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Today's Creation Moment

Who was First to North America?
Genesis 1:28
“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth...”
The conventional understanding has always been that North America was populated by people who crossed from Asia to Alaska via the Bering Strait and then migrated down the West Coast. Eventually, some...

“We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

 What's a Bible-believing student in public school or college to do when their teacher pounds their desk and shouts, "I've been a science teacher for over 30 years, and I tell you that evolution is not a hypothesis or even a theory - it's a fact!" Do you back away, bowing in meek subjection, saying, "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" Far too many Bible-believing Christians have allowed themselves to be silenced into submission by "authorities" with long years of scientific study. If we haven't spent years in the field of science, we feel we don't even have a right to express our viewpoint. But here's how Christian students - and every Bible-believing Christian - should be looking at this. Scientists who have spent years rejecting the Bible and biblical creation are less likely to have a true understanding of the world around us. Think about it. When people immerse themselves in an error of any kind, they are conditioned to overlook its weaknesses. All they look for is "evidence" that supports their mistaken beliefs. And when they don't find the evidence they seek, they interpret whatever they find to support their beliefs. By rejecting the Bible as the authoritative source of knowledge, atheistic evolutionists begin at a flawed starting point. As a result, they look at the world through an atheistic "lens" that distorts everything they see. And the point we want to make is that the longer they look through this flawed lens, the more hardened they will be in their error. So, Christian students, don't allow yourself to be silenced into submission by arrogant scientists or science teachers. Their long years of study proves nothing. After all, the Bible - unlike science textbooks - doesn't need to be constantly updated and revised. The Bible's truths are true for all time. So the longer you study the Bible - the reliable source of knowledge and wisdom - the greater your understanding of the world around you will be.


This reminds me of the old tale about blind men describing what they feel. Feeling a tree, they proclaim it to be an elephant's trunk. Evolutionists take data and look at it with blind eyes, then they teach others to agree with them. They feel safer being wrong if more people join with them in it.

It's like the story of the "Emperor's New Clothes." You might remember how it goes. Some supposed fashion experts generate what was said to be the most magnificent set of regal robes. Anyone who can't see the clothes is deemed stupid. When the swindlers only pretend to make the robes, the emperor goes out naked in public, refusing to admit he can't see his clothes. No one will point out he's wearing nothing until a child cries out, "The emperor has no clothes!" But the emperor, instead of admitting he's been duped, keeps on marching through the streets.

That's a great simile for evolutionists and their followers. They've committed themselves to stupidity and ignorance, and they're going to keep on pretending it has validity even when their errors are clearly pointed out.

Scientists who do not accept the Lord's superior vision are willfully blinding themselves. Only by allowing the Creator of All -- Jesus Christ -- to instruct you can your eyes be open to your own naked ignorance.

Excellent points, April. Actually, evolution bears a resemblance to many fairy tales, including the one where a princess kisses a frog, and the frog turns into a prince. With evolution, a frog can turn into a prince, too, but it just takes a little longer! Instead of a kiss, it just takes natural selection and billions of years. But it's a fairy tale nonetheless.

The magic ingredient of evolution is MILLIONS of years. Hesto presto! Everything comes out right when you just add more time. Never mind the law of entropy. Never mind the evidence of the world around us. All it takes is MILLIONS of years.

This is why I think laymen who believe in Christ should not be cowed by people who hold doctorates in science. Christ's disciples were thought to be unlearned, and yet they confounded those who were in high places. The Lord himself silenced those who wanted to best him many times. At the age of 12 he was astounding the doctors of his day and later he trounced the crafty politicians and devious connivers who were out to get him.

(I love the "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's" reply, since it's easy to see that everything belongs to God, rather than Caesar, but nobody could say anything against the way the Lord put it.)

People who think too highly of their worldly learning ought to consider how the Lord God of Hosts himself came down as a humble servant. And what are we compared to our King? Education is only valuable if you get it from the right source. I vote for listening to God rather than men.

Very nice post.

With your authorization, I'll translate it into portuguese and put it in my blog, keeping a link to this post.

You have our permission.