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Not a Fish Lizard
Genesis 1:20
“And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.”
Like so many children over the last century, I was given a book about dinosaurs when I was a small boy. This book contained references to a number of extinct creatures other than dinosaurs, and one...

The Problems with Evolution, Part 2: Abiogenesis and the Cambrian Explosion

Steve RisnerThis blog posting was written by Steve Risner and is used with his permission. Steve is a member of the Creation Moments group on Facebook. He wrote this as a letter to the editor of his local newspaper. We have broken up the letter into four parts and are posting it on successive days.

Abiogenesis is a fancy word that is used to describe what must have taken place for evolution to be true. What it means is chemicals that were not alive joined together spontaneously to become something alive. All experiments done to show this can happen have failed miserably. We can list them, but here’s the point: with design and intelligence, man cannot manufacture a single living thing from non-living chemicals. Over a century ago, Pasteur proved spontaneous generation does not happen and birthed the Law of Biogenesis which states living things come from living things. Some will contend that spontaneous generation is not the same thing as abiogenesis. They are clearly in essence the exact same thing. Evolution has held on to an idea that was debunked nearly one and a half centuries ago. After working hard for over 150 years, Darwinian evolution cannot even describe the process that would allow it to start. How can we trust it to describe what happens after that?

The Cambrian Explosion describes the abrupt appearance of life in the geologic column, the rock layers that everyone is so familiar with. The oldest rocks in the column that have fossils in them are the Cambrian rocks. They contain very large numbers of organisms – and below them, there is virtually nothing. Interestingly, those fossils found there are fully formed and complex. In other words, organisms with fully functional eyes, skeletal frames and many other complex and fully functional characteristics are documented without ancestors. The Cambrian Explosion shows that life on earth showed up very suddenly, fully formed and specialized. 


How nice to be on the side that does not believe in spontaneous generation!!

"The Cambrian Explosion shows that life on earth showed up very suddenly, fully formed and specialized ..."

The theistic evolutionist in me would suggest that biology proceeded according to a somewhat modified version of Moore's Law ... that is to say, that much slow work was required before bigger constructs, which then exploded in a manner similar to what we see in the computer world, with microprocessors. Vacuum tubes were used for seventy five years, supplanted by (more intricate) transistors, and then even those were supplanted by integrated masses of transistors on silicon wafers, each adding a magnitude of order (or more) to the possible complexity achieved.

By the way, I listened to Mr. Clark's radio interview with Katherine Albrecht today. Good show. I always consider both sides, even controversial issues. Often the real explanation is found between the two staunchly defended "alternatives."

- Regards,

You have nailed the duplicity of evolutionism. When an idea, such as spontaneous generation, is thoroughly debunked, just rename it something else, like abiogenesis, and you're good to go! Never mind that nonliving materials have never been observed to produce living beings. You, as an evolutionist, can always stick your nose in the air and say your theory does not describe origins.

Everyone should stop and consider. If evolutionists cannot describe origins, they obviously have no idea of what happened in the first place, much less what came after.

Experts on any subject research it thoroughly and have reasonable, demonstrable results. And answers. We have the answers. Creation came from design. The earth was a specific and direct creation, which was planned out and executed instantly. We know the Designer. And unless you know the Designer, you cannot know His work, much less describe it.