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Today's Creation Moment

How the Aye-Aye Taps Into Lunch
Isaiah 45:18
“For thus says the LORD. Who formed the earth and made it. Who formed it to be inhabited: 'I am the LORD, and there is no other.”
The Aye-Aye is one of the strangest little monkeys on earth. Its peculiar features bear witness that it was specially designed and created to fill a unique niche in nature, not a chance development...

The Famous Red Shift

John 10:35
"If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken…"

You have no doubt noticed that the pitch of a train whistle changes from the time the train is moving toward you to the time it passes you. This lowering of pitch is an example of the Doppler effect.

Light behaves the same way. If the source of light is moving away from you with enough speed red shiftand you had special equipment, you could measure the red shift of the light. You could even use the amount of red shift you measured to figure out how fast the light source is moving away from you.

Of course, you might have a sneaky friend who likes to play tricks. If your friend put a red filter or some type of strong electronic field between you and the light, you would still see a red shift. In this case, you would be making a mistake to think that the light was moving.

Evolutionists' arguments for the great age of the universe are based on the assumption that the red shift of starlight is due to the Doppler effect. But if the light is shifted toward the red by any one of several other possible causes, the whole idea of the Big Bang – and billions of years – is lost. At least one respected scientist has been gathering information that clearly shows that the red shift of starlight is not due to the Doppler effect. His controversial work was described in the January 1988 issue of Popular Science.

Once again, the case for the evolutionary view of the universe offers no firm challenge to the history of the universe as recorded in the Word of God.

I thank You, Lord, that Your Word is certain and sure, for the word of humans is not. Without Your Word we could not know if there was any truth. Your Word is truth; keep me growing in Your truth. Amen.
DeYoung, Donald B. 1988. Astronomy and the Bible. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House. pp. 90-91.