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Genesis 1:28
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The conventional understanding has always been that North America was populated by people who crossed from Asia to Alaska via the Bering Strait and then migrated down the West Coast. Eventually, some...

Don't Try to Change God

The following blog entry, written by Jennifer Cole, appeared in Creation Moments' Facebook group. Our discussions in the group cover a lot of topics but are primarily about creation, evolution, science and the Bible. To join the group, click here.

I do not understand something. We, as people, tend to want to be accepted as we are. We want people to accept us with all our faults, hang-ups, issues, baggage, corny jokes, talents, emotions, etc. We are always looking for acceptance in some way. We try to improve ourselves because we know we are not perfect. And we all have said, "I'm not perfect." Why is it, then, that we are willing to let everyone be accepted for who they are but not God? When did we give more freedom to let people be people but we don't give God His right and His due to let Him be God? We did not create God – God created us.

For some people, the Christian God is not comfortable. False teachers and those who follow them do not accept God as He is. They try to change God to make Him more palatable. However, we as people ABHOR others who try to change us. We are dogmatic about it. We all say, "Love me for who I am." Since when did we stop applying this rule to God? Where do we get the AUDACITY to say, "I don't like this part about God. That's too harsh so I'm going to change it so that I feel more comfortable with God."

I think it is awful to give people more respect than we give God. The Lord says that He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. That means He is not going to change despite what others may TRY to do.


I agree 100%.

This commentary has just put in to words all the thoughts I've had for the last two years! Thank you and well said!

Jennifer Cole is so right, so many sectarians ministers included will make statements condoning adultery, double marriage, same sex marriage homosexuality and abortion, like " a loving God won't punish me or you or send us to Hell for this". Please read your Bible and believe what is written, it is Gospel (truth); check out the original Greek.

We talk about accepting Christ as our saviour. "I've accepted Jesus as my saviour." Why? Because we realize that we are a sinner and that we cannot change and that we are wrong and that we need help and we are convicted and we fall in love with Jesus. Why? Because we realize that Jesus accepted us for who we are.

If you accept Christ as your Savior, you accept his rule and obey his commands. You will not hang on to your old sinful self, but will become a new person, totally new and conformed to the will of Christ.

"Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin." (Romans 6:6)

Excellent! Thank you for the thoughtful words. I will both keep them in mind for my own life and share them as appropriate.

That is an interesting point of view. As Dr. J. Vernon McGee used to say, There are only two kinds of people. There are the Saints and the Ain'ts. As one who is the first category, I don't blame those in the second for missing or dissing God (although it does make me cringe). But the really frightening thing is those professing to be in the first category who "add or subtract" from who God is. I have to believe they are on thin ice.

I also have to believe that denying Creation in favor of evolution is right up there next to worshiping at a totem pole or an 8-armed statue. Can I get a witness?

There are many kinds of idols, and worshiping the lie of evolutionism is certainly a heathen practice. Most heathens and pagans, by the way, were never so ignorant as to deny a higher authority entirely.

I say AMEN to that Jennifer.

Interesting perspective. I don't remember ever hearing anyone make this point before!

How true. I never thought about it, but you are so right. I won't forget this. Thanks, Jennifer.

Our children must be taught & trained how to behave within the family, within the community, in school, at work, and on the streets and public places such as transportation. We know our children are not perfect, but we
seem to forget we, the parents, are not perfect and never were, so our Father, God almighty and His son and Holy Spirit once we believe and accept them help and guide us into being better human beings or if you will better children of God. It isn't easy since by the time we are mature enough to be responsible for our decisions we have also acquired some bad habits. Just as the parents admonish for the good of the child so does our heavenly Father admonish for our own good. Fortunately, God created us so that we are quite capable of learning and changing (being flexible) but frequently our stubbornness and desires get in the way and that is why we must learn self-discipline, otherwise known as self-control. God Bless us all and help us
to reach out to others to His Glory in love and peace.

Martin Luther begot his own religion and centuries later there are over 30,000 registered Christian religions in the USA. Why? Because people tailor make the Christian religion into whatever THEY think is right. Not what God thinks, not what Tradition has carried thru the millenia, but what they think; Sola Scriptura, the Bible and the Bible alone is all one needs. Me-Me-Me. That is the tradition passed on to us. When Martin Luther nailed his Theses to the old German Cathedral Door, he cleared a path, or set the precedent, for anyone to do likewise. And many have.

Well, OK, the Bible alone is more than enough to get one Home, but something must be said for the Sacred Tradition that's been carried on for the past 2000 years. It helps keep people together and away from changing God. Hence why a Pope is a good thing to have.

No, it was human nature, not Martin Luther, that opened the door to numerous "Christian religions." Even in the days of the Apostles, groups were splintering off for a variety of reasons. Some because of misinterpretation of the Scriptures, some because of false shepherds, some due to wresting Scriptures from context, some due to inherent racism and pride, and for other reasons. If you think Martin Luther's legacy is that he opened a Pandora's box of multi-denominationalism, you don't know true history. Despite his faults, at least Luther got some of the people to start thinking for themselves instead of slavishly obeying the dictates of a church spawned from the nether regions of places no true Christian wants to go.

The church headed by the Pope (and one that is sympathetic to evolution ideas) is not the best example to use when one wants to affirm that we should not be "changing God." Oh, it's true that the "Sacred Tradition" kept "people together and away from changing God" in the respect that for centuries that church was steeped in avarice so deep that it kept the Scriptures from the common people who were too ignorant of those Scriptures to know what to believe. That church decided what truth was and what the people should believe. Many millions who tried to think for themselves and follow Bible truth paid with all kinds of persecution. It was ignorance and force that kept people enslaved to a hierarchical church for most of the past 2k years. Most of the myths and superstitions associated with the Christian faith sprang from the teachings of that religio/political power based in Rome. Thus, the very church you are defending was the one that "changed God" more than the vast majority of other "Christian religions."

And my how that church has changed. Now it clasps hands with false religions around the world in order to promote a global faith. And the appearance of tolerance of pedophile priests, well, that's another matter. All this is just the beginning of a church headed by one presumed to be sinless. So, no, a Pope is not a good thing to have.

It is not acceptable for any Christian denomination to allow for evolutionism. The traditional Catholic church would have rightly condemned it as heresy. Since the church leadership no longer does condemn evolutionism, you can hardly say that the Catholic church is following tradition. Above all, the tradition the Catholic church is supposed to follow is the word of the Lord, not the ways of men.

Professing to follow Christ and failing to do it, is, unfortunately, common among Christian denominations. But that's no excuse for the Catholic church to do it.

I support good Catholics who listen to the Savior and put him first. But I really cannot see how anyone can respect the Pope when he so far departs from scripture as to welcome evolutionism. That's a worldly idea and doesn't belong anywhere in a godly person's mindset.

It is never good to have someone or something between you and God. Once you do that, you won't even know the voice of your Shepherd anymore.

Following Christ the Lord through knowing his word is the correct way to proceed. You must draw near to Jesus and he will draw near to you. Let no one come between you and God. No one at all ... including your friends, your pastor, and your Pope.

I never thought about it quite that way before, Jennifer. People NEED to personally let God change them, instead of them trying to change Him. I'm so glad to be able to know Him personally.

Ever since God created Adam and Eve, man has been changing God's plan and to a certain extent changed God Himself, taking advantage of His goodness and mercy. Maybe that was the reason the God who advocated an eye for an eye had to come down as the sacrificial Lamb. But little did man understand that, in the process of changing or manipulating God's creation, he has literally triggered the collapse of this earth, paving the way for God to create a new sky and a new earth. We may not be able to stop the closing down of this earth, but we still can postpone His coming by taking care of His creation, so that we can bring in more souls to His kingdom. Is the church listening?

Those who want to "save" the earth and follow "green" practices are missing the real source of salvation: Christ. If they would drop their secular mindsets and really follow the true and living God, you'd see just how "green" the planet would become.

P.S. The timing of the Second Coming is set and has been before the foundations of the earth. However, there is no reason why we can't let Jesus Christ reign right now. We can proclaim him King and obey him in all things, seeking his will, not our own. If everyone really and actually did that, you'd see just how wonderful life could be ... even now, on this fallen planet.

People like to dictate to the Lord what he can do, say, and be. That's because they don't want to listen to him and walk in his ways of righteousness. Make no mistake. When someone refuses to accept the character of God, it's always because there's some personal wickedness he or she wants to hang on to and excuse. That's why people say God loves everyone unconditionally, which is NEVER found anywhere in scripture. They say that because they want to set their own conditions. In fact, though, the Lord has a very big condition: REPENTANCE.

Let's look at it clearly. Heaven isn't a place for people who are hung-up on themselves and hanging on to their sin. It's not a place for people who refuse to obey the Lord and set their own rules. Is heaven to be overrun by the wicked? Is it to become a place of chaos, disorder, and evil? No! Righteousness reigns in heaven. And sorry, folks, disobeying the Lord makes you wicked, not righteous. No matter how you dress it up, disobedience is never a good thing.

What people need to do is cast off their disobedience and humble themselves before the Lord. No, he's not going to change the laws of heaven to suit the wicked. The wicked have to repent and conform themselves to the laws of heaven ... or they're not going to be there.