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Today's Creation Moment

Solving the Distant-Starlight Dilemma
Isaiah 45:12
"I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded."
Scientists who reject the Bible believe that man's ability to see light from distant stars and galaxies can be likened to a deadly torpedo that sinks the ship of young earth creationism. But they are...

Jumbo Fairy Shrimp

Psalm 136:4
“To him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

There are about 300 species of a delicate creature known as Fairy shrimp. Unlike the shrimp that might end up on your plate for dinner, Fairy shrimp are typically very small.

Fairy shrimp usually live in pools of water that may dry up and remain dry for years. When the pool is dry, they exist as egg-like cysts, sometimes for years, before the rains begin to fill the jumbo fairy shrimppool. Early in 2005, biologists announced the discovery of a new species of Fairy shrimp swimming in two lakebeds of the Idaho desert. The new species is much larger than most Fairy shrimp, growing as long as three inches. It has spines on its front legs for capturing prey. While they look frilly and delicate, they prey on smaller Fairy shrimp. When the larger Fairy shrimp finds a smaller shrimp, it bites it to immobilize it. If it’s not hungry at the moment, it stores its catch by attaching it to velcro-like patches on it abdomen. A full-grown member of the new species can store up to four smaller shrimp for later use.

The beauty of these Fairy shrimp is a testimony to God’s unlimited creativity. At the same time, its cannibalism is a witness to the effects of sin. We thank God that He has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from the ultimate consequences of our sin.

Thank You, Lord, for carrying my sin on the cross and bringing this Gospel to my ears and heart. Amen.
Associated Press, 3/16/05, “New fairy shrimp species discovered in Idaho.”