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Who was First to North America?
Genesis 1:28
“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth...”
The conventional understanding has always been that North America was populated by people who crossed from Asia to Alaska via the Bering Strait and then migrated down the West Coast. Eventually, some...

Creationists Are Dumb and Ignorant - Newsweek

In one of its latest online photo-galleries titled "America the Ignorant" – or "Dumb Things Americans Believe" – Newsweek wrote that "remarkably high numbers of Americans believe the most unusual things…. Here's a sampling of the nuttiest."

Newsweek then goes on to give 11 evidences that prove how dumb and ignorant Americans really are. Not surprisingly, at the very top of their "ignorance" list is the large number of Americans who don't believe in the theory of evolution.

According to the feature: "To mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth, Gallup thought it might be a good idea to poll Americans on their beliefs of the British naturalist's theory. But the results must have had Darwin spinning in his grave, since only 39 percent of Americans believed in the theory. The good news [from Newsweek's pro-evolution point-of-view]: only a quarter said they didn't believe it; the remaining portion either didn't have an opinion or didn't answer. (Also, only 55 percent correctly linked Darwin's name with the theory.)"

From Newsweek's perspective, however, there is still good reason to celebrate because "it appears that views may, um, evolve: younger people believe in evolution at far higher rates than older ones."

Sadly, this part of the Newsweek feature is true. This just proves how the educational establishment and many churches are failing to teach young people that biblical creation is a far more credible explanation of origins than Darwinian evolution. As Ken Ham points out in his book Already Gone, kids who attend Sunday school are especially prone to leave the church when they are inundated with evolutionary dogma.   

Feature articles like "America the Ignorant" make it easy to understand why Newsweek is on the verge of becoming extinct. In fact, the whole company – not a copy of the magazine – was recently sold for ONE DOLLAR to a 91-year-old tycoon who was willing to take on the magazine's massive debt.

Based on the way Newsweek insults its creationist readers with truly dumb and ignorant features like this, Creation Moments from now on will refer to the magazine as Newsweak.


Isn't it amazing that all they (NEWSWEAK) can do is just call everyone who believes the Biblical View of creation as truth, dumb. They aren't saying we are wrong, that we are misguided, or even that we are misled. No, we are just, dumb. What a sad state this world is coming to - no facts, no proof, just slander. Of course, what else would they do since they themselves prove to the world that they are indeed dumb. Scripture proves this out, Romans 2:1-2

The rich and powerful are intent on destroying faith in God's handiwork. They make up all kinds of "statistical" data to "prove" very bizarre theories.

I suppose one could take heart in the fact that when you abandon intellectual give and take and start name calling, you in effect admit that you lost the argument.

It's very hard to swallow all the ignorance projected by the Evolutionists toward us Christians and the intelligentsia of other faiths, BUT are we not supposed to "love our enemies" and "turn the other cheek"? I do not like the somewhat childish, albeit understandable, desire to get even by belittling their name. It puts us on their level, and we all know we are way beyond pettiness!! They will have their judgment day!!

JB in Mullica Hill

The common technique used by all evolutionists is to disparage, belittle, berate, or otherwise criticize all Creation Scientists. The formal term in philosophy is "Ad Hominem". This tool is used by the evolutionists because they do not have scientific, or even logical proof of their "theory".

I advise anyone with an honest desire to seek the truth in this matter, to ignore all of the bombast and bluster from both sides of the argument, and concentrate entirely on the scientific evidence. If you do, you will find that the scientific proof is all on the side of creation!!

Tom Brown,

Like my namesake up in Washington, I do not want to descend into any disparagement. I would ask, though, for Tom to provide the scientific proof that he feels is on the side of Creation. There is plenty of scientific evidence that validates the theory of evolution (both micro and macro evolution) and even the Roman Catholic Church has declared the theory of evolution consistent with the teachings of Christ and the bible.

You see, if you want to avoid those of a scientific bent from belittling your position, you need to be very careful about what you claim are scientific proofs of creation. If it turns out they are not scientific, then you've only opened yourself up to criticism.

Thomas Brown
Los Angeles

"Newsweak," what an outstanding concept. Can't wait to share that one... Their ignorance seems to be exceeded only by their faith in speciously concocted fables...

stevejs proves how ignorant he is by that statement. More and more scientists do not believe in 'evolution'
and there is not one true fact to support the theory so why push and insist it is true. Poor Darwin he did not have any of the wonderful facts we have today. He observed and finally made a guess to answer his questions and he was totally wrong. What I never could understand is the fact that so many supposed scientists immediately jumped on the band wagon even though there were better papers submitted about that time. Is it 'monkey see monkey does' or 'the need to jump on the band wagon so they are not left out'? They readily supported him without a second thought or with a follow up of meaningful research. He needs to get an education by subscribing to, We in all probability will never have proof of the creation theory until we meet up with God. Unfortunately I can not leave this blog at Newsweek's web site appended to their article where it belongs.

Whoa! I think you misunderstood what I was writing, Mr. Anon. I was merely reporting what Newsweak was saying about creationists being dumb. I am a creationist. Not only that - a young earth creationist. In fact, I work with Creation Moments, the organization you suggest I use to give me an education.

The Newsweek article was disgusting, but not surprising. I get so sick and tired of hearing atheists make stupid remarks like "I dream for the day when science prevails (over religion), and it will!" That kind of garbage is regurgitated so much over and over it's lost its meaning a long time ago. Another favorite one of theirs is "people should start thinking for themselves" (this statement is made when referring to others' belief in God and/or religion.) Critics of Christianity pretty much sound the same and therein lies the irony. Tell me I'm wrong!

J Marie, you are not entirely wrong or right. There are those on either side of the argument who would do nothing but yell and name call. That to me is why I love Creation Moments and other organizations such as Answers in Genesis. They present the facts, and at times they do state their opinions; however, when they do that it is clearly marked as their opinion not fact. Whereas many (not all) evolutionists will state something is fact when it is not, or they will resort to name calling and so forth. I suggest, to quote those who say "people should start thinking for themselves", that many of us should do just that. However, this statement may be made in reference to peoples' belief in God/ religion. I would say that science, specifically evolutionary science, is a religion in which individuals believe that science has laws and certain requirements for things to be considered true or plausible and evidence is to be reached through impartial practices. Except, of course, those rules don't apply to evolutionary theory (i.e., 1st law of thermodynamics and the big bang don't go together, to note just one). This site has many more examples of such manipulations or omissions of facts.

OF course the question is, if they follow those individuals' advice and "think for themselves", are they really thinking for themselves? For example: one individual tell others through the radio to don't be sheep, then the individual says "come to the park for a big pillow fight". Those that go are just "sheep". All I can say is, yes I am a sheep, but at least I know my Shepherd will not harm me and does not want any harm to come to me. In fact he is preparing a great and perfect life for me and all his sheep. What are the other shepherds preparing?

Newsweek may call me dumb and ignorant, but I have been tested no less than three times with an IQ of over 160 and once over 135 after drinking four boiler makers. The theory of evolution is just plain stupid. It is so stupid that it is almost too simple to debate. First let me ask. Concerning the "The Big Bang Theory." What happens after an explosion? Chaos, or precise organization? If I throw a hand grenade into a fox hole, or a machine gun bunker, does it create organization, or chaos? The answer is more than obvious. Chaos. Now the planets orbit around the sun with such precision the the most accurate time piece that man can come up with "the atomic clock" has to be adjusted every few months to correct it, with our orbit around the sun. If you don't believe me, listen to WWV, or WWVH @ 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 MHz on your short wave radio for leap seconds added every few months. We can't even come close to the accuracy that G-d has built into His creation.

Next is the simple thought that led me to thinking about a creator. Take apart one of your favorite devices, A watch, a carburetor, a computer, an engine, or whatever you choose. Now put all of these parts into a tumbler. Now tumble them until they assemble themselves into a working unit. You have everything necessary for a functioning unit, but you can tumble them from now until the cows come home and they will never assemble themselves into a proper working unit. You need a designer and only a designer can make them work properly. It takes an intelligence to assemble them properly and make them work. I have yet to find the person that can walk into a morgue, put fresh blood into a corpse , give it a shock and return life into a dead corpse. Life is in G-d and in G-d alone. Only He can produce it and only He can restore it. The Bible says "The fool says in his heart, "There is no G-d." Are you one of those fools?

If you are honest in your heart, there is no rocket science to it. If you truly want to know if G-d is real, just ask Him. Get serious and just ask Him. He is not afraid of your honesty. Say something like: "God. I do not believe in you. However, I really don't know. I want to know, but I have always been taught that you are just the figment of man's imagination. I ask you to make yourself real to me. If you are real, cause me to know it in such a way that I could never deny you, or doubt you. Prove yourself to me and I will serve you for the rest of my life with your help. Make yourself real to me and put it in my heart to serve you. Prove to me who the Jesus of the Bible really is and make Him real to me." If you have the guts to ask G-d to prove Himself to you, I am confident He will do it. But if you are just playing games with yourself, He will never make Himself real to you. He is looking for a pure heart, not just a curious mind. Ask Him and mean it. He will prove Himself to you and change your life. Are you going to be perfect? Heck no. Will you start to think differently about what makes you happy? Probably. Will you be a happier person? Yes. I guarantee it.

Then who was gods creator? cause according to you there is a creator for everything. And since there is a creator for everything then god just couldn't be without a creator.

I need help, and I'll get to that in a bit. But first I want to pose some of the views I have right now.

I'll start with your "tumbler" theory. One common conception of the big bang theory is that the universe is infinite, or ever-expanding. Now, if you put all the necessary parts into a tumbler an infinite amount of times in an infinite amount of ways, the desired result WILL happen. You can't deny that. Even so, the odds that the desired result will occur are so miniscule that it might not occur once in a billion tries. The fact is, you get quite a few more than a billion tries in infinity.

In addition, your argument about the atomic clock is invalid by my response above. In an infinite amount of circumstances, one in which a clock works out as it does here on Earth must happen. In fact, if you subscribe to the theory of an infinite or ever-expanding universe, there are (or will be) a million solar systems exactly like ours, and a million more exactly like ours except that your computer is orange.

On a different note, I applaud you for making it to the end of your second paragraph before responding to Newsweak's attacks with one of your own, thus perpetuating the ignorance. It's kind of funny actually. A lot of the responses here claim that Newsweak's attacks were ignorant, and then attack atheism and other beliefs by saying it's foolish and unsupported. To quote the Bible (or at least my pastor quoting the bible), "take the log out of your own eye, before you try to take the spec out of your neighbor's eye."

Now on your last paragraph, you imply that only your way is correct. Please, tell me how a book written by people (who are fallible, mind you) thousands of years ago and translated a bunch of times is the infallible manual to life? It seems as though the argument for believing in Christianity is that you should believe it just because you should. If that's the case, if any of you were born into a Muslim family and were told to believe that scripture by your parents because it's the truth, would you not be believing all of that instead? Heck, why don't we just believe all religions that have a manual and no scientific proof just because we should?

You did not argue this, and I apologize if it is not even your belief, but I would like a response from any person who has a thought about this. A lot of creationists think that scientists are just trying to disprove religion. Some are, some aren't. But the fact is, science doesn't disprove religion as a whole. It disproves some things like young-earth creationism. And if you deny things like carbon dating, I honestly believe that you either have not read about them or just have too much of a closed mind to consider them, and I urge you to read an objective article on carbon dating with an open mind (objective being the key word--from the perspective of a serious creationist or evolutionist, the evidence would not be presented properly). Besides, if you deny carbon dating, you deny pretty much all nuclear knowledge about half-lives that we have. I apologize if this statement is incorrect, but you also might be denying nuclear power.

And now I ask for help. Barry W. Gaugler, I am not an athiest, but I cannot consider myself religious either. I want to believe in something, but the evidence just isn't there. I have tried exactly what you stated in your last paragraph--which is praying and asking for help--countless times, but I have received nothing. To quote my friend Robert Langdon, "faith is a gift I have yet to receive." But faith--defined as believing with no proof--seems silly to me. Why would a perfect god give no proof to his people that he exists and yet expect them to believe in him? Wouldn't only people who did not question what they were told from early childhood then make it to heaven? If he did create the universe, then he really screwed over a good bunch of people by not giving them the ability to believe wholly in him. Again I ask for help: prove my arguments incorrect without just posting scripture (which technically has no proof). Please help me to believe in God as I should--I really want to, but I just can't as I am right now. Thanks for any responses.

Oh--by the way--I do recognize that evolution and the Big Bang theory are theories and are not wholly proven themselves. I do not subscribe to any conventional interpretation of them that I have read. How did the energy for the Big Bang come into play? It has to be some supernatural incomprehensible force--a "god" of some sort. This is the only part of a "god" that I think must exist.

Please resond and help me as I really need it. I commented on your post Mr. Gaugler because I also have a high IQ and I want someone intelligent on the other end.

Dear Conflicted Kid,

I pray that you still read this blog and will get this response. Your candor and openness is refreshing. I am going to give you a challenge that very well may answer this question that you raised “Please, tell me how a book written by people (who are fallible, mind you) thousands of years ago and translated a bunch of times is the infallible manual to life?”

One of the ways we can know this about the Bible is that each time an older or more genuine written scripture is found by archeologists, it validates scripture rather than repudiating it. If old scripture is written by fallible men and thus mistranslated as you assert, then the Dead Sea Scrolls would have rendered Judaism and Christianity obsolete.

Now for the challenge:

Read Psalms 22 then read any of the four Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John). When you realize that Psalms 22 was written by Kind David over 1000 years before Christ, you will see how astoundingly accurate the Psalms 22 prophecy is fulfilled by Jesus of the New Testament. In fact there are over 130 prophecies in the Old Testament that were precisely fulfilled by Jesus. If this challenge does not open your eyes, then you are not willing to see. This goes well beyond “tumbler” theory.

Now to one of your other questions:

“Why would a perfect god give no proof to his people that he exists and yet expect them to believe in him?”

This can be explained by the difference between a rapist and loving husband. The difference is free will. God wants all to love him out of free will and not brute force. If there was nothing but iron-clad, concrete evidence of God, and then you and I would be compelled to follow him. This way, God gives you plenty of evidence to believe in him, but enough room for doubt that you have a choice.

If you really want to know the truth about God, then open your mind to him and the evidence will become overwhelming.

Hm. So if Americans are so ignorant, how is it that the United States has been the leading nation on earth for liberty and a power far exceeding that of puny Europe, including Darwin's home country, all these years? It's only since evolution came into the schools that student performance and education has fallen. Sure, this nation is pitiful now compared to the greatness of its past. Ever since the Bible was removed from our schools, we've been slipping into the ignorance and ingratitude practiced by heathen nations.

It's insulting to former American generations to say that failing to believe in evolution makes you ignorant. Who founded this nation, anyway, atheists or Christians? Just read the Declaration of Independence if you have any doubt. In this document we clearly appealed to the Judge of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ, for deliverance. God gives us our liberty and intelligence, not men.

Greetings from Mexico! I am a Medical Doctor and Certified Diabetes Instructor, currently starting my Specialty in Occupational Safety Medicine (all of this education is a beautiful gift from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for the glory of His name alone), I laugh at Newsweak statements (I will also call it from this point forth Newsweak!) about us being dumb and ignorant. Only a blind, stubborn fool can say in his heart that there is no God, in spite of the massive amount of evidence from the written Word of God and Creation.
My compliments to your staff, you are a blessing to us all!!!

In the love of Christ.
Raul Herrera Quezada
Certified Diabetes Instructor

A 5-frame cartoon says it all:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Newsweek and the rest of the world will find out (I believe very soon) just how "stupid" Christians are...

Who is more ignorant – Believers or Darwinists? One of “them” - a self declared expert - actually doesn’t know which direction the Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon. See text and pictures about 1/6 of the way down at: <a href="" title=""></a>

Judging by all the nonsense and vast ignorance found on this and other Creationist websites as well as in the numerous videos of Kent Hovind and other creationists I can only conclude that the article is correct when labeling Creationists as dumb.

What an intelligent comment, European! What "nonsense" and "vast ignorance" are you referring to? Please be specific. We've said many times that evolutionists and atheists typically resort to name-calling while creationists tackle the issues. If anyone is spouting nonsense, it's evolutionists. When they're backed into a corner, they suggest that life on earth came from visiting space aliens or spores of life carried here by comets. And when they're confronted with the truth of this fine-tuned universe, they propose the "multiverse theory". Your belief in such science-fiction concepts is your way of trying to escape the fact of God's existence. And unless you come to understand this truth - and the fact that Jesus came to earth to die as a substitute for your criminal acts against God - you will die in your sins. Or don't you believe in "sin" either?

The multiverse concept was actually proposed WAY before the so-called "fine-tuning argument" was even noticed. Yes, multiple universes were not invented as a response to being backed into a corner. I just thought that I'd pass on some highly relevant information since your wonderful creationist education appears to have fallen short! You are not even familiar with simple facts about the history of science. Am I supposed to believe that you have a good grasp of evolution? You've been scammed into believing that you have a thorough understanding of this subject matter.

Creationists tackle the issues. Really? If creation science is a superior model for explaining the biodiversity of life, then why does it not have one single application in the real world? Evolutionary applications are numerous....and very successful! I would like know how, exactly, issues are being tackled when creationists do next to no real research on their beloved subject. Why do almost all practicing Creation "Scientists" have either fake degrees or some kind of credentials outside of the natural sciences?

Creationism supporters are extremely dumb people! Creationist leaders, on the other hand, are extremely smart people. Those con artists have built powerful organizations and have made millions off of their gullible supporters.

Huh, so Newsweek finally got something right.