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Today's Creation Moment

The Creator's Gift of Intelligence
Psalm 111:10
"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever."
In many of our Creation Moments programs, we have shown that animal intelligence is not a result of evolution but God's gift to His creatures. While animals are limited to a much smaller area of...

Australian Dinosaurs

Ezekiel 32:2b
"… you are like a monster in the seas, bursting forth in your rivers, troubling the waters with your feet, and fouling their rivers."

If the biblical account of history is true, then man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. Some believe that this accounts for the almost universal legends of dragons. In many parts of the world, these legends were passed orally from generation to generation. Unfortunately, it takes only a few hundred years for such legends to become distorted. America was already a country when Europeans got around to settling in Australia. There they found that the local Aborigines had oral accounts of monsters. The Aboriginal people insisted these were real flesh-and-blood creatures.

Aborigines in the northern and eastern parts of Australia tell of the burrunjor. Their descriptions matched that of the allosaurus. As late as 1961 in this part of Australia a tracker reported a bipedal reptile 25 feet long. Aborigines in central Australia tell of the kulta, which is described very much like a diplodocus or apatosaurus. Like these dinosaurs, kulta lived in swamps and ate plants. Cave drawings in northern Australia depict similar creatures. Aborigines refused to settle on Lake Galilee in western Queensland because a monster lived in the lake. This creature, which they called a bunyip, sounds like a plesiosaur.

The fact that the Aboriginal descriptions so accurately match dinosaurs known to the rest of the world show that these are recent memories – exactly what we would expect if the biblical history is accurate.

Dear Father, I rejoice because I can trust Your Word of salvation. Amen.
"Australia's aborigines ... did they see dinosaurs?" Creation, 12/98 2/99, p.27.