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Today's Creation Moment

The Stones at Carnac
Genesis 11:8
“So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.”
On the southern coast of the Breton peninsula in Northern France is a small rural town called Carnac. It is a pleasant enough seaside resort. I remember enjoying a couple of days there with my family...

Book Review: The Evolution Handbook

Evolution HandbookWhen we started to read The Evolution Handbook, we figured we'd just skip through all the superfluous material and read the "good stuff." After all, who has time to read a 992-page book from cover to cover? We soon discovered, however, that every chapter was just as interesting – and informative – as the chapter before it. Before we knew it, we had read all 992 pages and had underlined hundreds of passages for future reference. Yes, that's how good it is. We were delighted to find dozens of fascinating examples of design seen in the animal kingdom – remarkably similar to those we bring you in our "Creation Moments" radio program. The chapters on fossils, mutations, ancient man and the global flood were particularly informative. So, too, were the thousands of scientific facts that refute evolution, the dozens of evidences that the earth is only a few thousand years old, and the hundreds of quotes from evolutionists that are remarkably frank … and damaging to the cause of evolution!


This book is full of stupid lies.

Evolution, Morality & Violence from The Evolution Handbook
"My abhorrence of Darwinism is understandable, for what member of the ‘lower races’ could remain indifferent to the statement attributed to the great master (Darwin, 1881, in a letter to W. Graham) that ‘at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races throughout the world.’ "—*Kenneth J. Hsu, in Geology, April 1987, p. 377.
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You can call me stupid, and be right!
You can call me a liar and be very right!

But how can a Humming bird be stupid, and a liar? It is what it is! Even though we don't understand how a Humming Bird does what it does means we are stupid. The Humming Bird, for example, is unique. No other Bird has the characteristics like the Humming Bird.

Man tries to deny what is plainly stated in the Bible. That all things are created by Him and everything that exists was created by HIM.

How can the Humming Bird evolve? Where is the evidence for each animal evolving? There is no evidence for each animal evolving. No not in the rocks. Each fossil that has been found is very simular to species found today, and fully formed and functioning.

When we question and doubt some one who made a thing, you would think he knew what he made, right. Somebody who makes pencils, knows what is in a pencil. He knows the pencil did not evolve because he got the materials and assembled the pencil. Yes someone else can pick up the pencil and say it evolved but would he be right? or stupid???

Thus it is with Creation! God was there!, by His word did he create EVERYTHING, as he said he did. There is no evidence of millions of years for creation. There is too much energy, too little sediment on the ocean floors, too little dust on the Moon. With all creation pointing that Scripture is supported in its existence, we are the fools in doubting the WORD of GOD.

What's stupid is to deny God's word. His word is substantiated by real, observable science, while evolution is not.

What we find in the fossil record is gaps where there should be transitional forms. If evolution is true, if gradual evolution of species occurred, you would find the fossil record replete with intermediate forms. But it isn't.

The "Cambrian" geological column, for example, shows highly complex creatures, all appearing without evolutionary ancestors. There was no gradual evolution, but a co-existence of distinct and separate creatures.

Since Darwin's time, evolutionists have unearthed hundreds of fossils ... and nowhere is there evidence of a fish eventually turning into a bird. There just aren't the transitional forms to show it.

Sure, you might go to a museum and find artistic renderings of transitional forms. You'll even find that scientists now claim that fossils belonging to creatures they originally said had scales now suddenly have sprouted feathers instead (if in any doubt, look at the clay model), so that they can be deemed transitional.

But reclassifying fossil finds to fit changing presuppositions doesn't produce evidence any more than my saying the moon is blue and altering a photo digitally to reflect a blue tint on the lunar surface does.

The scientific illiteracy of this book is astounding.

I was actually startled by the author's lack of understanding of ANY scientific field. To anyone reading this, please, I beg you, research the claims presented in this book! Look up their counterarguments.

And people wonder why America is lagging behind the industrialized world in math and science skills? The answer is books like this. I've never read something that made me so embarrassed for my country.

Since you're an evolutionist, you naturally want to keep people from reading this book. Well, we give people enough credit to be able to make their own decisions. In fact, we even give YOU enough credit to make your OWN decisions. We feel bad for you, though, because your "science" is derived from wrong premises - that there is no God. This is an assumption ... and a wrong one at that. Thank you for your testimonial, Olivia.