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Today's Creation Moment

The Real Sin at the Tower of Babel
Genesis 11:6
"And the LORD said, 'Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be...
A misunderstanding of some of the history recorded in Genesis has led some people to conclude that we are repeating the sins committed at the Tower of Babel. After all, we build huge cities and...

The Jerusalem Department of Public Works

2 Samuel 5:8a
"And David said on that day, Whosoever getteth up to the gutter, and smiteth the Jebusites, and the lame and the blind, [that are] hated of David's soul, [he shall be chief and captain]."

When human beings think that they have found mistakes in the Bible, they are eventually judged by their own words. Beneath old Jerusalem lies a complex, ancient water supply system. However, archaeologists have long considered it to be poorly designed. Worse, they said that the biblical account of David's capture of Jerusalem was in error since it mentioned water tunnels that didn't Jerusalem Dept of Public Worksexist in his time. Now these archaeological and biblical critics have been proven wrong on both counts.

A detailed study of the tunnels beneath old Jerusalem reveals a cleverly designed and sophisticated dual water supply system that served the city. Nearly 3,000 years ago, ancient engineers modified a natural network of channels and tunnels under old Jerusalem to create the unique system. New tunnels were used to link existing natural tunnels so that an ambitious engineering project was completed with the least amount of work.

Research also shows that there are two openings to the system outside the walls of Jerusalem. It was one of these natural openings that David used to enter and conquer Jerusalem. Since we now know that they were natural and not built after David's time, no one can claim that the Bible's account is untrue.

Skeptics have claimed they have discovered many errors of historical or scientific fact in the Bible. Every time more facts have been learned, the Bible has been vindicated.

Your Word is truth, O Lord! While I do not doubt Your Word in the Bible, I confess that I show that I doubt its importance by neglecting to study it as I ought. Forgive me for Jesus' sake and make my heart burn to study the Bible. Amen.
B. Bower. 1991. "Jerusalem Yields 'Natural' Waterworks." Science News, Dec. 7, p. 375. Photo of Warren's Shaft, once thought to be the tunnel David used to conquer Jerusalem. Used by permission of Deror Ari.