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Today's Creation Moment

The Stones at Carnac
Genesis 11:8
“So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.”
On the southern coast of the Breton peninsula in Northern France is a small rural town called Carnac. It is a pleasant enough seaside resort. I remember enjoying a couple of days there with my family...

Sorry, Charley. We’re Not Celebrating Your Birthday!

Today's the day that evolutionists and atheists have been waiting for - Charles Darwin's 200th birthday. The official celebration website ( lists 641 events in 42 countries. Events range from "Evolutionpalooza!" at the San Francisco Main Branch Public Library to an all-day reading of Darwin's On the Origin of Species at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, a secular group in Grand Junction, Colorado, is observing the birth of their patron saint with billboards urging people to "Evolve Beyond Belief." The Freedom from Religion Foundation placed "Praise Darwin" billboards in Grand Junction, Dayton (TN), Dover (PA) and Whitehall (OH).If anyone reading this still believes there is no connection between evolution and atheism, they are simply unaware of the facts or they are not thinking clearly. Ironic, isn't it, that the "Praise Darwin" billboards provide additional evidence that Darwinism is a religion that tells its followers: "There is no God? Ironic, too, that the secular group in Colorado is urging people to "Evolve Beyond Belief." In other words, they're urging people to discard their belief in God and BELIEVE what their group believes - that there is no God.Though they don't realize it, most arguments that atheists use to persuade people to turn from God and religion end up showing that atheists have a religion of their own. And the man who was born 200 years ago today was their "Moses" who liberated them from what they felt was the bondage of true faith. In reality, Darwin brought bondage to a faulty belief system that should have been discarded many years ago.


There is no such thing as Darwinism any more than Newtonism. There is Darwin's evolutionary theory which is a theory regarding the diversity of life and is in no way a religion. If you consider evolution a religion one could by the same logic consider gravity or relativity a religion. How is there any link between evolution and atheism? I fail to see how a billboard that says "Praise Darwin" is suggestive of a religion. Does this mean that "Got milk" ads also convey a religious message? In no way do I want people to turn away from God. I just think that you are confused regarding the theory of evolution. Good luck to you.

We don't know whether to take you seriously or not. How can you say that a billboard with the words "Praise Darwin" doesn't suggest that the creators of that sign didn't have religion in mind? I suppose the creator of the bumper sticker with the Christian fish symbol superimposed with the word "Darwin" didn't have religion in mind either, right?

As we said in the original post, if you don't see a connection between evolution and atheism, you must be either unaware of the facts or you aren't thinking clearly. We stand by that statement. If the first part is true of you, we suggest you spend a little time in our Articles Library.

While we're glad to see that you don't want to turn people away from God, this is exactly what evolution has done and continues to do. In fact, evolution is one of the top reasons why children brought up in the church leave their faith when they get to college. If you fail to see a connection between evolution and atheism, we suggest you give Richard Dawkins a call.

Some would say the soul; but I ask, what does this soul encompass? It has no fneilegs or sensations, for those reside within our brains and are left behind when we die; it is meaningless for such a soul to exist without fneilegs or memories; it would simply be a disembodied mass, wandering purposelessly in an ethereal state with no awareness of itself or of anything else; it would be dead, just as our brain would be, and so to suppose its existence would defeat its own purpose.

Give Dawkins a call? I don't even like Dawkins. I will forgive you of your insulting behavior but its not very "Christian like". I have been to your articles library yet it's a bunch of propaganda that fails to cite sources in an effort to distort truth. I don't see a connection between the two and I am thinking clearly and am quite aware of the "facts". Children don't leave their faith in college due to evolution. They get an education and choose to leave bible thumping churches because they distort the truth regarding subjects that don't involve religion. I think that you would be much more productive in sharing Jesus over fighting the scientific community. Religion and science are two very different things. You would do better to focus on God rather than uneducated and unsupported opinions on science. But if you insist to continue with this diversion of a ministry I may as well give you some tips. 1) Cite your sources in order to show credibility to your arguments. This makes the difference between a rant and a plausible statement. 2) Do not bend the truth. The last post was titled something along the lines of "scientist reject evolution" in which two of the claimed scientist were dead 100 plus years before the theory was even conceived. 3) If you want to overturn evolutionary theory you must provide the evidence. It is not called a theory because it is some random guess (google hypothesis). If you can show that evolutionary theory is flawed in some manner then publish it. Science is about understanding how the universe works, not how the universe should work according to the biblical interpretation of a few individuals. While I doubt that you will do any of these things, I hope that you at least attempt to learn about the theory that you so greatly fail to understand (I have degrees in the subject). Despite the confusion that you exhibit I wish you well.

We're sorry that you were offended by our suggestion that you give Richard Dawkins a call. We certainly meant no offense. After all, Dawkins is an outspoken evolutionist and atheist, and we were simply making a point that, for many, the two issues are inseparable. Do you dislike Dawkins because you think his raging atheism is doing harm to evolution?

I don't think that evolution is in any danger scientifically. I do however dislike the way Dawkin's portrays himself and this could very well affect public relations regarding evolution. Evolution is what it is. It is not how life started on earth (abiogenesis). It is driven by natural selection and geographic distribution. It is simply the process of species development as observed in data collections via genetic, morphological, ecologic, and molecular data. It has nothing to do with the big bang, anything involving astronomy, geology (for the most part), or becoming an atheist. There is a group of people that attempt use this theory to claim a lack of God. This distorts from the true theory of evolution as proposed by Darwin ( A man and not a God).

In addition to this, there is also a group that rejects evolution without any attempt to understand it. This group tends to be very religious. While I am sure that these individuals mean well, this takes away from Christianity as a whole. Does it really matter if "yom" means a 24 hour day or the entire period of the precambrian? Does it really matter if the earth is 4.3 billion years old or 6,000? Would it matter if evolution occurred or things were popped out of nothingness? I fail to see how this changes anything that Jesus did and said. A religion takes faith while a theory takes data. I think that both sides on this debate have a major public relations problem regarding this issue. Do you think that rejecting evolution teaches anyone about Jesus? Do you think that ranting about Atheism causes anyone to become educated? A theory is what it is despite what people try to read into it (On both sides). A religion is what it is despite what people try to read into it (On both sides). It's not that I hate Dawkins or that I hate Hovind, they are both just dead wrong and both distort science. This may sound shocking to you but out of all of the biologists that I have ever met I can only recall one that is an atheist ( A very respectable one as-well). Good luck to you.

It would take a book-length blog posting to cover all the reasons why we believe you are mistaken in your comments about the Bible, atheism and the purpose of Creation Moments' mission.

When you say it doesn't matter if "yom" means a 24-hour day or a long period of time, we feel it would be like saying it doesn't matter if oxygen was present in the early earth when life purportedly sprang into existence from non-living matter. Just as evolutionary science has data to work with, so does creation science. We don't expect you to accept that, but we hope you understand why we believe that BOTH evolutionists and creationists need to deal with data as honestly and accurately as possible.

We feel it's the interpretation of the data that separates us. And that interpretation of the data rests on the assumptions we make. Young Earth Creationists accept the Bible truths that (1) there is a God and (2) He created the heavens and earth in six literal days. Most if not all evolutionists do not accept either one of these statements.

The question is: which side is supported by the evidence? And this is where interpretation enters the picture. Evolutionists and creationists will look at the same data and come up with different interpretations, based on their preconceptions and the data they already accept as true.

That's why we're not surprised that you would say that evolution is not in any danger scientifically. From your standpoint, the evolution confirms it. But as we look at the same data, we see insurmountable problems and feel that evolution is in a lot of trouble. Now, are you saying that evolution has no weaknesses or difficulties? We see many, many weaknesses. In fact, some of the difficulties - like the fossil record, the Cambrian explosion, the fine-tuned universe, the existence of molecular machines at the cellular level, and the incredibly vast amount of information stored in the DNA molecule - to be powerful arguments against evolution.

We're not saying there are no difficulties with our position, but those problems are being investigated by creation scientists and those in the Intelligent Design movement. In the end, we're confident that evolution will someday be proven to be false. However, we do not believe this conclusion will be reached in the immediate future. There are just too many evolutionists who have a stake in the matter and who will do everything in their power to keep its opponents from participating in the discussion.

Strange how the theory of evolution seems to attract a lot of atheists.

I'm not an atheist mats. Good try though.

Kyle, I didnt say you are an atheist. I said that the theory of evolution seems to atract atheists like honey draws bees.

I remember when universities were celebrating Darwin's birthday across the nation, worshipping at his altar. It's definitely idolatrous behavior. And yes, evolutionary theory is an atheistic belief system that replaces God with natural selection.

As for theistic evolutionary theory, it is incompatible with Christianity. Evolution says that by a random but diverse process (sometimes described as "elegant" just to make it sound better) living creatures changed into various species. (This would mean that a banana is actually a distant relative of an ape, rather than a food source, but I digress.) The Bible, meanwhile, clearly agrees with scientific truth: DNA is coded to replicate within a species, each after its own kind.

If God didn't create the world in six days, then he is a liar.

If God's a liar, then why should I believe that Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

If Jesus didn't come into the world to save sinners, then why should I put my trust in him.

If I don't put my trust in him, then I am an unbeliever.

Unbelievers go to hell.

Thus, a seemingly 'tiny' change has led to condemnation. Unfortunately, this is a very real truth. "Leaven works through the whole dough" and "false teachings" work through the entire faith of a believer to undermine it and destroy it.