Volcanoes are right this minute producing daily more CO and CO2, and not to mention all the other toxic environmentally damaging gasses than all the cars in the world can do in 10 or more years. We have been having 30 to 40 ACTIVE eruptions continually world wide for quite a while. This does NOT include those minor eruptions of all the many more volcanoes on high alert that do short eruptions, which even in a few minutes can produce far more harmful  gasses than all the cars in LA for a year.

Global warming is an extortion attempt, nothing more.

In 1942, when a squadron of planes trying to return home got off course and ran out of fuel, they were forced to land on Greenland. In 1992, at the bottom of  260 feet of ice, 2 of the planes were dismantled and brought up through a hole dug in the ice. My question to Global Warming tin hat nuts is: How high was the ocean level in 1942?

And with thousands of layers of ice over those planes, why do you global warming nuts still call then annual layers? Were those planes there for thousands of years? According to Global warming nuts’ claims, they had to be there for thousands of years, there is no other possible answer. I would hope they could see what God has allowed for us to use as evidence against this global warming extortion. I would hope also that they begin to see the real truth and accept God and Christ before the real Global HEAT WAVE hits.” – T.P.

“It is interesting to note that the radical (even panicky) views on ‘climate change’ are currently being propagated by militant atheists, such as Bill Nye and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson [host of Cosmos]. Mr. Nye thinks ‘global warming deniers’ are on a par with ‘anti-science’ biblical creationists, who [gasp!] oppose evolution. Dr. Tyson concluded his latest Cosmos show, which dealt with supposed eons of global disasters and extinctions, with the warning that our continued use of fossil fuels would eventually lead to our extinction!

Do the people who are panicking over the imminent danger of ‘climate change’ really believe that stuff? Let’s leave out the cynical politicians for now – their ploy is pretty transparent, and part of their regular template – Let’s scare the crap out of people so they’ll be willing to hand over more and more power to us to save them. It’s easy to fool some people, products of our benighted ‘education’ system. I suppose some people actually do believe mankind is responsible for whatever ‘climate change’ they perceive [when they are not furiously exercising their thumbs in texting frenzies.] I think it was G.K. Chesterton who observed that when people don’t believe in God, they will fall for anything.

Biblical creationists take another view, starting from Scripture – where the Lord promised Noah that heat and cold, summer and winter, seedtime and harvest, would not cease, as long as the earth remains! Having said that, we understand that weather conditions are constantly changing in most localities. After all, what is ‘climate’ but the meteorological conditions (temp., precip., winds) that characteristically prevail in a particular region.

Things change, sometimes drastically, with no help from man. It might help if the panicky people who think WE are causing bad weather would read The Great Medieval Warming [800-1300AD] and The Little Ice Age [1300s-1900s] by one Dr. Fagin. The former warm period permitted agriculture in Greenland for centuries; the latter cold period allowed people to skate on the Thames River. Such radical changes mostly occurred BEFORE the Industrial Revolution and its belching furnaces.

It really was a lot colder in grandpa’s day, when folk wore Buffalo robes when they ventured out. My dad came from prairie farmers in the midwest. He was terrified of tornadoes, for he witnessed their awful destruction. Those were the days of 40-mule-team harvesters, long before CO2-belching tractors.

Could it be that rather than experiencing an increase in bad weather conditions we are instead experiencing the 24-hour news cycle, where talking heads are quick to catalog all adverse weather events across the globe, all the time? It sells! People have to get a grip, and turn off the cynical politicians trying to panic people into giving up their freedoms!” – R.R.

“Before there was Global Warming there was Global Cooling. Now there is Climate Change. Unfortunately this is not an issue of science but an issue of control over people and the ultimate concept of population reduction. It is really exposed in the Red Herring of Carbon increase in the atmosphere. The food of plants increases planet greening – ergo, an increase in the food supply. It is not a real concern unless the goal is to reduce life on the planet. Who could possibly be the power behind wanting to reduce life? A supernatural being who has managed to convince many he does not exist perhaps?” – M.F.

“The parallels between ‘global warming’ and evolution are too many and too obvious to be ignored. Neither global warming nor evolution is supported by unbiased scientific data. Both global warming and evolution ignore evidence that undermines their position. Both are said to be ‘settled science’, thus cutting off any voices who would dare to oppose them. Both have made extensive use of false data to support their claims; and in some cases, they have resorted to outright deceptions that have been covered up or ignored. Both global warming and evolution have resorted to widespread propaganda to convince people that their position is the only rational explanation of reality.    

Global warming and molecules-to-man evolution are far more than a hoax, however. They are nothing less than the desire to suppress truth, take away God-given liberties and promote extreme environmentalism. Most of all, both attempt to throw out the God of the Bible who created a self-sustaining earth – the God who created all things “ex nihilo” in six days rather than through an imaginary Big Bang followed by billions and billions of years of mindless, purposeless evolution.” – S.S.

“As a meteorologist with more than 25 years professional experience, I’ve studied the global warming issue fairly extensively. In my opinion, it’s far more likely that climate change (which should be considered a normal process and not an anomaly) is due more to sunspot activity/cycles than to man’s abuse. The earth is marvelously resilient in coping with and countering the impact of man’s use of the planet and its resources. Our world does not stand alone, and to think man has more effect than the sun is foolish vanity at best, raw deception at worst.” – T.S.

“I don’t think it is real. If what science claims is true, and I don’t think it is, I would say it is just fluctuations in sun cycles and other natural events that happen over time. We had ‘global warming’ worse than today back about 500 plus years ago and it was not man that caused it. So even if their data is correct, it is not due to man.” – M.N.

“Manmade global warming is a total hoax. For instance, if we look at images from space, the north pole ice is growing thicker. Recently a boat going to Antarctica was stopped by the ice. The ice was so thick that icebreakers couldn’t reach them. They had to wait several days before rescue. Several other cases disprove manmade global warming. With increased warmth, evaporation will happen faster, making more clouds. If those clouds block out 1% more of the sun’s energy, it will cancel global warming (not manmade).” – K.A. (age 11)

“According to Genesis 8:22, God promised after the flood that we would always have four seasons as long as the earth remained. For this reason, I believe God controls the seasons and climate, and global warming is a hoax.” – R.H.

“Global warming is 100% political. I’m still trying to find the accurate predictions required by the scientific method for a hypothesis to become a theory. True, they cannot create a control universe and variable universe. But when they say that the average temp of the Earth will cool and then change that to warm, something is wrong. Also, for 30 years we have been told that you cannot look at local weather patterns, it is about the entire climate. Ever since they started calling it climate change, they point out every snow storm, thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, drought, or any other type of weather as ‘proof’.” – J.N.

“I am a chemical engineer and have spent most of my 40+ year career in the environmental cleanup and water treatment fields. I see no scientific basis for global warming. The environmental field has long been a tool used to gain political power. They like to parade their hockey stick charts and computer models before politicians who cannot appreciate the scientific quicksand that these estimates are based on for the sake of limiting our personal freedom or to remove some convenience from our lives. Environmentalism, like evolution, is another baseless scientific myth that needs to be exposed for the damage it can do to the human spirit and the blasphemy it is to the sovereign God of the universe.” – S.W.

“I don’t trust anything that comes from the United Nations. I believe ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ are tools being used for an ulterior motive that have nothing to do with stewardship of the planet.” – J.A.M.

“I am a scientist and I think it is not supported by real science. Much of the catastrophic predictions are based on faked data that have been shown to be faked. Anything that they sell as consensus science, I outright distrust because that’s how they sold Darwinism, which is totally faked too. They do not want to have open and honest debate. It is basically a religion.” – D.H.

“My opinion is that this is one more way for powerful world leaders to exercise control over financial resources, big business, and banking. For issues like this, I always say to follow the money trail to see the true motivation for any kind of ‘call to action.’ So we must ask ourselves what is the desired response for this ‘call to action.’ What types of plans do these experts want our world leaders to implement?

Second, earthly stewardship of the world’s resources are what I believe God wants us to be responsible for. So we do need to take good care of these resources because God has commanded us to do so. That includes knowledge about how the earth replenishes itself and heals itself over time. So I believe there is grounds for stewardship, but absolutely no grounds for power grabs.” – B.T.

“They say ‘This has been the warmest/coldest period since...’ so I guess it has been this warm/cold before, so I’m not worried about it. It will probably be this warm/cold again.” – R.D.

“Of course there isn’t man-made (or any other kind) of global warming. Our planet was warmer in the 1200s, Iceland was ice-free and a thriving farming area. Even today, most ‘record’ heat values beat the temperatures of the 1930s, not the temperatures of last year. The first ‘Earth Day’ was to warn of global cooling due to the blockage of sunlight due to pollution. Man can utterly destroy his own area, but he would be very hard pressed to destroy the whole planet. Whether it’s ‘climate change’ or ‘evolution’ or ‘nutrition’ or many other things, there is far more political input than scientific.” – J.C.K.

“I believe God is in control of the weather. If God wants to warm the planet, He can. If He wants to cool the planet, He can.

Climate science is based on a lot of presuppositions and misinformation. For one thing, more carbon gas is produced naturally than humans could ever produce. Second, the correlation between the increase in carbon gas and atmospheric warming is weak. Third, the data which is used by climate scientists is a very small sample size (past climate). Fourth, warmer temperatures can, to some degree, be attributed simply to thermometers being located close to cities which hold more heat. Lastly, climate scientists assume that the largest greenhouse gas (which, by the way is not carbon dioxide, but is water vapor) is a constant, as is the amount of the sun’s energy which is reaching the ground. Neither are constant, as new data shows us as it comes in.

The planet has actually been cooling a bit the past few years, and it can be tied more to oceanic wind and sea surface temperature changes in and over the Pacific Ocean more than changes in greenhouse gas composition, in my opinion.” – G.S.

“Whether the planet is or is not warming is not the real issue in the question. The real issue is whether it can be established as ‘man-caused’ planetary temperature change, and the answer is that it simply can’t.

There are too many variables to consider, including the effect that the Sun can have, and mankind is the least of these potential effects. There is simply no way to establish why the planet could be warming (if it even is doing so, which is far from provable), and if man even has the ability to affect it.

The only time that mankind will affect planetary conditions in this manner is when God judges them during the Great Tribulation. During those years, billions will die, sea life will be decimated, and the air will be poisonously fouled, among other disastrous events, and those will absolutely be the fault and responsibility of mankind, as they will be planetary judgments for sin.

Besides that, however, mankind simply does not have the ability to ‘destroy the planet’. They can do so to themselves, but only absolute arrogance insists that they can alter the temperature or well being of the planet Earth.” – L.H.

“I believe that our Lord has provided adequately for us to live in abundance in this lifetime of which we are destined to live on earth; those propagating global warming are playing on unfounded fears and don’t know and share in God’s promise as explained in his Word.” – K.N.

“Overall, it is hype. I do believe that the earth goes through warming and cooling over many hundreds of years, but the hype that has been fanned over the past ten years is a platform for environmentalists.” – R.R.

“Global warming is a hoax of historic proportions and testimony to Adolf Hitler’s statement that the people will sooner believe the great lie than the small lie. It is also testimony to the ‘science, falsely so called’ of 1 Timothy 6:20. How awesome is the Bible! A verse written nearly 2,000 years ago even more applicable today than when it was written. How awesome is that?!” – B.S.

“I am a scientist by training and profession. It is interesting to me that similar to creation science that there is no reason, no compromise, no logic, and discussion is cut off with ‘all the experts say’ or ‘the discussion is over, it is fact’. There are so many false premises or assumptions made/involved in this discussion, it is sad to see it is touted as science. It is a far cry from true science. I have seen data truncated to the past so one can’t see temps were higher or that the mini-ice age from the middle ages happened (with assumptions made on the dating methods of those temps) and massive extrapolations made into the future. All the while the forensic piece on it using things like cryptography of Antarctica and the fact that megalithic structures are found off the ocean coasts underwater across the globe. The climate may be changing; the Bible says that in the end times the sun will scorch man so that is not contradictory but beyond that.

Is man causing the change? If one believes the dinosaurs died from climate change, were they feeding the cow’s flatulence as some claim? The water may be rising but is it truly a new phenomenon? Was the ice cap always there? What is under the ice in Antarctica? How are there structures built off the current ocean’s coasts in varying depths throughout the world? How long does the climate take to change? How long were the ice tongues in the Antarctic in the 1500’s maps that show them? How long were they in the 1900s when Antarctica was mapped again? Did man cause that change?

In college in the 1990s I was taught that we would be out of oil by 2008. That was in a ‘science’ course I paid for at an ‘accredited’ school. As I drive from my coffee shop on gas made from the sin of the past, I will think unaccredited musings on how many proofs God has to prove man is a fool and willingly ignorant. He gave us a guide book that talks about such fools.” – S.J.

“Global warming ‘science’ has been corrupt for decades, especially regarding anthropogenic ‘causes’ of climate change. Alarming forecasts have been completely wrong, yet the political space ignores these enormous errors as only ‘danger’ can give them power over everyone’s lives. An entire industry immune to exceptionally valid criticism has been born which feeds at the public money trough and perpetuates its existence with yet more alarm.

Mankind’s impact is so miniscule compared to other factors as to be laughable, and virtually everything affecting climate is beyond our control. In fact, we are very likely entering a global cooling period (200+ year well known cycle) and we will wish for as much “warming” CO2 as we can get!

Ultimately, our Lord is in control, down to the last molecule. For that I am grateful.” – S.T.K.

“I initially did not believe in it. Still really don’t, but this last winter, I do wonder. The southern states were slammed so hard! They still are, to some degree, s-l-o-w-l-y coming back. Think I will say, there is no such thing as global warming! Please let me know, if I am wrong. And please show me, in the WORD. I want to understand. Thanks.” – G.L.

“In my opinion, ‘Global Warming’ is a hoax, and a sad commentary on the state of Science today. The whole ‘climate change’ crowd is thoroughly discredited by their wolf-crying for the last 40 years (‘doom is just around the corner’), first with global COOLING, then warming, and now ‘change’. Also, the disgusting spectacle of their cherry-picking of data to force the ‘hockey stick’ historical diagram, ignoring warming prior to the mini-ice-age. They use argument by authority (you’re supposed to believe famous scientists) all the time, as well as questionable statistical techniques and faulty logic. It is all a big-money-grant game, with Truth thrown to the ground. Thank you for defending the wonderful Providence of God in creating an earth perfect for us, for which we should be responsible stewards.” – D.M.

“I do not believe the assertions of the IPCC are accurate. The initial group thought we would see sea level changes by 2010 that would actually flood many coastal cities. They were wrong then and I believe they are now. The part that concerns me the most is the fact that many political people made large financial gains off of the initial report.... Few of these scientists argue methodology, which is where I see the fault in this theory.” – A.A.

“The climate has been changing since creation. Climate change has been dictated by solar cycles of the Sun. The IPCC science has been proven to be based on false climate models by politically controlled dishonorable scientists.” – M.L.

“It’s very unlikely that we affect the climate significantly. It’s also very unlikely that the Earth’s temperature is really increasing BEYOND THE NORMAL CYCLICAL PATTERN.

1) We know that some of the leading ‘scientists’ pushing the idea that we are affecting the climate are liars! Therefore, I ignore all of their claims.

2) We know that it was warmer in the 1200s than it is today (‘Greenland’ had farms on it), and there was NO human effect in it.

3) Some, such as Bryan Sussman, claim the Climate Change people have cheated in other ways, such as moving thermometers to hotter locations (e.g., near asphalt roads).” – H.C.

“I believe that manmade global warming theories have developed, as with evolution, into an ideology, an institutionalized group think, arising out a combination of such factors as (psychological) desire for acceptance and praise within the intolerant, highly politicized, prideful culture of academia, and desire (practical) for tenure or funding, which depend on the aforementioned acceptance. Along the same lines, historically, when such institutionalized thinking faces challenge from within, most scientists will lash out to defend their past record rather than in humility admit their mistakes. The bigger the error, the greater the outcry against upstarts. In addition, this group-think faith in manmade global warming is conveniently and massively supportive of other highly valued elements of their belief system, including personal superiority as members of the elite of academia, and more specifically superiority as scientists who see themselves as too clever and knowledgeable to believe in a superior knowledge in God.” – J.P.

“God’s answer is in the Bible, Genesis 8:22: ‘While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.’ Amen.” – S.T.

“Given that we know man’s impact on the atmosphere pales in comparison to volcanic activity and is significantly smaller than that from cows, global warming is a ploy to redistribute wealth away from the rich to the poor. You ask not to make mention of politicians or political parties, but it is a political agenda, with no real science whatsoever.

It is about controlling people by the government so as to enslave them. How can one intelligently discuss a political agenda without mentioning that?” – Pastor J.G.

“Who are we, as the created, to think we are able to destroy something that God has created?” – C.L.L.

“Think it’s totally bogus, and a way to grab millions of dollars based on myth.” – R.A.S.

“Ten years ago we were worried about the hole in the Ozone Layer at the South Pole. Now no one even thinks about it. Global warming is absolutely a hoax. It is purely political and has no basis in true science, i.e. where a theory is confirmed by repetitive testing and adjustment of the theory to match the results. When testing is impossible, i.e. as in theories that involve the past (global warming, Big Bang, etc.), true science is no longer a participant and philosophy takes over the reins.” – M.H.

“Global Warming/Climate Change is real, of that I have no doubt. I believe man has little to some of the ‘blame’, after all we are dumping tons of CO2 into the air, as are volcanoes and many other natural vents. The Bible seems to indicate severe climate change during the tribulation, Rev. 16:8. So I have no objection to it being partially manmade, but it is within God’s providence and will.” – D.M.

“I believe manmade global warming is a hoax pure and simple. We probably account for less than 1 percent of greenhouse gases, the ocean being the major culprit. This is cyclic, it happened 700 years ago when Greenland got its name because it was green. Also it’s not getting warmer; records show that we’ve been in a cooling period when you count the mean temperature for the globe.” – P.G.

“The climate history derived from the earth subterranean tells us the earth’s climate has been variable. If you look back in subterranean, I do not think it is possible to say what external effect causes these climate changes. Is the external effect on climate solely caused by an excess of CO2 has not been proven yet?” – D.G.

“Genesis 8:22: ‘While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.’ These are the Lord’s words. I believe God and not ‘science, falsely so called’.” – T.B.

“I definitely believe global ‘warming’ is contrived. They are also doing plenty of engineering in the way of spraying and blaming ‘global warming’. Man is interfering with the weather and also making this contrived excuse of ‘global warming’ to continue tinkering. Never will they recognize that whatever they do makes anything worse.” – K.E.

“If the planet is warming or cooling, it is due to natural cycles that God has set into motion. I am all for conservation and ‘tending the garden,’ but I reject scare tactics that are being used to control behavior or worse make profit.” – L.B.

“I think this global warming is all a big hoax. It has been a money maker by some. I must agree that we all are responsible for our environment. We must care for it for today’s and future generation. But global warming is a scare, in my opinion, that is not to be feared except that men, for the sake of money, rape our country’s resources.” – M.H.

“I believe the so called global warming agenda is motivated by money and has nothing to do with protecting people. Many of the people who cry for ‘mother earth’ and cry for the trees and animals couldn’t care less about human life. There are those that hug trees and cry when a baby seal dies that buy into this idea of global warming.

I really think they are stupid because they put the cart before the horse.

At 68 years of age, this past year in my area we had as cold and long a winter as I remember. Days that should have been warm and hot were cold and freezing.

Another reason is, I read an article about a grape grower’s family in Europe a year or so back that had kept a very diligent diary of the weather going back for hundreds of years. Their reason? The weather played a very important role in the harvest of their grapes. They owned a winery or sold their grapes to wineries. The time to pick the grapes had to be just right. This family diary proved that our so called ‘global warming’ was no more than timed events for cold and hot seasons which rotated. Just like the 100-year floods, or other cycles of all kinds of weather. Also there are 20-year cycles, and I think there were 40 and 50-year cycles.

So called ‘global warming’ is one big hoax.

I’ll believe what I read about that European grape growing family before I’ll believe the nonsense of their so called scientific proof. I do not believe it’s valid.

Man without a doubt has created some severe problems for planet earth, and yes we could do a lot more to clean up the mess we have made. But the bottom line is God is still in control of our weather, good or bad, cold or hot, and whether we like it or not.” – J.B.

“As a Christian I believe what God tells me in scripture and that is that the four seasons will continue until the end of the earth. Plus it has only been within the last twenty to forty years that we have been able to measure weather anomalies and see weather patterns from earth orbit. Everyone knows that some winters or summers are worse or better than others in their history. No, man is not powerful enough to change the weather. I’m sure God has systems in place to keep earth in balance.” – R.R.

“I am continually surprised at the people who maintain this lie. Only God can warm or cool the earth, man is not able to do anything.” – S.C.

“I was born in 1960, so was a teen in the ‘70s when we were being told we were all going to freeze to death because temps were going to drop globally. We were told we were almost out of petroleum products. We were told there would be a long-term global drought and starvation. Ebola! Heterosexual AIDS! Another crisis! And another!

And then it was global warming – except that, gosh, all these places in the world were having the coldest temps on record; the glaciers were melting! But in some areas they were gaining thickness at an unprecedented rate – and it became ‘climate change’. So here it is: I do not believe in man-made or man-influenced global warming. The temp of the earth is warming slightly, but I believe we are still coming out of an ice age, so warming is good! I also do not believe that excess carbon dioxide is a pollutant! Plants need it – they grow better with more of it.

I personally think that the reason scientists and progressives have been so easily spooked into thinking that ‘the sky is falling’ is because of the decrease in belief in God and our Lord Jesus. If you believe in God, and you know that He has things in hand, you do not immediately think the worst is going to happen.

If you have no belief in something greater – if you think the universe is random and we are at the mercy of the weather or whatever else the universe may throw at us – then the world is a very frightening place. You want to create some sort of order to your world, so you look for reasons for ‘why things happen’. And the reason you NEED a reason is so that you can ‘do something about it’! and you feel less powerless. And for them – then you die and that’s the end of everything.

In addition to that, the ‘news’ media have played a huge part – almost the dominant role – in all these scares. They present ‘findings’ and ‘computer model results’ as facts – but then when later it turns out that they were incorrect, there is never a real retraction or re-education on the issue. It’s all based on feelings, not facts.

I am so glad that as a believer, a child of God and with Jesus as my savior, I can rest in the knowledge that I am in good hands and the world will operate according to His good plan.” – L.H.

“I live in Kelso, Washington Just up the Coweeman River from my house there are hills/mountains about 4,000 ft in elevation. These hills/mountains used to have glaciers on them. Of course they have melted centuries ago when there were no industries. Warming has happened in the past and we should expect it to continue today until we return to a tropical world like the geologic record tells us it was in the past. Plans should be made to accommodate change rather than futile efforts to stop it, because that isn’t going to happen. Global warming should be embraced.” – D.M.

“The ‘science’ and ‘scientists’ of Global Warming/Climate Change are the same group that spread the fear of a coming Ice Age in the mid-seventies. They constantly blame humankind for every planetary ill.

Remember the ‘theory’ that tornados in the United States were caused by motorists and the fact that we drive on the right-hand side of the road? They cherry-picked the data that supported their preconceived conclusion, completely ignoring contrary and conclusive evidence showing meteorological causes for the way tornados and cyclones form.

The same is true for these ‘scientists; they have even acknowledged recently that they (collectively) have been wrong in their predictions for the past decade. Yet they still cling to the tired mantra that ‘we (meaning everyone else) must revert to cave-dwelling herbivores, abandoning all forms of locomotion that use fossil fuels, and technology because all these stray radio-waves are killing everything.’ They have refused to accept that the greatest heat source in our galaxy, the Sun, has seasons; sometime expending slightly less energy like it has for the past dozen years or so, and sometimes slightly more energy.

So, is man-made Global Warming/Climate Change real or a hoax? It is a hoax.” – W.F.G.

“Why would you want to hear from ‘Joe Average’ or ‘Gary Average’ for that matter? Polls aren’t information, and opinions aren’t data. Having said that, here’s my 2 cents worth.

GW is a scare tactic to distract from the overall agenda of the NWO. I remember in high school (70s) discussing the Time Magazine ‘Coming Ice Age’ cover story.

These people think dinosaurs were on earth for hundreds of millions of years (making them THE most successful animal ever) and yet they all became extinct (before mankind, I might add). Evolution was/is survival of the fittest, and yet they argue both sides of the issue because they don’t know the Truth!

As a Bible believing Christian, I know: GOD is sovereign, Jesus is LORD, and nothing happens without the Father’s consent. My job is to share the Gospel. We call these people ‘lost’ for a reason. We need to spend more time in prayer for revival instead of engaging in endless debate. Thanks, love the daily Creation Moment emails.” – G.G.

“They have altered the data in an attempt to prove the earth is getting warmer because even their biased climate models show the earth is not warming. They have flat out lied in an attempt to ‘prove’ their conclusion. All of the dire predictions have been completely discredited. It is a complete sham.” – R.E.C.

“HOAX! Not mentioned anywhere in Scripture.” – G.G.

“I don’t think it is real. If what science claims is true, and I don’t think it is, I would say it is just fluctuations in sun cycles and other natural events that happen over time. We had ‘global warming’ worse than today back about 500 plus years ago and it was not man that caused it. So even if their data is correct, it is not due to man.” – M.N.

“Global warming is real and NOT man-made. There has always been warming and cooling of the earth. This is what God put into motion. The real climatic shift will be in the last days and man will have no part of that either.” – S.F.

“Anything can be used as a scare tactic. There was global warming on a huge scale one thousand years ago, there was global cooling on a large scale five hundred years ago. There’s warming and cooling trends on smaller cyclical scales and on a year-to-year basis. Did mankind die out? No. Were there excess amounts of man-made gases a thousand years ago? No.

Farmers know how to adjust crops for warming and cooling trends, it’s been done for ages, It’s not as if we were all born yesterday and hold out our hands today and say ‘what’s this wet stuff falling from the sky’? We’re in no danger from global warming; in fact, some regions would welcome it. We’re in danger from people who, for whatever their reason and/or agenda, want to make us afraid of the weather, and run to them for a solution.” E.I.

“Global Warming is a governmental control mechanism (the excuse for imposing regulations upon regulations) with the goal to tax everyone till death, through direct taxation as well as through the increased cost of goods caused by useless and moronic regulations (e.g. carbon credits). It will criminalize those who refuse to go along so they can be ‘dealt with’ swiftly. Its ultimate goal is to serve the global genocide agenda. The very notion that they demonize CO2 – exactly what we breathe out and the plants absorb – boggles the mind. How stupid have we become???

However, weather is truly changing: it is being manipulated by the very elites who hypocritically wring their hands over ‘global warming.’ They are the controllers of governments and huge corporations who will be beneficiaries of the tax dollars and higher priced goods.

How do they do it ? The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), a multi purpose military program (scalar [energy] weapon-weather modification- missile defense-communications technologies) based in Alaska, is how weather modification is accomplished. It is run by the US Air Force and Navy. (Google: ‘Owning the Weather in 2025’, but they’re way ahead of schedule).

As part of one HAARP program, thousands of airplanes pump chemicals into the skies over the US daily from coast to coast: heavy metals (aluminum, barium, strontium) as well as fungi, molds, viruses, etc. They leave visible trails (some call these chemtrails) that have the effect of making people and animals ill, while poisoning farmland and forests alike. In the west, especially, forests are dying. Meanwhile, Monsanto is busily engineering genetically modified, aluminum resistant seeds. Obviously they are accomplices before the fact along with the US government and who knows how many other complicit corporations.

With HAARP-induced ionospheric heating, they create catastrophes: droughts and floods, hurricanes and tornadoes; earthquakes and tsunamis. Thus, today, what looks like a natural disaster or act of God is nothing of the sort! These are man-made disasters. The lunatics have control of the asylum and we are their guinea pigs. There is nothing silly about the global warming agenda except their rhetoric.

Global warming is a money making, people controlling, cover story for genocide. We will pay our murderers to kill us.” – L.O.

“Yes, I believe the threat is real, but has become thwarted by greed’s Folly – man’s desire (politicians mainly) to make grassroots, not so much corporations, to pay for clean-up.” – S.M.

“I am 74 years old (12/20/1939) and I can say I have seen a warming over that time period. However, I believe it to be part of a type of normal change of climate that is known to have occurred in past eons. I do not believe it to be due to human causes.” – W.L.P.

“Weather changes. Climate changes. Those who study the earth tell us there have been huge climate changes (ice age) before humans were industrialized. Correlation does not mean causation. I’m more interested in seeing what links there may be with sun spots or other solar system factors.

Thinking that humans cause and can control climate change when we can’t even accurately predict, let alone control weather, seems foolish. If the evidence supports a warming earth and rising sea level, let’s concentrate on giving people the opportunity to move out of vulnerable areas. In the U.S., let’s charge extra to insure people who chose to build in these areas.” – K.H.

“One of the most interesting things to note in the plagues in which God will send via the judgments in the final days, is the usage of the earth itself in the judgments. Several of these are against the earth herself. It seems to me that mankind will be worshiping the earth during that coming day. Global warming is part of that foolish worship. Many call it ‘nature.’ The Bible is careful to call it the ‘creation.’ The word creation means that there is a CREATOR. Hence, the world’s hatred for the very term ‘creation.’

Global warming is indeed a hoax, but at the same time, it is part of the ‘wiles’ (methods) of the enemy (the devil) as he seeks to get more and more to worship ‘mother nature’ or the earth. During the final days upon the earth, man will be completely cured of his worship of the earth when earth is used against him. Of course at the end of the one thousand year reign of Jesus Christ, there will be a GLOBAL WARMING of such intensity – as the Lord will stop holding the molecular structures together of everything – that the earth and all of creation will dissolve and melt with fervent heat, so as to make way for the creation of a new heaven and new earth. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” – T.H.

“I don’t believe it is a real threat, this world was created to continue until God decides to end it. We may do damage to it environmentally but I believe we cannot change the outcome.” – R.H.O.

“Mankind has not been a very good steward of the wonderful earth God created, but global warming is a hoax.” – R.G.

“I’ve believed that global warming is a hoax since nearly its inception, and especially since the start of the 21st century. It is clear that the same force that drives belief in Evolution, drives belief in global warming, namely: a man-spun version of life that is contrary to God’s revealed words.” – D.W.

“I personally believe ‘global warming’ is nothing more than a money-making SCAM! I think there is CLIMATE CHANGE which possibly goes in cycles but is based on something OTHER THAN man’s ‘footprint’ (perhaps solar activity? not sure). I feel there has been enough evidence from credible scientists on this issue, yet people seem to WANT TO BELIEVE that man is causing the polar areas to melt, etc. I think most people are terribly ignorant and uninformed on most issues, and so they believe whatever the liberal media feeds them; as long as the media pushes ‘global warming’, most people will swallow the idea.

Having said that, I also believe that man has been a poor custodian of the natural gifts God has given us and has done damage, sometimes on a very large scale. Granted, pollution before the modern era was not understood the way we do now, but even now there are people and companies that foul the planet, not understanding that it is man’s job to be a caretaker of the natural world. However, these issues DO NOT affect global warming!” – M.C

“Since God created the earth and it was good, sin entered and it became not-so-good, redemption has been purchased by Christ, the earth is returning to the good state again in preparation for the King! Is global warming a man-made situation? Yes, sin related. Can we do anything to stop it? Yes, repent and accept God’s creation, redemption truth.” – R.O.

“1. An ocean of oil and mountains of coal have been burned in the last 100 has to have some effect on the environment.

2. A research paper was presented to the US Air Force in 1996 by Col. Tamzy J. House et al. entitled ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025’...this will have an effect.

3. Inhabitants of this planet are not fully aware of the consequences of their actions...this has to have an effect on the environment.

4 So called ‘advanced civilizations’ are focusing their energies on accumulating, hoarding, and wasting the precious resources of our planet...this has to have an effect on our environment.

5. Religious communities are pathetically silent on the hatred and genocide affecting large groups of people...thus increasing the evil decisions of military leaders.

6. The lack of spiritual emphasis of our economic policies will have an effect on our decision-making affecting our environment.

7. Evil begets evil, leading to a total loss of direction and has a direct effect on our environment with weapons of mass destruction polluting and destroying the environment, especially nuclear and biological.

8. Practically total annihilation of the human race happened once and may happen again due to weather related divine intervention.

9. We were kicked out of a garden of paradise...if it happens again, it may be TOTAL annihilation by our own doing.

10. People who love God will get on their face before the Lord and pray for forgiveness and repent and promise to submit and respect the laws of God.

For these reasons I believe it is up to the 6 billion people who presently inhabit the Earth to seek the Lord and earnestly shun selfish and evil decisions to kill, steal, and plunder the Earth which will lead to an environment that will not sustain human life. We need to put away our petty theologies and selfish ways and embrace the fact that we are all created in the image of God and we are designed to do good, not evil.” – L.M.

“So-called global warming is nothing more than a taxation scheme designed to plunder the remaining wealth of the middle class in the developed nations. It was devised by Maurice Strong, the same individual responsible for the UN oil for food scandal. Real scientific data says we are actually entering a cooling cycle.” – P.S.

“There will be global warming for sure. Just wait for God to act. ‘Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over the plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory’(Rev. 16:8-9).” – R.A.C.

“I do not feel Global Warming is real. Ask the people in the lower 48 states about Global Warming after the winter of 2013-2014. I spoke with my father tonight, and they are getting snow in southern Oregon the next few days. Last winter, we were skiing on new snow here in Alaska on May 20th, and the winter snow hadn’t even started to melt when I left for Europe on May 22. I went to Luxemburg and Normandy, France with my father for Memorial Day, and it was the coldest and latest spring anyone could remember. At the Luxemburg Cemetery, everything was blooming about 4 weeks later that normal. If it is real, I don’t think it is a threat. I don’t think the IPCC science is valid, and I am almost certain that if there is Global Warming, man has nothing to do with it. It would most likely be caused by an increased energy output from the sun.” – F.M.

“It’s a hoax. Follow the money. It leads to power. The UN wants a tax, an income stream not subject to public review or outside controls. To fund their armed forces and one-world objectives. One more thing: Increased level of CO2… Plants need CO2… More plants is a good thing.” – D.B.

“If one looks at the ‘solution’ offered for the hoax called global warming, it appears that the love of money (and control) is the root. A GLOBAL entity taxing ‘offenders’ and outlawing wood burning stoves, etc. seems to be lining up very well with Scripture prophecy of a diabolical system which even now is openly bragging up its evil tactics, justifying itself by a ‘new’, ‘moral high-ground’ of worshiping the creature, rather than the Creator.” – D.N.

“It is a money making scheme for most people. And global warming is NOT a reality, it is a way for environmentalists to get into our heads. The polar ice caps are warming, but on the other side of the world they are becoming thicker so it’s still a world FULL of balance. If God wanted to warm our planet, he could do it MUCH faster than with global warming.” – E.T.H.

“The notion of global warming is a flat out hoax.... It’s a Ponzi scheme.... This scheme is nothing more than the world-ruling elite, who are communists, who want the New World Order, or worldwide communism – and the mechanism they use is the U.N. Agenda 21.” – S. and T.B.

“I don’t and never have believed that global warming was real. It’s all hype so we can be taxed. The oceans put out more carbon dioxide than man does. So even if they ‘do something about it’, how will they account for that?” – L.J.G.

“Global warming is a myth. Weather follows certain cycles which range from warmer to cooler. Here is what I think: The global warming elite are constantly saying that nearly all scientists agree that global warming is a fact; however, the truth of the matter is all scientists do not agree. The Greenhouse effect is more affected by water vapor than human activity. The IPCC is a political vice scientific body and is swayed by various interests. The climate has always changed and most probably always will and has not been effected by the machine age. And if memory serves, there has been no atmospheric warning since the late 50s. To sum this all up, I believe climate warming is a bunch of hooey.” – J.D.L.

“Thank you for the opportunity to comment. The myth of global warming is much ado about nothing. The climate undergoes natural changes that began after the Fall. What we experience today is the fallen remnant of a once-perfect world. That mankind can seriously affect climate in any substantial way shows our arrogance, hubris, and our continuing rebellion against God, our creator.” – A.K.A.

“It is a hoax, but a very elaborate one with a clear political agenda. No government grants are awarded to scientists who fail to adhere to the mantra that global warming is ‘settled science’, the debate is over, and those of us with an opposing viewpoint should just shut up and go away. That is how eminent climatologists and physicists with differing opinions are effectively muzzled.

Also, because average temperatures over the last fifteen years or more simply have not cooperated with the left’s dire forecasts, most are now calling the phenomenon ‘climate change’, so that weather events from droughts to blizzards can be blamed on human activity. And, of course, the proposed solutions never include demands that China, India, and other major polluters invest billions in ‘green’ causes or curtail industrial production – just the United States.” – D.E.

“I believe our weather is cyclic, that this is happening now and will repeat in the future.” – G.J.

“I believe that the ‘global warming’, or now ‘climate change’ issue is a first commandment problem. To say that man has control of the earth is nothing more than man thinking that we have the ‘power of God’. God is a patient God and recognizes that man is certainly tempted to elevate his own importance to the ‘God level’ whenever the opportunity presents itself. If we are patient, global cooling will be the next catastrophe facing mankind.

I find it amusing that the ‘disappearing ice caps’ recently captured a boat load of “Man-Gods” for the world to see and provided a great opportunity for the world at large to evaluate the credibility of this hoax. God has such a sense of humor.” – D.T.

“In 2004, my opportunity to read and educate myself from the vast shelves of the public library brought me a scientific extrapolation translated from the Russian language and which focused upon deep Ice Core sampling that had been done by this team of scientists on Russian soil, and in Scandinavia. The consensus was overwhelmingly that mankind was ‘about’ to enter another ‘Ice Age’, which by sampling, was determined to occur every 10,000 years (approximately; give or take several decades) and not that mankind was about to enter an undetermined period of ‘global warming’. One fact that appears later to reinforce what I had earlier read was that the period of Roman Rule, which ironically was decidedly warmer in clime than today’s (so-called) ‘warnings’, and yet that period was closer to the former ‘Ice Age’ than today’s date is to our last occurrence. The Word of God informed Jews of more than 2,000 years ago, in the Book of Job, that the earth was a round globe, ‘hung in space’, and in the Book of Genesis, that the Creator enveloped the earth with a ‘firmament’ which was visible from space travel by our own American astronauts as a distinctly visible atmosphere! As long as ‘science’ denies The Creation and its Maker, they cannot understand the totality of our universe in which to glorify His name.” – M.P.O.

“Yes, I do believe that global warming is a real threat and is probably caused by man. I LOVE Creation Moments but do not always agree with some of your conclusions.” – R.L.

“God created our world; global warming or whatever they call it is not going to destroy the earth. Pollution of air and water is bad for us and we should work together to make those better but I do not believe the earth is going to warm so much as to offset the entire ‘nature’ of earth.” – B.M.

“In the late 60’s and early 70’s, some of the same ‘scientists’ were claiming that we were putting ourselves into another ‘ice age’ due to our pollution, and citing some of the same chemicals as today, such as carbon dioxide. When nothing happened they got quiet for a while, and then came out with ‘global warming’. Even with Russia shutting down some of its remote weather stations (shut down some cold area reporting and you skew the data) and a Vice President ordering US weather stations to report the temp 1 hour later (when it’s warmer, again skewing the data), there is still no ‘global warming’.

Over the last couple of years ‘global warming’ has been slowly replaced with ‘global climate change’. This way, no matter what the weather does, it’s our fault, our pollution caused it to rain more, or less, than ‘normal’, or to be colder or hotter than ‘normal’. The hoaxers refuse to admit that weather has patterns that are not just annual, but that sometimes span decades or even centuries as proven by such things as the remains of villages found when some glaciers retreated and reports from hundreds and even several thousand of years ago of local weather becoming hotter or colder or wetter or dryer. And never forget – these same hoaxers of global warming are also preachers of evolution.” – J.M.T.

“Global warming is completely unsupported by legitimate evidence. It is probably a complete hoax.” – S.B.

“If we didn’t have global warming, would any of us be here? Wasn’t the earth covered in ice at one time? If we need to grow more food for a growing population, wouldn’t it just deem in necessary to have longer growing seasons – i.e., warmer weather?” – J.R.S.

“Records show the earth has cycles of both global warming and cooling. United Nations IPCC perpetrates a lie attempting to show that man has any significant affect on either. The real warming of earth occurs in the future when the Lord purifies it with fire.” – J.L.L.

“The climate began to change when Adam ate the forbidden fruit. It will, I believe, continue to change until the end. But this I know. As long as the earth remains, there will be a seed time and harvest, so I don’t expect any changes to be very drastic.” – J.W.

“If there were no climate change, then the IPCC wouldn’t have a job.” – I.R.

“Even honest man-made ‘Climate Changers’ admit that the earth has been 2-3 degrees warmer on several occasions in the last c4,000 yrs....and that we are still ‘recovering’ from the ‘Little Ice-age’ with a rise of c 1 degree in the last 100 yrs or so – but with no rise for the last 40 yrs. And 40 years ago they were crying ‘Global Cooling’! From a Biblical viewpoint we should expect wild weather, alongside the prophesied, implicit increase in earthquakes, famines and pestilences, etc, let alone the mayhem in the Middle East and re-rise of the Interfaith ‘Unholy Roman Empire’, decline of ‘Christianity’, Family, Morals, Reason, etc etc.... Come Lord Jesus! Then we will see ‘Global Warming’ on a scale the sleeping, Laodecian ‘Days of Noah’ church and unbelievers will have no trouble comprehending. Warn on!” – P.S.

“I believe it’s a hoax. I’ve heard many times from different sources that there has been no warming for the past 17 years. I think it’s a hoax to put forth another tax on people.” – T.F.S.

“‘And when the Lord smelled the pleasing aroma, the Lord said in his heart, “I will never again curse the ground because of man, for the intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth. Neither will I ever again strike down every living creature as I have done. While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”‘ (Genesis 8: 21-22)

After the flood, God promises that the seasons will continue until the end. It is ironic that scientists continue to make mistakes in their ‘scientific’ work; yet, when it comes to Global Warming or Climate Change, they pretty much claim they are correct in knowing the facts about climate. What is even more ironic is meteorologists still cannot accurately predict the weather, yet the UN claims to know and understand how an open system such as the Earth and its climate works.” – C.F.

“Calling Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) a Hoax is being too kind. The UN IPPC climate models have proven to be a tad less than worthless when they have been back-tested with real data. The predicted results from these models are way off from what has actually been observed.

American and other countries’ scientists and politicians have used the media-hyped concern over the climate as a justification for extracting money from people for their own benefit. No, AGW isn’t only a Hoax. It is an evil Scam. The Environmentalists have gone from protecting the environment to advancing government control over the people, depriving them of their freedoms and property while damaging our economy in the process. As one smart person opined some years back: “When you pull up the Green Movement by the roots, the roots are Red.” – R.B.

“Global warming or climate change is not caused by most human activities. I believe that our elite rulers, the shadow government is messing with the weather for their own nefarious purposes. As to giving money to the UN because of man-caused climate change, that’s a total waste and a perpetuation of a corrupt, non-representative organization. Power to the people under the Constitution.” – J.D.

“I have not seen any evidence at all for global warming. There are no data supporting any trend for overall warming. It is the natural swing historically for there to be warmer years and colder years. The sun’s activity probably has more to do with it than any man-centered activity.

When I was in college, the textbooks were predicting a mini-ice-age to come! In our location, we had the coldest and snowiest winter in years this year. I’ve heard that the global warming folks attribute the awful winter to the melting of the polar ice cap! Why, then, were the Great Lakes frozen over at historical levels? And, the polar bears are doing just fine, contrary to propaganda from the global warming crowd.

Today’s doomsday prognosticators seem to have another agenda. There is money to be made in the global-warming business. It also costs money to rescue these nut cases when their ships get frozen in by ice in summer. God is in charge! Christians look to a higher power.” – P.A.K.

“I believe global warming is a myth. The climate over many years has always varied. No one lives long enough to see the long term trends. God is in control.” A.W.R.

“It’s funny how the United States seems to be the only place on earth that is concerned about ‘global warming’. Maybe ‘Hyper-Concerned’ would be a better description. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the whole global warming debate is a HOAX and just another effort by the enemies of America to destroy our once great country. Why don’t we hear about countries like China, where air pollution is off-the-charts and supposedly contributes to climate change? I believe that any climate change is cyclical and natural and there is nothing that man can do to alter that. After all, our GOD is in complete control and only HE is the supreme Weather Man.” – D.W.

“AGW ideas so heavily promoted everywhere have been proven overblown so many times that it’s now without question. The purpose of all the talk and all the programs is only to put onerous controls on productivity and to web governance jurisdictions globally to bring about the New World Order, which Scripture clearly says will be the political base for Satan and his AntiChrist. I hate the lies; but I rejoice we are most probably getting quite near the end of Earth’s agony, and her Savior’s Return.” – T.E.D.

“I live in the Twin Cities area. I can tell you that there is no global warming here!” – L.B.

“The Arctic ice pack was supposed to be completely melted by now. WRONG! Sorry, no cookie.” – D. and P.P.

“If the planet is warming or cooling, it is due to natural cycles that God has set into motion. I am all for conservation and ‘tending the garden,’ but I reject scare tactics that are being used to control behavior or worse make profit.” – R.L.

“I definitely believe global ‘warming’ is contrived. They are also doing plenty of engineering in the way of spraying and blaming ‘global warming’. Man is interfering with the weather and also making this contrived excuse of ‘global warming’ to continue tinkering. Never will they recognize that whatever they do makes anything worse.” – K.E.

“I believe that most issues in outsized and international organizations will be politicized for the sake of psychosocial control of the masses and profits for an elite few. I have read that when Earth warms, so does Mars. My understanding is that the industrial development of Mars is rather sparse. I think that profligate and prosperous Martians ought to be ground down into the red dust with myriad carbon taxes. And be forced to feel good about it by the Martian News Network.” – J.H.G.

“Just like the scientists that say Evolution is a hoax, they are silenced and ridiculed even though they make the most sense. Global Warming is nothing more than a hoax or something that happens naturally all the time anyway. God is in control of that and the only reason our government is beating this drum is to control us or scare us into submission and waste our tax dollars as usual. It will be their excuse for Agenda 21!” – R.D.

“Global Warming (man made) was clearly a hoax that has transferred hundreds of millions of dollars from working taxpayers into the pockets of a few ultra wealthy. The money trail is not hard to follow. The proof that it was a hoax lies in the sudden change in terminology from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ when it was proven that global warming (man made) was not taking place. Of course climate change is taking place. It always has been and it always will. The earth’s climate is self regulating, and, like any self-regulating system, it is sometimes above the set-point and sometimes below the set-point.” – D.H.

“I don’t believe it is global warming caused by consumer use. The weather patterns have been changing throughout the ages. The signs in the earth are getting more extreme, pointing to the return of Jesus Christ.” – T.G.

“Absolute hoax! Just follow history. It is all about control and money.” – D.W.

“Simply I believe it is an embarrassing yet expensive hoax... I hear very little objection to it and that makes me very sad.” – L.P.C.

“I believe the earth wobbles as it travels in orbit. I believe the poles have shifted over the years. I believe the core of the earth is moving at a different rate than the surface of the earth. I believe more harmful emissions are put into the atmosphere by a volcano than all automobiles and industry combined. I believe the rainforests are God’s way of keeping everything in check, and the diminishing rainforests in Africa are causing an increase in hurricanes and tropical storms that reach the USA trying to cool things off. I believe that cooling periods and warming trends are natural to the life cycle of the earth. But I also believe we are in charge of our planet and dumping toxic waste of any kind is wrong. Wasting our natural resources is wrong.” – D.C.

“I do not think we need to worry about global warming. God is in control of all things, and He certainly knows His creation. If the polar ice is melting, it is because we need the water. Natural disasters put as much carbon into the air as humans, when you consider forest fires and volcanoes. I believe we need to be responsible but that in the end God rules all things.” – S.D.

“Global warming is a hoax invented by ‘progressive liberals’ to justify an international tax and the brokerage of pollution credits. The commissions on billions of dollars of these credits are shared with the promoters of the hoax. In other words, it’s okay for me to pollute as long as I purchase pollution credits. My payment, after commissions, goes to ‘green solutions’, such as planting trees in South America.

Justification for global warming has been proven fraudulent. The historical data used doesn’t cover enough years to make a reasonable forecast. Moreover, the data was intentionally corrupted by the ‘scientific’ community to skew the results. Nevertheless the lie continues.

Scientists who disagree with the climate change findings are considered inept and are punished. They will not be able to obtain research grants from the U.S. Government.

True science is given to us by God. Gravity, for example, always works in any scientific experiment. On the other hand, true science would verify that weather is unpredictable and occurs in spells.

There is now a body of science that takes the opposite view, that we are returning to a colder spell. This long, cold winter certainly didn’t melt ice caps; in fact, the ice caps increased in size dramatically.

Hence the global warming proponents renamed their religion ‘Climate Change’. The proponents now blame every weather-induced catastrophe on climate change. They understand that when lies are repeated often enough, they are believed by the disorganized masses.” – G.L.

“Revelation 11:18 conveys that man is the cause of some kind of destruction to the earth but it doesn’t specify in what way, possibly through pollution of the land and ocean, possibly because we haven’t been observing the land Sabbaths as God commanded. But honestly, I don’t know. I would probably give the concept of global warming more credence if it were not for those making the claim. But the obvious incredulity of these people makes anything that they have to say impossible to believe, and then it all unraveled a few years ago with the revelation of the emails that proved that it has all been a hoax. It seems to me that the claim of ‘climate change’ is simply a vehicle to procure more legislation that will enable the few…to control the masses.” – J.F.

“Global warming is as false as is evolution. The main function of greenhouse gasses is to moderate temperatures. Weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes and the like develop when there are great differences in temperature zones, which we call a front. It is interesting to note the use of the term ‘front’ because it was so chosen from the area where two opposing foes do battle. This, in essence, is exactly what happens when a warm front and a cold front meet each other. The turbulence between the opposing fronts creates storms of various degrees depending on the difference in the temperature between the two fronts: i.e. the greater the difference, the greater the storm. Since greenhouse gasses serve to moderate temperatures, the idea that increased greenhouse gasses will cause more severe storms is completely ridiculous. Also, it should be noted that the major greenhouse gas is water vapor which is 97%. Carbon dioxide is less than 1% of greenhouse gasses.” – T. and L.O.

“Of course climate change is real and there is biblical evidence to support it:

Genesis 2:6 tells us the earth was irrigated by a mist from the ground.

Genesis 3:17-19: After the fall of man, God informs Adam that the ground is cursed. Something changed in how the ground yielded food. It would require labor to grow food from the ground from that day forward.

Genesis 6 through 9 tells the story of Noah and the great Flood. The firmament above the earth collapsed. Surely that would represent a change from the earth’s pre-flood climate. Note: God allowed man to begin to eat meat after the flood. The thought is that a strictly vegetarian diet could not sustain man after the flood.

Genesis 10:25 The land was divided into continents in the days of Peleg. Since nothing occurs in a vacuum, it’s safe to assume that the continental shift that occurred when God divided the languages would have caused a tremendous upheaval in the climate of that day.

On a separate, but similar topic, notice that while asteroids fall to earth all the time, rarely are humans affected. I believe that not one rock falls from the sky that God does not control. Similarly, the climate changes only as God allows. Everything is under His sovereign control. That man affects climate change is probable, but ultimately God is Judge. In all of the instances mentioned above, God allowed the climate to change as a result of man’s sin. Could not that very thing be occurring today? Just food for thought.” – W.B.

“Global warming is a HOAX deliberately concocted to justify more and more control over people. It was first suggested in a publication entitled ‘Report From Iron Mountain’, published in the 60s, and suggested along with UFOs to keep the population in a constant state of fear so more regulation and law would be accepted. You can get the book on the internet for free, and global warming is mentioned around page 75-85.” – D.B.

“If life had existed on this planet for 450,000,000 years and that was represented by a piece of string wrapped around the earth, the length of time we have been able to measure climate would be about the distance between my front door and the porch. Is it really good science to rely on such a small sample as the UN-approved research appears to be doing?” – W.H.S.

“I believe we are just going through a warm cycle. It will swing the other way soon enough.” – H.G.

“I have read one study that claimed that if all fossil fuel-burning machines of any kind were shut down and there were no carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide being produced by these machines it would have less than a 2% effect in the climate. It is only the pride of the humanist that thinks he can control weather. As for carbon dioxide being a hazardous byproduct, what would our plants breathe? It is well known that in high carbon dioxide years crops and overall plant life thrive better.” – H.L.C.

“It is a hoax. It is part of the plan for a one world government.” – C.H.

“I do not believe any ‘global warming’ is happening. All one has to do is on a daily basis look at the historical low and high record temperature for that date. These records range from the 1800’s to recent days. I am seventy years old and have seen tremendous variances in temperatures on a yearly basis. Sorry, but this is simply a political ploy to make some people rich and achieve their other political goals.” – B.M.

“Increasingly, solar scientists are agreeing: the sun has entered a sleep phase, also known as the ‘Maunder Minimum’, which occurred last between 1550 and 1850. Before that, Greenland was indeed green. We are in for 300 years of really cold weather.” – H.B.

“My thoughts and comments are unchanged over the years about global warming. Most all of the people that are saying we need to do something about global warming also believe in evolution! Both issues reflect our Godless society.” – B.L.

“I do NOT believe in man-made global warming. Climate change is real, but things like volcanoes have a much larger effect on climate than does man. Money (funding) is behind a lot of the nonsense. We in the Midwest just went through one of the coldest winters in years. (Disclaimer - I like cold weather!). So, I believe MMGW is BOGUS science.” – S.B.

“I do not know if the global warming thing is real, but if it actually is, I do not believe it is man caused. The idea of global warming is extremely humanistic, and assumes that God did not create a ‘masterful’ work. It gives us far more power than we really have.” – D.M.

“When I was a child, man’s actions were driving us toward the next ice age. With his cars and industry, he was destroying ‘mother earth’. In my twenties it was shouted from the highest offices in the land that man was causing global warming. And if he didn’t ‘go green’ he would leave his children a parched, smoldering ash of a planet. Of course, both of these paranoid squawks panned out to be incorrect. And even refuted by honest scientific study. But, deter not those with egg on their face. Why, with a little magic from one of their many covens, they finally struck on a phrase that not only promotes fear in the witless. But one that is so universally static that it does not require its user to defend their position or prove the validity of its usage. Why, they can hand it to the next generation of wisdomless thinkers so they can push forward their unassailable and unfounded theories.

‘Climate change’ are the persistent words that we have lulled ourselves and our children’s minds to sleep with. Why require proof? It ‘sounds’ correct. It reminds me of the ‘wizard of oz’ syndrome. They offer two wrongs, present them as normal, and expect no one to refute their delirium. Why, there’s a ‘good witch’ and a ‘bad witch’. You should be rooting for the ‘good witch’. Excuse me! Since when is having ANY witch a good or acceptable option? They present two equally unacceptable options and tell you to pick one. And they will even tell you which one to cheer for so you don’t stand out in the crowd, or have yourself viewed as a boat rocker. Truly, ours has become a society of lemmings all headed blissfully toward the cliff.” – J.W.

“The hoax of global warming is a plan for a means of control for the one world government.” – J.L.

“I have no doubt that human population is having some effect on the earth – whether it is ‘global warming’ or human overload is another question?


· The earth does have cycles of warming and cooling. Has this been properly taken into consideration?

· You can’t do that sort of thing without taking very long time periods, global and astronomical effects into consideration. I’ve seen warming and cooling trends that are large enough for me to take notice, but I doubt that the earth noticed at all.

· No one arguing human fault for global warming has mentioned that over the last 15 years there have been some very large earthquakes. The global positioning people tell us that the earth has moved several degrees off its ‘normal axis’.

· The sun hasn’t moved – but the exposure of sun on earth has moved and yes it would change ice pack presence. Where we once had ice packs we don’t but where we once didn’t we do. The effect of freezing/thawing seas at both poles will affect the societies (human and animal) living and using those areas.

· We do not have the power to move the earth back to its formerly ‘permanent position’.

· Conservation is an important part of being responsible for the earth, so no matter east west north south it ought to be a general stance.

· Enforced conservation by an outside presumed global authority is a finance driven farce.

· The carbon bank appears to be a hoax for the purpose of moving human wealth from one area to another.

· All this could be set a kilter with the landing of one of the asteroids that missed us in the past few years – or His coming again.

So I don’t think we have enough records or power to come to decisions as to what temperature the earth ought to be since we don’t know what it once was and if that was ‘normal’, and for who? I guess that I will have to leave that in the hands of the ‘Boss.’ I still think he knows best, whether it is politically correct or not. Come to think of it, why worry about being politically correct when we are still struggling with to tell God’s truth?” – T.R.

“Global warming is a big hoax! How supposedly intelligent people can believe such nonsense, especially with a lot of cold weather this year, is just an amazing example of deception and human willfulness. More than a hoax, it is a control mechanism to use this bogus subject to subdue the people and take away our freedom.” – S.M.

“When the disciples asked Jesus what would be the signs of the end of the age (Mark 13, Matthew 24), the very first thing He said was “see to it no one deceives you”. He knew in the last days there would be abundant lies and liars. So global warming along with evolution and a host of other current world views too numerous to mention are LIES!” – M.D.

“It is a lie based on junk science at best. The globalists use scare tactics to control more of the world’s wealth and people.” – G.B.

“After this winter, I am hoping we get as much global warming as we can! I am from North Dakota. We were taught by a local college paleontologist that ND was once a tropical environment back in the age of the dinosaurs. With that in mind, I will vehemently start supporting all global warming prevention activities/initiatives as soon as ND warms to a tropical environment.” – M.O.

“I think all this fuss about global warming stems from the fact that man has forgotten our Creator. They simply don’t believe or refuse to acknowledge that He has to quote an old song ‘the whole world in His hands.’ The leaders of this false scare get unknowing and unsuspecting people to believe and thus end up making a great deal of money at the expense of duped mankind.” – D.L.

“What arrogance of man to think HE is in charge of the planet; that God is not! It is commanded by God that we be good stewards of the earth, but that we have control is making MAN a god.” – F.F.

“We seem to live in a time where even some Christians who write about the end times want to or unwittingly compare what man can do with what God can do. For instance, some write that the end will be manmade nuclear bombs going off! To compare a nuclear war of men with God leveling every mountain and while every island disappears from view is ludicrous. God is in control, now and in the future. Man thought nuclear waste would be around forever and then man found some bug that could digest it!

God is in control of everything man fears. The solution lies in man meeting God! Have you noticed how Christianity brings peace and tranquility and the world brings ‘fear this and fear that’? Seems to me that God’s command to righteous man is to fear not!” – R.M.

“Please see the article I wrote to the Sacramento Bee in 2007 (recently updated). I was a scientist working for the California Environmental Protection Agency at that time. (I’m now retired.) As a state scientist I clearly felt the pressure to conform to the official climate policy dogma. Sadly, the predications I made seven years ago about the harmful effects of this ‘science so called’ are becoming reality.” – B.V.

“Two places in Europe – one, a winery – have been tracking the weather for about 1,000 years. As expected, it’s cyclical. Global Warming is strictly political.” – A.M.K.

“I think it’s a lot of silliness. The climate has been shifting back and forth since time began. I believe there will be drastic climate change in the future, when God judges the world, but as far as what’s going on now, no way.” – E.F.

“I love global warming. During the Roman era of warming the planet was a world wide average of 3 degrees Celsius higher than our average today resulting in as much as a 60% increase in food. Real science shows about a 1,300-year cycle on ‘climate change’. Climate change is mainly linked to sunspots and volcanic eruptions. If all mankind were gone, it wouldn’t make any important change to the climate. ‘Climate change’ is a scam to make money off taxpayers of many nations. Our government has smoothed out the climate graph for the last 2,000 years to look like a hockey stick with the straight handle in the past and the past few years increasing dramatically. ‘Global Warming’ is a huge lie!” – S.P.

“How can anyone intelligently speak to this issue without quoting Politicians and more specifically, Political Parties? The lobbyists that push the issues are often nothing more that ex-politicians exploiting their access to Politicians. It is Politicians that are passing the laws and the unelected Federal Employees who enact the regulations.

It is not a Hoax. It is a well thought out plan via Big Government via the United Nations, to transfer wealth from Developed Nations to developing nations. The farmer in India sells his credits via an Exchange based in Chicago to a Business or Utility that is emitting CO2. That entity then passes on the added cost of energy production via higher Prices. 

There has been no Global Warming since 1998, the year the Kyoto Treaty was written. There had been a period of warming but we are now in a slightly cooling period. NASA have done extensive research and have proven that the oceans have not been warming. However, Sun Cycles can and have caused weather patterns to change and what else is new. Even the True Believers have changed Global Warming to Climate Change. Global Warming/Climate Change is a Secular World View that does not acknowledge and accept the simple fact the Our Heavenly Father controls the thermostat of his planet earth. CO2 is not a pollutant.” – D.M.

“The most respected and true book in the world explains that natural and destructive events (wonders) will happen more often and more severe during the last days and the so-called ‘global warming’ is a scientific approach or terminology to explain the phenomenon in non-Biblical terms.” – A.S.

“I do not believe the Global warming/Climate change arguments. As an engineer, I know our weather systems are essentially driven by changes in thermal energy in the atmosphere. This thermal energy is obtained primarily from the Sun and the sun goes through cyclic changes every 13 years or so. While it is argued that so called Greenhouse gases like CO2, methane, CO and others cause the atmosphere to retain more heat than usual, these gases have been around since day 1 and God intended. People argue that manmade pollution puts out more than can be handled by the environment. To that I point to volcanic eruptions that have been known to blast more than a cubic MILE of earth into the stratosphere along with literally tons of other gases. While such a large eruption does impact the environment globally, the impact is mitigated in relatively short order. You add the thousands of eruptions over the ages and it is more than man has ever contributed.

They blame methane on cow flatulence, but the buffalo herds that used to roam free by the hundreds of thousands put out a lot more. Additionally, the polar ice packs are regained the ice coverage and have actually increased over the last few years. A recent news report said that the great lakes are still about 50% frozen solid whereas normally this time of year there is a just a minimal amount of ice left. The whole non-sense of manmade climate change is primarily a tool of those that want power for themselves.” – J.M.

“In answer to the question about Global Warming, I believe this is just another attempt by our government to control us. It seems like they do this in almost every area of our lives now. End times are fast approaching and things like this really point it out. Our government is getting panicked and is trying every angle possible to gain control. So many Christians do not even realize the manipulation and just go along. That is dangerous. Many secular scientists are coming to believe global warming is a hoax so that is encouraging.” – D.J.

“I think the weather is becoming more extreme. Some of it will be the curse, some of it may be geoengineering/chemtrails/weather manipulation and some will just be natural cycles. It’s hard to say. In the book of Revelation there are signs mentioned that are coming and it seems like the earth may be getting a foretaste of those; waters turning to blood, stars falling from heaven, extreme heat, etc. We are told how things wind up, so I guess everyday we are getting closer to this. The main thing is to believe, love and trust in Jesus at all times. He says we can have peace regardless of our circumstances!” – R.P.

“Global warming is invented to be an instrument for redistribution of wealth from the USA to their pockets, and bring US down. It is a lie like evolution to control people. It is a hoax. Their ‘science’ on this topic is fraud to serve the purpose; it’s no such science.” – G.L.

“Anthropogenic Global Warming is but a plank of the march of neo-environmentalism (Marxism) from 1970 on, culminating in Agenda 21 in 1992 followed by its progressive implementation.

This was nurtured to implementation by the self-proclaimed ‘Canadian Socialist Billionaire’ Maurice Strong, the long-time no. 2 guy in the UN, a protégé of David Rockefeller. He is now trapped in China due to getting his hand caught in the UN cookie jar of Oil for Food under Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

It is a one-world-government plan that is to be administered by true-believer technocrats controlled by powerful Marxist ideologues. It is an attack on private property and individual liberty. Progressives – both Democrats and Republicans – have implemented parts of it by directives.

In the above document one finds the 27 principles. Look at the first principle.

Principle 1: Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.

Compare the above goal of equal outcomes for all (Marxism) to the document written by Thomas Jefferson that promises equal opportunity for the individual:

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’

‘Sustainable Development’ is code for Marxist control over every aspect of life.” – B.H.

“It’s a man-made supposed crisis that is designed to give national/international governments more regulatory power and make their subjects poorer. If global warming is man-made, why is Mars getting warmer too? In the ‘80s or ‘90s, global cooling was the ‘crisis’. It’s all cyclical.” – P.N.

“Global warming warnings are a hoax trying to make people think we are in charge of our own world. The Word of God tells us in Gen 8:22 -while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” – J.H.

“I do not believe there is a problem with Global Warming. God is in control – not us. I also believe that the hocus-pocus science is a power play to create a control mechanism that easily manipulates everything from energy consumption to environmental issues.” – D.E.J.

“I believe there could be a global warming phase of the Earth but this last winter’s cold weather and cold spring would seem to defy this global warming phase. If there is a global warming or cooling, I believe it to be quite natural. The Earth has gone through these phases in the past. I think it is the highest conceit of people who believe that man can have a higher affect on a worldwide warming or cooling phase of the Earth. Take a look at the Earth from space and tell me that man can control the weather. I don’t believe for 1 minute that man’s activity will supersede the world’s oceans or the Sun for their affect upon global warming. I do believe that man’s wickedness may have an adverse effect upon the weather. I also believe this to be a natural consequence of wickedness. Global warming or climate change is the farce they use to control our environment and hence control the people. After all, let no emergency go to waste or a manufactured one.” – S.M.

“Global Warming is a hoax and a fraud being pushed on the world to help achieve total government control over the people of the world under a one world Marxist government. It is supported by no empirical evidence whatsoever, only models generated by computers fed questionable input. As has been shown by the East Anglia emails, the movement is rife with fraud. Even if the warming trends were real, the effects on the earth would not be apocalyptic as is demonstrated by the conditions around 1500. Many former environmental scientists are seeing the error of the movement and are speaking out even at the peril of losing their grants and standing in the ruling scientific community.” – F.Z.

“The climate is designed by God to fluctuate. This provides seasons, diversity, and opportunity for different activities. Originally this was all good, but sin has even effected climate and weather. The sun is the main factor in our climate. Man has minimal effect on local weather conditions. We are supposed to be good caretakers of what we do control.” – K.B.

“Global warming is a thin-veiled ruse to control and raise money by politicians and certain people or/and corporations. We are in the last days of this dispensation and if they think it is bad now read what is coming according to Jesus in Matthew 24.” – M.P.

“It is a money making scheme for most people. And global warming is NOT a reality, it is a way for environmentalists to get into our heads. The polar ice caps are warming but on the other side of the world they are becoming thicker so it’s still a world FULL of balance. If God wanted to warm our planet he could do it MUCH faster than with global warming.” – E.H.

“I do NOT follow all the hype on this topic, and believe that it’s certainly a man-made issue. My underlying belief, it’s the beginning stages that will lead to taxing the peoples of the world and our ‘carbon footprint’ so the rich get richer.” – S.A.

“Global warming is a complete hoax and ideological ploy to manipulate and control our energy resources and further make us dependent on and enslaved to our ever-growing and tyrannical government.” – S.R.

“People have been programmed for nearly 2 decades that AGW is real, even with the absence of facts and data. Once a belief system is established, it’s very difficult to change it. Very effective hoax; very effective in making some people believe they are a problem, filling them with guilt, and then looting them for Carbon Taxes!” – C.C.

“The conversation has now switched from Global Warming (which is not occurring) to Climate Change (which is always occurring). In my opinion, the issue is not whether the climate is changing, but whether the root cause is human activity. Evidence of massive climate change is abundant – we know we had and Ice Age and we have evidence (coal fields with ocean fossils and coral reefs under the arctic icecaps) that previously these changes were huge and totally without any human influence (except for sin). Frankly the issue is about control. The climate change fanatics are being used to provide ‘evidence’ that there must be significant external control exerted on choices made by people in order toe ‘save the planet’. The loss of liberty is the real crisis, and far too many sheep are willing to sacrifice my liberty so that they can feel like we are doing ‘something’, even if that ‘something’ has no positive effect on the ‘problem’ that has been identified. Symbolism over substance in an emotionally charged atmosphere. What a way to govern.” – B.T.

“Does not the Holy Bible say somewhere the seasons remain until the end? This whole idea is the evil works of Satan and his followers in the one world government/religion plan. Praise God, His promise of a sinless world shall soon come to pass!” – J.L.

“Global Warming is another ploy to get more money out of taxpayers and to extend yet greater control over the masses. Once Global Warming has been established, we will then see ‘carbon credits’ attached to our bills, our flights, animals, everything. It will be an added cost to ‘repair’ the damage our CO2 has supposedly done on the environment. The downside is that there are many people who believe in this lie and will blindly follow where it leads.” – D.S.

“Global Warming. Is it a hoax? Has man screwed anything else up? Do I care? No. Why do I not care? God is still in control! Thank you, Lord!” – J.D.

“The global warming uproar is simply an effort to hinder achievement and progress in developed nations. Its proponents are operating on the premise that if all nations were equal in economic development, there would be no wars.” – J.U.

“The new world order guys are fabricating this information so they can charge us a tax for the air we breathe. The sun is actually getting hotter as proved by the Martian ice caps are getting smaller and other planet temperatures have risen. They would have us believe our activities are causing the issue when in the Bible it says man can’t change the weather!” – C.D.

“Global Warming has been the most perfect tool used by government to take control of our lives in most every aspect.” – W.H.

“Global warming is a hoax. It is a ploy to gain control and establish the one world government.” – F.K.

“Something is different, that’s for certain. I’m 77 and for the past few years I’ve noticed the sun being much hotter than at times in the past, and I don’t think it has to do with the age of my body. But I don’t think the change in the sun has anything to do with the light bulb I use or the car I drive. That’s absurd, to say the least, and profitable to those who are promoting global warming while owning stock in green-earth ventures.

Everyone should read the book Climategate by veteran meteorologist, Brian Sussman. The reasonable answer to global warming is to adapt to the conditions and accept the fact that it’s a natural process that must be completed. But that doesn’t mean we’re all going to perish. The Bible says the earth groans in anxious anticipation of its renewal to a better world, purged of evil and the curse of Adam. What we are seeing today, I believe, are warnings that it is coming. Be ready. Be Born-Again.” – V.B.

“Well, I think that global warming is a made up junk science and has made some people tons of money. They have a vested interest in keeping it alive. For my part, I read the last chapter of the Bible that tells me about the end of the age, not global warming! The LORD Jesus knows.” – R.M.

“I believe that global warming is one more instance of Satan’s counterfeiting of God’s Work. We know there will come the end times when God will show his power over the creation and the devil. Global warming, or whatever its name is changed to, is just a way for the devil to keep people afraid and off balance. They won’t hear God when they are afraid of the future.” – D.D.

“God is in control of this earth and only He decides what and when things will happen!” – H.E.

“Anthropogenic global warming is a manufactured LIE perpetrated by the enemies of human life on planet earth. If global warming exists, it is caused by natural/solar causes, not humans. I do not see any evidence that it exists. All so called ‘evidence’ for global warming is completely refuted by independent sources not in the employ of the globalists/one-worlders/new world order/US federal govt.” – C.S.

“I lived in Greenland in the early 1970s. It was common knowledge that the island was once inhabited in the early 1000s until the ‘Little Ice Age’ forced them out and did away with sheep herding. These ‘so-called’ swings are nothing more than ‘ole sol’ doing his thing. What’s so difficult about that? When I went to school, CO2 was considered essential for plant life and sustenance.” – D.F.

“Global warming is the biggest hoax since Lucy. If global warming is so prevalent, why is most of the U.S. huddling is sweaters and jackets waiting for spring 2014 to warm up? It’s ridiculous! Weather goes in cycles just as seasons do. Some years are colder; some are warmer. We should enjoy what God gives us instead of trying to tear down His Word!” – D.F.

“Man-made global warming is a hoax. Anyone who has taken a statistics or economics course will know that statistics and ‘facts’ can be portrayed to say almost anything you want them to say. Also, many hype up and worry about issues such as increasing man-made carbon dioxide emissions while totally ignoring important details like the fact that the more CO2 there is in the atmosphere the better the plants will grow and the more oxygen they will produce!” – E.M.

“Global warming is a hoax to try to centralize power in the United Nations and weaken national sovereignty everywhere through international regulation. It has been pushed by the UN over the objections of its own scientists, and their funding depends on their pushing it. Mars and Venus warmed up during the same years that our planet warmed most recently, indicating solar activity as the most likely source of change. (Alternatively, who is busy burning fossil fuels and generating greenhouse gases on Mars and Venus?) Since 2007, average temperatures on our planet (and, no doubt, elsewhere in our solar system) have decreased. Similar fluctuations are reported over the centuries.” – A.U.

“I believe the planet has warmed SLIGHTLY since the last Ice Age but all warming and cooling have nothing to do with human behavior.” – J.K.

“I do believe global warming is a hoax...the weather is propelled by water vapor ... not carbon dioxide... I believe the hoax is being used to scare people and for monetary gain for economic reasons. If the weather patterns and cycles are changing, God, in Jesus Christ, is responsible for the changes and will use them for His Glory.” – T.F.

“For some people, global warming is a religion. People like atheist Bill-Nye-the-Science-Guy lumps in ‘global-warming deniers’ with such (ignorant) folks as young earth creationists. You simply can’t confuse them with facts; their minds are made up. It’s ‘settled science’, don’t y’see?

Global warming may or may not be occurring; but if what? What’s more alarming than their faulty computer models that predict disaster is that the alarmists insist that it is man-made. And if man-made, then ‘we’ must un-make it ‘before it’s too late!’ The church of global warming has recruited politicians and the United Nations to force action to curb ‘greenhouse gasses’ (or whatever the flavour du jour is). They fail to mention that most ‘greenhouse gas’ is water vapor! Carbon is a miniscule amount in comparison.

The drastic remedies GW alarmists propose would impoverish whole nations. Even if stringent efforts were taken to reduce ‘carbon’ emissions to a minimum, polluting countries would cancel out those efforts; and so would a single Mount Pinatubo eruption.

Sober scientists criticize the computer modeling for a variety of reasons; for failing to consider cloud cover, for instance. The drastic methods to curb one’s carbon footprint are tainted with shady politics and opportunistic entrepreneurs selling their ‘snake oil’ to a naive and trusting public. ‘Ohhh we got trouble-trouble-trouble, right here in River City! Trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with C, and that stands for Carbon!’ [collective gasp!]

Global warming occurs; so does cooling. The planet’s ecosystem is self-regulating. Hellooo?! Plants require CO2 to exist; we require oxygen. More CO2 could be a good thing! The oceans absorb any excess CO2. It was designed that way! Sober climate scientists reveal that ocean currents [e.g. the North Pacific Oscillation] turn over every 30 years or so and keep things in equilibrium. It’s cyclical, boneheads! Turn off your MTV and take some night classes.

Is GW manmade? Ask Dr. Fagin, who wrote about the Great Medieval Warming (800-1300 AD), which allowed agriculture in Greenland. It was followed by the Little Ice Age (1300-1900s) when the earth cooled off again, and people went skating on the River Thames. What manmade influences acted on those major fluctuations in climate? Most took place BEFORE the Industrial Revolution and its belching furnaces. Get a grip! Climate change is natural. Can you spell C-y-c-l-i-c-a-l ?

My problem is, I suppose, is that I take a biblical world-view. The LORD showed Israel how to achieve optimal agricultural output by treating the land gently, and allowing it to ‘rest’ every 50 years. Did they obey? Nope. Amish farmers do; they practice crop rotation, allowing fields to lie fallow’ for a period. The land heals itself, if it’s not abused. (Mankind CAN destroy croplands by overgrazing and poor agriculture, creating deserts. That can be corrected by introducing sound methods.)

There are elements of hoax in the global warming/climate change hysteria. The gullible are out there waiting to be fleeced.

 The Bible promises that cold and heat, summer and winter, seedtime and harvest would not cease. That’s a comfort to the believer. But the world is indeed a scary place without God! (Wah! We’re all gonna die!) I think it was G.K. Chesterton who said that people who don’t believe in God do not believe in nothing; they will believe anything!

Man-made global warming/climate change is not in the least ‘settled science’. Get a grip, people!” – R.R.

“My thoughts on climate change are that yes, weather patterns do seem to be definitely changing, with more and more drastic and deadly storms, earthquakes, droughts, etc., happening around the world, but I believe that none of this has anything to do with human behaviour or pollution, but instead it is happening more as we’re moving into the end times that Jesus told us about in the New Testament, telling us that we would know the end times are getting closer, when He will return, when we observe these types of weather changes becoming more prominent and deadly, and the Bible also tells us that the earth is gradually wearing down, so as believers we should expect these changes to be happening in the world, and not to fear them, because it all points to the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.” – J.F.

“I do not believe in the crisis of man-made global warming. I believe we ‘could’ have an impact on the temperature of the world, but the effects would be minuscule. The evidence presented to support man-made global warming is shaky at best. Additionally, I have read about many cases where the data is called into question – leaked emails about people doctoring results, weather station thermometers not up to code and artificially returning higher temps, etc. Taking the Bible into account, I can’t imagine a world where God would build such a fragile system that our actions could wreak such havoc. Certainly we can leave a bad mark on the world, but His creation recovers and often quickly.” – D.J.E.

“If you had spent the past 2 winters in the Canadian prairies, you would KNOW that there is NO global warming. Snow is still falling here on April 29. Climate change – YES! There has always been and still is climate change which is way beyond our understanding of causes/effects. Are weather catastrophes larger and worse in these days? I suspect so. I also suspect this is more due to God’s judgment on the increasing sinfulness of our society than on the direct results of our actions, including our use of fossil fuels, etc.” – G.B.M.

“There is no global warming. There is natural changes in weather over long periods of time such as the mini ice age. This is just a bunch of liberal stupidity, thinking man can change the planet by following computer models built by man to show what they want to show. God is in charge and will change as he sees fit.” – W.A.

“Global warming, or climate change, as it is now called, is a hoax fed by our government so it can place more taxes and regulations on us. The sun has cycles of solar flares with warming and cooling. Nothing to do with man made things such as CFCs and coal usage! God is in control!” – C.B.

“Global warming is a political hoax. God said that seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter would always be, until the end of the age.” – B.B.

“Isaac Asimov, respected evolutionist, said: The 2nd law [of thermodynamics] has not been repealed; the universe will cool down to about absolute zero, and all will be dead! (See why we need a new heaven and earth?) The sun is being depleted by about 3 feet (diameter) per hour! The environmentalists, who worship mother earth, are whackos!” – T.S.B.

“Global Warming, a complete farce to control the public and make BIG money for the instigators. The good Lord is coming soon.” – D.L.

“The bottom line is that we serve a sovereign God. A God that is in DIRECT control of all things, including the weather (Lev. 26:4, Nah. 1:3, Jonah 1:4, Amos 4:7, 1st Sam. 12:18, 2nd Sam. 21:1, Mark 4:39, etc.). NO danger will ever come that is not directly prescribed by God. NO urgent situation will ever arrive that He is not directly in control of. And we have no Biblical bases to be concerned about changing weather patterns. Whether or not the temperature is rising is irrelevant. Life will continue along God’s foreordained plan WITHOUT deviation. And mankind is here right up until the very final moment.

Something curious to ponder is that one of the last days’ plagues mentioned in the Book of Revelation mentions an increase in heat (Rev. 16:8-9). Could this be a gradual global warming? Possibly. But the verse seems to indicate that it is an instantaneous thing, not a gradual one. Either way it goes, man is certainly not responsible for it. It is sovereign God in control, not us.

Human caused global warming? Absolutely not. It seems more feasible that those in charge of this world are manufacturing a crisis in order to bring about world governance and world taxation on carbon. But even that is under direct control of our sovereign God! We have no reason to fret or worry. Just keep growing in holiness and proclaiming the Gospel!” – J.I.

“I live in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. We have just had the coldest and longest winter on record. This is not global warming.” – J.L.

“At age 56 I went to college to earn a BS in business management. During the two-year education I was presented with countless presentations on global warming and was soon pulled onto the bandwagon, and I became a true ‘tree hugger.’ Shortly before my graduation, I took a ‘sustainable’ business class; my professor was an elderly gentleman, Harvard graduate, who insisted that we cite at least two non-mainstream sources in addition to regular sources for every paper we turned in. Thanks to him, I recognized the global warming subject was not cut and dry as it had been presented to me for nearly two years.

A year later, during my Master’s studies in psychology/organizational leadership, by necessity I stayed abreast of global warming and started following the ‘money trail.’ My conclusions after completion of schooling can be simply stated: Climate change has been a reality since post flood. In my opinion, global warming, unlike climate change, is a brilliant hoax designed to redistribute the wealth of the nations. Governments will accomplish the task by taking control of multinational corporations and making them an arm of government to enrich the communities they operate in around the world through ‘green sustainable practices.’ The social engineering to accomplish this task has been operational for years.” – R.H.

“It is a terrible hoax, yes, we have weather changes, but it is at God’s will and his timing. Leave such things in God’s hands. Do what you can to help, but don’t listen to people who are all gloom and doom. Yes, we can help, but God has the last word, not the so called ‘Mother Nature’. God will take care of the earth until he is ready to come again. RELY ON THE GREAT ‘I AM’.” – B.A.

“God spoke very clearly after the flood in His Covenant with Creation, Genesis 8:22: ‘While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer and day and night shall not cease.’ All the fear, greed and questionable agendas of man will not change the truth of God’s Word.” – S.B.

“I am a homeschooling CollegePlus! student from Nepal. Global warming is a hoax fueled by unscientific data. Not only is it a harmful scam that gives rise to much waste in unnecessary research and ‘prevention’ of the so-called carbon footprint, but it also enlightens Bible prophecy. Global warming is used in uniting people to a single cause in preparation for the rule of the Anti-Christ. I believe what God has said: ‘As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.’ Praise be to Him Who has ever proved Himself faithful!” – S.S.

“I believe that Global Warming is a tool for control of the masses, all leading to the creation of the one world order. I believe man can harm our environment, but I also believe God has created a wonderful ecosystem that heals itself. However, like our bodies we can scar the earth. Thinking in terms of prophecy, certainly global warming will occur but not from CO2 or the oceans off gassing or refrigerants, etc. I think global warming will be due to engineered and military weather modification, wars, nuclear spills and the like. As our leaders continue to drive us toward the one world order leading to the antichrist, we will see much more of this. My prayer is Lord come quickly, God bless you all.” – J.M.

“I believe man IS responsible for climate change but it is not due to the amount of Carbon Dioxide (not a pollutant) we put into the atmosphere. I believe that it is a direct result of man living in opposition to God and his Laws. God is judging this world as our sin increases and our repentance becomes non-existent.” – J.S.

“I would be interested to find out about a possible statistical relationship between those who believe in human-caused climate change and those who believe in macro-evolution (vs. special creation). I would venture to say that those who believe in special creation probably do not believe in human-influenced climate change. Of course, to determine this relationship, a question would need to be posed in a survey format such as: If you believe in human-caused climate change, do you also believe in evolution or special creation as the explanation of our beginnings? I believe that most of those folks who believe in evolution as an explanation for our origins also believe that humans may be the root of global climate change. And those who believe that Genesis is true do not believe in human-caused climate change.” – J.A.B.

“God has His plan for the future of this planet and in His good time. It is a universal experience that all things, living or nonliving, eventually wear out, run down, grow old, decay and pass into the dust, as stated by Henry M. Morris in The Genesis Record.” – E.P.S.

“Read Job. God is in control, not man. No way is the ego of man big enough to affect the earth’s climate.” – A.R.

“Global warming is a hoax. It’s based on testing and theories that are engineered to reach the ‘wanted’ conclusion.” – P.W.

“I worked in meteorology with the military for 27 years and stats was part of my job and never did I see in all those years anything the remotely resembled a significant warming trend. I dealt with stats that went as far back as the mid-1800s at times and there was nothing that couldn’t be explained by natural climactic changing. If anything, the world is going through a cooling trend, hence the government’s (in)convenient ‘climate change’.” – R.W.

“I remember in the 1960’s there was supposed to be an ice age coming in the next few years. What happened to it? I think the same thing will happen again – nothing.” – F.G.

“It’s no longer called global warming. So to continue the progressive green dream, we now refer to climate change as just that. That said, as Christians we cannot believe that humans can thwart God’s plan for his people or his world. If indeed men are impacting the environment, it is part of God’s plan. Using respectfully God’s resources shows gratefulness and praise to him. Considering the greatest problem with the environment is humanity, this falls in well with the eugenics agenda of the US government and the UN. I do not trust the government with anything. Just one decent volcano eruption and there goes their green dream. Short answer: Hoax.” – J.F.

“God created a perfect world for us to live on. He gave us dominion over this world. That’s in the Bible. God created the seasons and weather and holds it all in His hand just like everything else that He alone controls. Does global warming occur: yes it does, but so does global cooling. God’s creation has always adjusted to changes, some caused by God himself and some by man. Do we have the potential to ruin this world; yes we do, but often God intervenes just like he has done always. Just like coming to earth Himself as Jesus and dwelling among us. He died for the sins we conduct. One day this world will pass away, that is in the Bible too. Man can throw his money at these issues all we want, but in the end God controls the final outcome, not us. We should leave things like this alone.” – J.K.

“I do not believe that global warming is caused by mankind, I believe it’s a natural cycle of the earth. I remember back in the 1970s we were told that we were entering a new ice age, didn’t happen yet. I believe that God is in charge and he decides when the sun will scorch the earth, not man.” – P.C.

“My father was a chemist and by avocation a geologist. He always told me that weather ran in cycles. How true. He cited examples such as the Philadelphia heat wave during the first continental congress!” – C.K.

“It is interesting that the proponents of ‘Global warming’ today a few years back were proclaiming that we were headed for another ice age. It is also interesting to note that the phrase ‘global warming’ is being replaced with ‘climate change’. Is this a reflection on recent record cold spells?

Since it is obvious that there was an ice age, and we do not now have an ice age, if man is responsible, we must have had automobiles long before we thought we did. I am disgusted by the fact that some who call themselves environmentalists, in order to gain data supporting global warming – which they did not have – had sound emitters and receivers placed in the oceans to measure water temperature, not caring that marine mammals like whales and dolphins have very sensitive hearing and would be deafened by their sound emitters. My protests were ignored! They couldn’t understand why many whales were beaching themselves.” – Dr. V.W.N.

“Man-made global warming is a political hoax and fraud. The term ‘global warming’ is no longer used, as the climate is no longer warming. Instead, the new terminology is ‘climate change’. No matter what the weather is, man is now responsible by creating excess carbon dioxide. One needs to read the Climategate emails to realize the fraud involved. Global warming and climate change are accepted by the mainstream media with religious zeal. I have yet to hear or read any attempts at proof. The underlying data has been ‘adjusted’ to fit preconceived results. Many weather stations are improperly placed near heat zones and surrounded by urban growth. As stations closed, data was guessed at.

My understanding is that the entire globe has been divided into grids. Of course, most grids have no weather station, and temperatures are guessed at. When the input temperatures are ‘garbage’, then the conclusions are ‘garbage’, i.e., garbage in, garbage out.

One question has never been answered: what do averages prove anyway? How  often are high temperatures going to be averaged? Once a day, every hour, or every half-hour? What about temperatures over the oceans? There aren’t any weather stations over the ocean. If most of the grid temperatures are fabricated, estimated or guessed at, what does that prove? Absolutely nothing. What most people are unaware of is that greenhouse growers artificially increase the carbon dioxide to make their plants grow faster and increase production. The claim of doom has no merit. The claim that man can now control the weather is absurd. It is political propaganda to pursue an ulterior agenda.” – R.S.

“Climate change is taking place. Some degree of climate instability is the norm (Romans 8:22), especially since the Flood. Scripture tells us how the present age will come to an end: not by man’s bad stewardship of the atmosphere, but as a result of God’s outpouring of judgment upon mankind just prior to, and at, the Second Coming of Christ.  Environmental destruction as well as human suffering due to environmental change are entirely under God’s control. God isn’t wringing his hands or fretting over our allegedly  poisonous exhalations, and no climate change will take place contrary to God’s good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2). Faithful believers find comfort in God’s sovereignty over climate change according to Romans 8:28, thanking him for climate change according to Ephesians 5:19-20.

Finally, since we have paleogeological evidence for atmospheric CO2 level at ~15 times the current level along with lush abundant life over almost the entire planet, I don’t think we can rightly even call CO2 a threat. But the minds of unbelievers are unable to perceive any of this (Romans 1:21, 2 Corinthians 4:4). Therefore the role of believers today is not to take sides in the debate but rather, like Enoch before the Flood, publicly proclaim our Lord’s return in judgment at the Second Coming (Jude 1:14-15).” – S.B.

“I believe that ‘global warming / climate change’ is a scam originated by the UN and directed by a man named Strong with the goal of political and economic control of the world's wealth by the UN. Governments are all too willing to buy into this scheme with the object being to impose additional taxes to pay for "carbon footprints". Any opposing viewpoint has been ignored or suppressed without regard to the credentials of the authorship. We who still refuse to accept this story are now being told to ‘hush,  the matter is settled and the story is true by way of a consensus.’ I need only point out that in 1491 the ‘consensus’ was that the earth was flat and if one sailed too far, one would fall off the earth. Fortunately, Columbus did not buy into the consensus and neither do I buy into this  ‘global warming / climate change’ fairy tale.” – T.M.R.

“Yes, I do believe global warming (so-called) is a hoax. Although if we had a voice/choice, we could use a little bit of it here in Minnesota! What a cold, long winter!” – C.K.

“Here’s my thoughts on GW. Man has helped but not much. I believe it’s the Earth going back to its normal state. The magnetic north and the true north will be the same again. We didn’t have four seasons till after we had the flood.” – K.J.

“GW is a sad lie by those who have come to worship the creation and not the Creator. The ignorance of ‘the world’ is even sadder that they can accept the lie that man, on a global scale, could somehow influence the climate of the Earth. Certainly on a local scale, our actions can have an impact on the environment, but not on the scale they believe.

I remember that when Mt. St Helens exploded, it injected into our atmosphere more CO and sulfur dioxide than all of the combined activity of man in history! Yet, here we are. In fact, even today, Mt. St Helens remains the largest polluter in the state of Washington. How does a government fine a volcano? Like evolution, the great lie of global warming has been foisted upon an unbelieving world, and how sad to see the majority eagerly grasp at it. A more cynical mind might also point out that this becomes a further burden upon a once-righteous nation, already staggered by corruption in all forms of moral decay, with the inevitable taxation upon all of us to prevent a mythical disaster! 

However, the hope always remains for all who believe that G-d is in charge and holds in his hands the future of the entire universe. Again, the Adversary roams among us devouring whom he may. Another gospel delivered straight from the gates of Hell.” – B.R.

“I’m not a  true student of the science of global warming, but I do have some thoughts after a few classes and reading a number of books and articles. 1. Global warming is happening. 2. It’s cyclical. 3. In the last four thousand or so years it continues to warm and then cool, warm and cool, with each successive warming/cooling cycle getting slightly warmer and less cool.” – S.Z.

“To begin with, global warming is a hoax. Its purpose is to control the people. It is also generating many, many unnecessary and frivolous costs to living. In addition, many of the proposed solutions simply will make things worse. For example, wind turbines kill birds. Environmentalists, you have permission to weep! I love birds. Take the blasted things down! Wind farms and solar farms will probably cause drastic alterations to the climate, and we have NO idea what kind of changes these will be.

People aren’t capable of causing global warming to any great extent. It is being done primarily by the sun. Carbon dioxide from things like volcanoes and other sources contribute far more than humans do. If the carbon dioxide increases, more plants will grow. This means better habitat for wild animals, more food for human beings, and lowering the earth’s temperature. It is self-correcting, in other words. I WANT the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere to increase so that plants will be restored in many places. Plants in arid places, coupled with allowing food animals to graze, will improve the quality of plant life, and reclaim these arid regions.

The government has no legitimate role in policing the people over this issue. None.

I believe that faith in the ‘theory’ of evolution fuels much of this. Instead of seeing human beings as priceless creations made in the image of God, it simply makes us into another animal, and makes us disposable. The result has been mass murder on a scale that boggles the mind, if you can wrap your mind around it at all. More people means more inventiveness and creativity, and will actually improve life for everyone: plants, animals, and people. People are not animals.

In the final analysis, there is a contradiction here. If global warming were a real problem, and the earth is millions of years old, it would have become a dead planet long ago. Given that the earth is only a few thousand years old, it looks to me like it is well equipped to handle this so-called global warming.” – P.G.

“I have found it interesting that virtually all creationists do not believe in the man made global warming scam. I have also noticed that the media virtually never report that global sea ice area is the same today as it was 30 years ago (website: cryosphere today). I believe the politics of the situation revolve around: global governance, population control and wealth redistribution.” – A.B.

“I remember when catalytic converters were developed. It was argued that they would change the particulates into ‘harmless’ carbon dioxide. Suddenly, carbon dioxide is a ‘pollutant’! Yes, I do believe global warming is a hoax – not to take money from the producers for the poor, but rather to take money for themselves. If they can keep the people in a panic mode, they can more easily control them for the enrichment of the hoaxers.” – L.R.

“I’ve read enough about global warming to say that Global Warming is a blatant lie, designed to give more power to governments and take personal freedoms away. It’s exactly what Hitler and Stalin and every other power-hungry politician would endorse. Global Warming is one BIG HOAX!


I read an article about a family of grape growers in Europe. This particular family sold their grapes to winemakers; the weather had a tremendous effect on their crops, and the sweetness of the grapes depended upon the right time to harvest, which affected their profit greatly. So they made it their business to keep track of weather change so they could make the best profit for their investment.

This old-world family had kept an exact diary of the weather, its conditions and changes year round from hot and cold summers and winters, any and all serious weather changes going back to the 1600s on up into 2000 because this was their livelihood and they had to know when the weather would go into a cycle of change so they could pinpoint the very best time to harvest their grapes and make the most money on their efforts.

These past few years we’ve heard about the 100-year floods and drastic weather changes, floods and drought. Well, their diary told of extreme weather changes, showed 100-year cycles of extreme cold weather and others showed extreme hot weather. The diary also showed extreme weather changes with 50-year cycles and 20-year cycles.

One other point about global warming: Why would I even consider believing someone who has the goal of taking my freedoms and liberties away? That’s the crowd that’s pushing global warming. It’s a political power grab, and it’s all about governmental control over every aspect of human life.” – J.B.

“I'm so confused by Creation Moments. WHY do you even care about this issue and involve everyone??? I really want to know what this has to do with getting people saved, or believing in Scripture. It is my strong conviction, before the Lord, that your organization is short-sighted. This might sound heretical, but who cares about global-warming? Yes, everyone should do their part to be a good steward of God’s creation, but seriously, forget about nice sounding-words, what is the real reason that your group seems to be focusing on what I see as a ‘pet peeve’? Preach the GOSPEL but not the gospel of fighting with others who have strong evidence of global warming. Creation versus Evolution is a Salvation issue. But this clear connection cannot be made for your flat-earth denial of global warming.” – R.B.