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Who was First to North America?
Genesis 1:28
“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth...”
The conventional understanding has always been that North America was populated by people who crossed from Asia to Alaska via the Bering Strait and then migrated down the West Coast. Eventually, some...

The Film That Will Get Everyone Talking About Creationism and Evolution

If you think the battle between creation science and evolution is fierce, wait until Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed comes to movie theaters nationwide on Friday, April 18! While Creation Moments may not agree with everything in the film, we wholeheartedly agree with its basic premise: Creation Science and Intelligent Design deserve a fair hearing in the marketplace of ideas.
We highly recommend that you see Expelled and that you see it during its opening weekend. High box office receipts during the film's opening weekend will help to ensure the film's success. It will also bring more attention to this controversial subject. And that's what we want. We want this topic to be on everyone's mind, because it's not just a debate over science, it's a debate over the existence of God.
To help you get the most out of Expelled, we recommend that you first watch The Privileged Planet. This extraordinary DVD is based on the work of Guillermo Gonzalez – a college professor whose career was devastated when he proved that the universe was designed. After watching this DVD, you'll see how Gonzalez's life is turned upside down in the movie Expelled.

Privileged Planet DVD
The Privileged Planet – Simply Outstanding!

  • Hour-long documentary makes use of stunning computer animation to explore the scientific evidence for intelligent design and purpose in the universe.
  • Earth is revealed as far more than the product of time, chance, and random natural processes.
  • Includes 40 minutes of fascinating bonus features.

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Call 1-800-422-4253 to order The Privileged Planet DVD, and we'll also send you a set of five outstanding booklets that reveal the scientific support for creationism. The booklets – normally priced at $1.50 each – are our gift to you when you order The Privileged Planet during this limited-time offer!

Five booklets


Believe in God if you want but if you invoke God to explain the diversity of life you are proving you're uneducated and you are disgracing your religion.

Why is it that some people's faith is so weak they feel they have to throw out 150 years of scientific discoveries to defend God? The only thing your rejection of biological evolution will accomplish is scaring away intelligent young people from your anti-science religion. Educated people who love science will want nothing to do with a religion that requires the rejection of an important scientific fact like evolution which has overwhelming evidence.

The creationists should know that their refusal to join the 21st century and accept modern science is the major reason so many young people throw out their backward religion and become atheists. There is no better advertisement for atheism than the childish idea that God has nothing better to do than create million of different species when nature can accomplish the same thing without any supernatural intervention. The creationists insult God and they convince intelligent people that religions have become obsolete.

What the producers, ignorant christians and creationist don't comprehend, is creationism doesn't even deserve to be heard. It has no merits. It is not science. If we were to let creationists -- through history -- spew their kooky propaganda, and silly superstitions, we would be teaching our kids that god causes volcanoes to erupt, droughts, tsunamis, rainbows, lightening, tornadoes, hurricanes, aurora borealis, comets, eclipses and on and on and on. Just because science didn't have an explanation to these phenomenon -- at the time -- does not mean "god did it". Science does not concern itself with the answer "god did it" -- because if they did, we would all still be in the dark ages, which is exactly where some ignorant christians and creationists still are.

Thanks for your comments. We're sure that anyone reading your comments will see that you've made three points abundantly clear: (1) evolution, at its core, is anti-religion and anti-God, (2) name-calling and illogical thinking are fair game when you have nothing better to support your views, and (2) you are so desperate to defend Darwinism that you want to silence anyone who does not agree with you. Ironically, this is exactly the point that "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" is making.

Thanks CMI, for making this site and your material available. I just wanted to let you know that not everyone that reads your blog opposes your views. Keep up the good work. :)

Well said, CreationMoments!
Those ad hominem attacks mixed with odd assertions say more about the writers than the subject at hand. We know that most evolutionists, after all, have no idea what "the facts" are. Starting with the fossil record, which evolutionists have been scrambling to explain there way out of for decades.

To BobC and Sconner... I always hear evolutionists say there there is astonishing evidence for such a beleif.
This isn't true. When I was in highschool (just 8 years ago) I was taught that the point of evidence for one of your neoderthal men was a tooth- a single tooth. When I researched this myself, I found out that tooth belonged to an EXTINCT PIG. See, the evidence against the argument had already been found, and yet it was still being taught in my classroom. This is because they had no other evidence.
Evolution is a religion, requiring as much or more faith that beleiving in creation science does.
The truth is, there is a God, He created the world and everything in it, including the very people who show hate for Him and His creation today. Sometimes it's easier to try to explain Him away than it is to accept that there is a God powerful enough to know the deepest parts of you. And to love you in those dark moments. That would require feeling things deeper than you'd ever have to if you beleived you came from a monkey.

Interesting, I guess I'm "kooky" and "silly," because I believe that God does cause lightning, rainbows, hurricanes, etc. If these natural phenomena and the scientific principles behind them were not designed by an intelligent being, I would expect them to be more unpredictable or unable to occur at all. Call me ignorant; that doesn't bother me. On the elementary school playground the namecallers are usually the ones who are most insecure about themselves, and you can't let them upset you and draw you into the trap of return namecalling. I like the calm and logical answer that Creation Moments gave above. Looks like it silenced the argument, at least temporarily.

It amazes me that people will blindly accept the outdated notions of evolution and think they are being "scientific", when true science, and modern technology, is finding that what was once thought to be "scientific fact" is now obsolete. And they call Creationists and Christians outdated and ignorant. The reason we want to "throw out 150 years of scientific discoveries" is because science has thrown out those "scientific decoveries" as they go deeper into research. Scientists before the past 150 years were intelligent people who recognized the hand of God in creation and the universe, and real scientists of today are realizing that fact as well.

It is amazing in this day of "tolerance of views" and "polictical correctness" that evolutionists are not up to a debate about the scientific evidence for creation vs. evolution. Their defense is to silence any attempt at an alternate view of the history of the earth. What they don't realize is that creationists and evolutionists look at the same SCIENTIFIC evidence from history and look at it from totally different viewpoints. Evolution has no answer for the beginning of life from non-life. According to evolution, basically there was nothing until the Cambrian explosion. According to creationists, there was nothing until God created it all. Same facts, different story. Neither can be proven, just as it cannot be proven that aliens seeded life on earth. My God has nothing better to do than to be concerned about every detail of my life, of course He is concerned enough to create the life on earth. Evolution from one species to another has never been documented except for the "interpretation" of fossil evidence.
I am a creationist and I do not reject science. I am a science teacher with a Masters' Degree in Science. I look at the facts of science, not someone's interpretation of the facts. Sadly, today, too much interpretation of evidence falls under the realm of science and not the interpretation of science.

I was angry and mortified when after reading the material for creation science (taking the same EVIDENCE and seeing how well it supports the concept of creation) I found that I had been taught misconceptions, half-truths and out-and-out lies by - you guessed it - SCIENTISTS! All of that note taking, all of those movies, all of those tests and quizzes, all of that time wasted on a poor gullible kid. Shameful!

It seems that all Evolutionists have going for them is Repetition, Ridicule, and Intimidation.

Stating that "Evolution is fact!" does not make it so. Repeating the weak and false theory in thousands of books doesn't make it so - there are a lot of books about vampires also.

I've encountered name-calling almost every time I try to have a serious debate with an Evolutionist. The word "ignorant" comes up. They believe that I "don't know the 'facts' of evolution" because they assume if only I fully understood its dark mysteries, then I, too, would be enlightened. Sorry, but I have more than a decade of those lies taught to me at public school. I know plenty about it. I believe that God knows more than humans.

The Evolutionist has teachers and scientists to bully them with their "superior knowledge." Superior to God? I don't believe in the infallibility of man. NONE of these so-called scientists were there. We have an eye-witness!

My husband took me to see this movie at the theater when it first came out. We later bought a copy and showed it to our children. I love this film because it shows what questions we should be asking of those people who have become part of the intellectual establishment of this country. One question I would like a good answer to is this: Why in the world is our own government subsidizing the scientists whose one goal in life seems to be to undermine faith in God and in the accuracy of His Word? Why does our own government fund and promote the false religion of evolution? Shouldn't there be some kind of separation of church and state to prevent this kind of abuse of public funds?

Science has actually been kicked out of the classroom and philosophy put in its place. Evolutionism is a philosophy, based on preconceived conceptions, not on observable fact.