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Neumann Valley
Genesis 2:7-8
“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. And the LORD God planted a...
Joachim Neumann was born in 1650 in Bremen, in what is today part of Germany. His father was a teacher of Latin. Joachim grew up in the Reformed Calvinist Church in Germany. At 16, he studied...

Evolution – An Idea that Just Won't Float

Some child psychologists are disturbed about the tendency for people to see purpose and design in things. After all, some studies show that children prefer creationist explanations over evolutionary explanations. These psychologists want children (and the rest of us as well) to be trained to accept the admittedly counter-intuitive dogma of evolution. Why? Because, they say, “science is counter-intuitive”.

For example, water is counter-intuitively less dense as a solid than as a liquid (ice floats). Intuitively, we would think (correctly for most substances) that solids are more dense than liquids. The truth is … counter-intuitive science is the exception, not the rule.

By the way, this particularly counter-intuitive fact about our world, that ice floats, makes our world livable – proof that the Creator knew what He was doing! Otherwise, ice would sink, and oceans and lakes would freeze from bottom to top, killing all sea life.

Science is not just about knowledge that is counter-intuitive. That’s ridiculous! Science is simply all knowledge about our world, most of which comes from the confirmation by testing of hypotheses which grow out of logical intuition. For example, intuition that gravity is a force which holds things to the Earth’s surface led Isaac Newton to formulate the laws of gravity.

Indeed, correct intuition points to our Creator. We should never allow scientists to set themselves up as founts of all knowledge which non-scientists have no right to question. They are trying to deceive us about what science really is, and their dogma denies the validity of a Creator/Designer. They become like modern priests of Baal, promoting idol worship.

We are reminded of Christ’s admonition to “receive the kingdom of God like a child” (Luke 18:17). The kids whom these psychologists are worried about actually have it right. Creation really does make better sense than evolution!

Photo: In this photo we see the actual iceberg that sank the Titanic. Many lives were lost, but if ice did not float, all life would cease to exist on our planet.


I find it rather strange that people deny any form of a Creator; I find it to be even stranger that some people wish to instill this idea in young minds before they have a chance to investigate for themselves. It has been claimed that Christians teaching children about creation as being created is wrong, simply for the same reason I would disagree with them!

Evolutionists are not for thinking independently and investigating facts. They're for reading Wikipedia and patting themselves on the back.

With this we are one step closer to Bible believing Christians being classified in a future DSM as being "mentally ill" for believing a 'fantasy' like the biblical account of creation, to be the truth. First it's Special Creation, next being "Born Again" and soon, the concept of the "New Creation," which by the way, is already considered by psychologists to be untrue. According to psychologists, once an "addict," "alcoholic," etc., always one. The only hope anyone, according to them, has is their therapy du jour to help control a person's impulses, addictions, etc., but forget any dream of genuine transformation by God.

Yeah, some of those professors need to go to Teen Challenge. Some as patients. Teen Challenge is the only drug treatment program with an 80% or higher success rate. Success means not returning to drugs. They are Jesus centered.

You can succeed with the Lord when men fail. That's why secular programs are often so ineffective. They leave the Lord out, and without him, they are powerless.

Trust a psychologist to be smarter than God. Yes, then you'll be like someone I know who has a master's degree in psychology ... always getting into trouble because he won't listen to common sense.

Yes, and we have the scientific method which prescribes that after your thesis is tested, and the thesis fails the test, you should abandon your thesis. This last part is too often ignored by evolutionists. Remind them of that, regularly!

T. Brown, Washington State

I'd like to see a cow jump into the ocean and become a whale. Give it millions of years, and it still won't happen.

Thank you all who contend for the faith and truth.

I have a "Christian" friend who is an academic who believes in evolution. He teaches psychology at the Christian University here in Langley. We have had many dialogues about science and evolution, but it seems he cannot consider my biblical point of view on creation. He as much as said there are topics we should not talk about, or it could jeopardize our friendship. Science and evolution are the topics. I suppose he knows better than I do, because he is an "intellect" and a "professor".

I truly appreciate all the Creation Scientists out there who hold to the biblical view and help people like me try to refute empty theories with information and who challenge people in the world who prefer the status quo to the Word of God. I believe there is a slippery slope that promises to take the sojourner on a ride for their life.

I think when it is an attitude, we can only pray, and keep on praying.

Thank you again for the good work.

Academics who believe in evolution have attitude, not intellect. If they truly had intellect, they would perceive that God is smarter than they are. Being limited by their own hubris, however, they fall straight into stupidity.

From my basic understanding of genetics I will agree there are a few grey areas in the evolutionary scheme of things. The fusion of chromosome-2 and the long gaps of switched off genes (introns) is still a mystery.

In the vernacular, ‘theory’ often refers to conjectures or unproven assumptions. However in science ‘theory’ usually means a plausible or scientifically accepted principles. This theory is usually formulated from facts. Theory is structures that explain, interpret these facts. Thus evolution is a theory formulated out of facts. As Stephen Gould once said, “facts do not go away when scientists debate rival theories to explain them. Einstein's theory of gravitation replaced Newton's, but apples did not suspend themselves in mid-air, pending the outcome. And humans evolved whether they did so by Darwin's proposed mechanism or by some other yet to be discovered.”

On the other hand, Jesus (in numerous passages) said if you have faith (no mention of sometimes) you will be able to;

- Heal the sick
(I am not referring to the perceived ‘healings’ as being divine at the expense of medical science)
-Raise the dead
-Drink any deadly thing without harm to themselves
-Speak in tongues
-Pick-up serpents [without harm]
-Cleanse lepers
-Cast out demons

Scripture has in no uncertain terms stated the above to be the WORD OF GOD and the truth. To date, with millions of faithful adherents praying in unison I have yet to see someone been raised from the dead. If these supernatural abilities (raising the dead in particular) can be reproduced today as it happened 2 000 years ago and you can provide the relevant proof and evidence under test conditions and in the absence of the assistance of medical science, then I will share my sentiments with firefighter Bruce Monson. He stated that if these miracle can be proven beyond a shadow of doubt then I promise I will devote my life to spreading His Word to all the world, especially to atheists, agnostics & people professing belief in all the thousands of other "false" religions extant in the world. I will give ALL of my possessions and money to the poor as He commanded (Luke 18:22); I will hate my father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, even my own life in accordance with His requirements to be his disciple (Luke 14:26); I will do all of these things and be a suffering servant for Jesus. I will make it my purpose in life to be His greatest disciple!

I’d like to add to this promise; I will even obey and carry out God’s command in Lev. 24:13-16 "The Lord said to Moses" that "Anyone who blasphemes the name of the Lord must be put to death"

You sound like a sign-seeker. Those who seek after signs don't have faith. When you get some faith, you will see real miracles. But in a condition of blindness, you could have Elijah call down fire from heaven and devour people right in front of you, and still you would arrogantly say, "Come down quickly, man of God." And so you would be consumed by the fire.

Sometimes it's just too late to humble yourself. You can ask for a miracle as "proof" of God when the proof is all around you. And then when you get your "proof," it could very well be the wrath of God.

So keep on denying the proof and evidence of God that's in front of you, and you're going to cut off your nose to despite your face. Then, when destruction is upon you, it will be too late.

The denial of a creator is--simply put--perverse. Romans 1 puts it very well. Man is without excuse and holds the truth in unrighteousness. He desperately needs what he doesn't deserve--God's grace through Christ our Lord, the very spirit of grace and truth. There are no contradictions between science and God's word when science is not science fiction.

Excellent point. You really are without excuse when you embrace the science fiction of evolutionism instead of accepting the historically accurate account of the Bible.

There are so many unprovable and disproved evolutionary "theories" that it literally boggles my mind! I'm also very suspicious of scientific findings that have been covered up or just ignored. Years ago I learned there had once been a huge inland sea in North America, but today it is gone and the only probable remnant of it is the Great Salt Lake in Utah. More recently I learned that Yellowstone is a huge caldera, and has erupted several times over the past "millions" of years. At first the discovering geologist said it erupts every 200,000 years, the last being 200,000 years ago! That was evidently a bit too scary, so they changed the last eruption date to half a million years ago. I believe when the Yellowstone caldera erupted around six thousand years ago, it released the water from that huge inland sea. That explains to me what caused the Grand Canyon and all the mesas, plateaus and other washed away areas that are seen from Washington to Oklahoma to Southern California. It could also explain what caused the Great Flood. It's taking a while to clear away the lies and distortions of evolutionists from my mind, but more and more each day I'm realizing the truth behind the Creation!

Tossed by every wind, evolutionists accept contradictory theories all the time. But notice that God's word itself never changes. He said he created the earth, all things in their own place and perfectly designed, and that's what you see. All things reproduce after their own kind. They don't produce mutant offspring that change into another species. God will always be right. Always. So stick with him.

I would much rather believe in the scientific method, and intelligent observation than to believe in an invisible man in the sky, that no one has ever observed.

Surrounded as we are by Baal worshipers who bow to the idol of idiocy, how could anyone be expected to admit there is purpose and design to the universe? If you admit that, then you might have to give up some of your selfishness and instead learn a little humility, because the hand of God is everywhere and you are so little before him.

What a laugh! Science is not counter-intuitive, but common sense. If something works, that's science. If it does not, then it's fiction. Evolution is never observed. It doesn't and cannot work. That's because all organisms were placed here, complete and entire, fully functional. They did not morph into living things a bit at a time, or climb out of the ocean to breath air, or jump back into the ocean to become whales. (They'd die before the change was complete, if the change could be made at all.)

A house is not designed by itself. It has a designer. This planet is the Lord's house and he designed it. It is the work of his hand. Denying that will take you so far into illogical nonsense that you will abandon science and embrace lies.