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Today's Creation Moment

How the Aye-Aye Taps Into Lunch
Isaiah 45:18
“For thus says the LORD. Who formed the earth and made it. Who formed it to be inhabited: 'I am the LORD, and there is no other.”
The Aye-Aye is one of the strangest little monkeys on earth. Its peculiar features bear witness that it was specially designed and created to fill a unique niche in nature, not a chance development...

Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?

CNN reported today that NASA is thinking about funding the SETI Institute so it can continue its Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the universe. Frankly, we question the wisdom of using taxpayer money to support an organization whose mission is to "explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe."

First of all, what makes them think that life is prevalent - or widespread - in the universe? SETI began its search for extraterrestrial intelligence 24 years ago. The only extraterrestrial life they've ever found was in the movie Contact - a fictional screenplay by Carl Sagan, who came face to face with highly intelligent extraterrestrial life when he died in 1996.

SETI's mission statement goes on to state, "We believe we are conducting the most profound search in human history - to know our beginnings and our place among the stars."

Well, if the mission of SETI is to "know our beginnings," why don't they begin in the book of beginnings - the Bible book of Genesis? And if they want to know "our place among the stars," well, that's covered in the Bible, too. At its heart, SETI is just another program that believes the Bible to be irrelevant and Bible-believers to be ignorant.

So we want to know if there's intelligent terrestrial life at SETI. After all, how intelligent is it to search the depths of space for answers that are in plain view right here on earth?

Those are our thoughts. What are yours?


You are a disgrace. Your whole life is consumed with spreading lies. Your descendants will look on you with deep embarrassment if life is found elsewhere in the universe.

We're not even sure how SETI will know if they've found extraterrestrial intelligence. After all, evolutionary scientists are telling us that anything in nature that looks like it has been designed only APPEARS to have been designed. So even if SETI intercepts radio waves that bear evidence of an intelligence, why won't their scientists say that the radio waves only APPEAR to be designed? Because they WANT to find life elsewhere - to prove that life will arise through evolutionary processes wherever the conditions are favorable.

Dear ya'll,

I ran the SETI program on my computer at my previous place of employment; it was just a bunch of noise. I believe in the Bible and I have discarded all theories of man and am waiting to discover how correct the Bible actually is: therefore how accurate the Creator of the Universe IS! When I see the stars and the beauty of the Orion Nebula which is like a rose in Space, or the Pleiades, or the Eagle Nebula, I am spellbound. The Universe is a clock upon the wrist of GOD, marking times and seasons here on the Earth. The Big Bang makes no sense to me either. To me it is more like when God made the universe HE cast the stars and Galaxies like toilet paper rolls while holding on to the roll and letting it go, like someone "TP-ing" a tree, but the light stretched. In my view this fits the Red Shift we see in the stars' light. Have you considered the placement of the stars? If they were placed where they are by chaos, it would be like scattering marbles in space, evenly distributed, right? Have you considered the constellations? They tell of the Story of Christ's Victory over Satan. Is this random? I say not! Imagine our forefathers sharing the verbal history handed down from Adam or Moses and telling the story around a camp fire under the stars that tell of Christ's Victory. Things are just too perfect. Our planet's orbit is nearly perfect in its orbit; if it were too elliptical, our winters would be in the -100-degree F range. That's a bit too cold for me!

I'm awaiting HIS Glory when he comes shortly and am in awe of the Majesty of his creation and knowing of my sinfulness I cry to MY GOD - the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Moses - for his mercy and salvation. My Friend, thank you for reading my blog, the day is not spent. Now is the day of Salvation, Cry unto the LORD with a humble heart before it is too late.

- From Bart, an Environmental Scientist

Well, Seti-fan, even if life ever is found elsewhere in the Universe, it still won't prove evolution to be true. Since God created life here on earth, He is certainly capable of creating life elsewhere. If you want to keep on searching for life elsewhere, go right ahead. We believe, though, that it would be far better for you to search the Scriptures for the Source of life and for the Giver of eternal life. To hear from Him, you don't even need a powerful radio telescope.

Dear Creation Moments and others,

I am not a Seti-Fan myself, nor evolutionist. I am a Creationist and I know the Glory of Creation goes to GOD alone, not nature. If GOD created other beings, the rift of space is too far to pass. Even if light from another civilized, God-created society exists in the 13,000 years since Creation, the reception of light waves from any source will only be 13,000 light years. That's not a lot of space nor a lot of stars considering the volume of space. The current views from our Super telescopes can only see brown dwarf type "stars" which are not habitable and a complicated solar system makes circular orbits impossible.

Thank you, Creation Moments, for enlightening me on some of GOD's details on his CREATION and for showing the truth. I do hunger for companionship which I get when I read the Bible, in a very personal one-on-one manner. Searching for life elsewhere is a misleading lie from Satan. The Bible was written by GOD for you and me to fill our need for companionship, our need of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Seek Him in the Bible and you and I will be learning of Jesus. The Glory belongs to GOD.

SETI is a religious enterprise disguised as science. Think of this: if SETI is science, how could one falsify it? What tests can we make that shows that SETI is wrong? Are you thinking what I am thinking? *Nothing* could falsify SETI because SETI is not science.

Yes, but I'm only visiting.

Oh yeah, Hollywood is now setting the standard for science. Aliens abound, don't you know? And on the big screen, aliens don't have to look human, and they're often more advanced than we are. That proves life abounds elsewhere that wasn't created by God. Sure. Right.

All life in the universe was created by God. This is a fact. It's not intelligent to ignore a fact so that you can embrace fiction. Bible truths are fact being ignored so that mankind can think he is the ultimate authority in the universe.

Is there intelligent life on Earth? Sometimes it seems doubtful. Unfortunately, human life on this planet turns a deaf ear to God while following blindly in the ways of destruction. That's pretty stupid, if you ask me.