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Today's Creation Moment

Echoes of a Big Bang?
Genesis 1:6-8
"And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters...
Outer space has a temperature. It has become common to think of space as a vacuum, that has nothing in it, which means it would be at absolute zero temperature. In fact, space is nearly a vacuum, but...


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Evolutionists teach that dinosaurs died out long before humans evolved from apes. But is this true? Or is their view of dinosaurs part of a colossal hoax that's being taught as fact to your children and grandkids? Creation Moments – one of the first ministries in the U.S. to defend biblical creation – believes you deserve to know the truth, and that's why we want you to enjoy our FREE "Today's Creation Moment" devotional.

Each weekday you'll learn incredible things about God's magnificent creation. For instance, here's a recent "Today's Creation Moment" presenting evidence that man and dinosaurs really did live at the same time:

What did history do with the dinos

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Day after day you’ll discover new evidence that Darwinism is wrong and the Bible is correct on matters of science, history and so much more. Think you know a lot about the world in which we live? We’ll bet you’ve never heard about:

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  • The disgusting abilities of the creature known as the "horror frog"
  • Why animals escape unscathed when so many people are killed in tsunamis
  • How geckos can walk upside-down on glass without falling
  • How the speed of light reveals the unlimited mind of God
  • Famous scientists who reject Darwinian evolution

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When you weigh the scientific, archaeological, historical and biblical evidence for yourself, you'll see that the Bible wins every time! Start your free subscription to "Today's Creation Moment" to read hundreds of fascinating stories that will strengthen your faith.

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