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Should Christians Vote?

should you vote?

Traditionally, Christians have considered it their civic duty to vote. But in a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to God, many Christians will be staying home to pray rather than vote. All Christians agree that prayer is the most important thing we can do … but is it the only thing we should be doing as God's people?

CREATIONISTS, SPEAK OUT on what you believe Christians should be doing – not just on November 4 but throughout the year. Why – or why not – do you feel Christians should vote?

Please keep your comments brief and do not include links to articles or videos. Most important, do NOT mention by name any politicians or political parties.

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Creationists Speak Out on Voting

Our country is supposed to be government "of, by, and for the people", including Christians. Each citizen has a responsibility to vote to keep the government in check.  Christians especially are to be "salt and light" in our society, and we can't effectively be that if we don't exercise our right and responsibility to vote. A non-vote by a Christian is a vote for secular control of our government. – L.R.

All Christians should vote. If there is not a candidate on the ballot that reflects our values, write in a candidate. This is the only way to make our voices heard in the political process. You can find local candidates that reflect our values and support them in a primary bid if your standard party candidates do not support our values. – V.J.

Of COURSE this Christian will vote! Unless one thinks it is a sin or too worldly to vote, what Christian would stay home and pray that God will direct unbelievers to vote for leaders to govern over us? – R.D.

If a Christian doesn't vote, he has no right to complain when he sees things happening in his nation that go against his faith and values. Even when I'm not enthralled by either of the candidates, I can almost always tell which of them is closer to representing my position on issues that matter to me. - S.S.

We as Christians have a duty to vote. We may not agree with every position of a candidate, but as we now know full well, not voting sure was a bad idea! - D.M.

My Pastor says to vote for the candidate that most closely reflects Biblical Standards. While Christians have been complacent in voting, the enemy does not have that same complacency. But Christians have been complacent in other areas other areas beside voting. - D.Q.

In the United States of America, "We The People" are the government. We should absolutely vote. If we don't, then I believe we are being negligent with just some of the responsibility we have (not given to us but) as our right. If the elected servants then go outside of the bounds of the U.S. Constitution, then we not only have the right to stop them but an obligation to stop them. Our founding fathers were geniuses. I believe they understood what they were doing by making "the People" the government. We are the owners of the house, if you will. The servants NEVER run the place the way they want. That is the owners' responsibility to make sure his servants are doing what he wants. - J.D.

Part of the problem we are currently in is because Christians for whatever excuse decided not to vote. We should pray, we are commanded to pray for our leaders and those in authority, but we also are responsible to vote. We have the freedom that was bought by the blood of countless Americans and to not vote is to put to question that cost. Yes, we should vote...we should choose wisely. It is rare to find the perfect candidate....but it is also rare to find the perfect spouse. - D.Q.

I believe Christians should vote because it is the only way, with our system of governance, that our government is populated. I vote for the candidate who is connected to the most moral of the political parties. Even though his personal moral values may conflict with God's Word, he is most likely to support the values of that party and thus give us hope for better legislation being enacted. Overall, though, it is Almighty God  who directs the affairs of man, so our votes should be cast prayerfully, and we should research not only what the candidate stands for, but what his party stands for. One of the two major parties is woefully immoral in its platform and no born-again believer should have anything to do with them, for if they vote for a candidate from that party, they vote for everything that party stands for. – D.P.

Of course we should be praying daily, but it is our duty to help elect the correct people to guide our country. Right now the bunch we have in office are bowing down to the low percentage fringe groups. Christians far outnumber these groups and we must have our  voice heard. – J.H.

My husband and I are poll workers, so we get to see how many people are really interested in voting. We need more people to be interested in what's going on in our nation. As Christians, we feel that if you don't vote and have your say, you can't very well complain when things don't go as you want. God gave us this great nation of ours and we should support what's going on. We don't have to agree, but we need to have a say. – Bonnie

I am Canadian, however, this logic is inescapable: Certainly pray! But, if you don't vote, someone else will make your choice for you!! God works, mostly, through the mundane – like a voting process. – G.H.

Yes, I believe we should pray. Jesus told us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. We should be voting on civil matters and praying continually for spiritual guidance in all we do including voting. – S.A.

I taught politics and government for over 25 years, so you would think I might take my own advice. Believing Christians are often faced with the feeling of futility in voting contrary to the majority humanists. Here in New York City I have known how futile my vote seems to be. However, in these days of obvious contrasts in politics, I believe it is important to vote, even though the vote may not help elect someone, because the votes will show the greedy incumbents how the electorate sees things and feels and might make them think again about their venal and self-serving positions. The emperor Augustus initiated league sports in Rome to keep the citizens' minds off of politics; little did Augustus know how well that would work. – S.S.

Christians in America have a moral responsibility and civic opportunity to influence government that respects Jesus and Christians. By not voting, Christians are abdicating governance to a completely secular representation. Christians can change America if they vote from the Christian view. – J.B.

I absolutely believe that Christians living in this wonderful free country should exercise their right to vote. It is hugely important during this critical time in our US history and prayer is most important, but also is taking action and making your voice heard in the political world. The evil designs against this nation do not stop and the enemies of this nation, spiritual and physical, take advantage of every opportunity they can to destroy our freedoms that we enjoy in the USA. Yes..... GO VOTE! – T.G.

I get so disheartened during an election time because I know the majority of Christians do not vote. I think that is the least we can do; it is our civic duty. Christians should be informed voters and should get out and vote. Pray, yes, but vote also. Christians then complain about the government and how our country is going, but refuse to do their part to change it. – Luci

It is the duty of all Christians to exercise their right to vote for the leadership of America. I vote Christian values and Constitutional laws for our freedom. We as Christians are obligated to voice our choice in elections. If and when America falls to Globalism, I will still say we followed Biblical standards. Keep looking up, our redemption draws near. – G.H.B.

The mayor of Houston, Texas, who is now attacking pastors in Houston won by a mere 13% of the registered voters of the city. Where were the Christian and conservative voters? Sometime when you want to read something interesting, search what has been decided by one vote. – H.C.

I see no conflict between being a responsible citizen and being a Christian. As a citizen of the USA, where I have the Bill of Rights and the subsequent freedom to be a Christian, it is my duty to be politically involved to assure the continuation of those rights. – J.D.

How does one justify dialoging in the public square when not taking the time to vote? How does one exercise their voting responsibility without knowing what the candidate stands for and against? When one votes, one engages in the opportunity to select a candidate that is most likely to support the values the voter holds. I voted early, and I always exercise my voting privilege and responsibility throughout the year. – L.L.

Yes, we will be voting. My husband has already submitted his absentee ballot. I will vote on November 4th at City Hall. For our family it is an honor and a privilege to be able to vote … as Jesus told us, give to God what is God's, give to Caesar (or government) what is government's. We understand that as Christians with prayer and supplication our vote is submitted in Jesus' s name and God controls the outcome. God allowed us to be born in a country that we could vote in. We are humbled by the exceptional U.S. Constitution and find it a joy to vote!!! – Teresa

Yes, of course we should be voting. We have a responsibility before God and our fellow men to work towards placing God-fearing Men in these positions (or Women if no men have stepped up to do the job). Woe unto us when we take this awesome gift that has been handed down to us lightly. – B.Y.

Vote! As Christians, we must be involved in this process. We cannot complain if we neglect this civic duty. – Leon

Yes, I believe it's a duty to vote, but the duty is not absolute. I disagree with so many of the comments here. I'll break it down.

(1) I have every right to complain even if I do not vote. My rights to disagree, dialog,  or to complain are not suspended merely because I don't vote sometimes. Understand the motive first. For instance, between 2 candidates, if both are "pro choice" or only give lip service to being pro life, I will not vote for either, because I will never, ever, vote for a candidate that does not meet a few of my qualifiers, one of which is that the candidate be pro life. Period. 

(2) I will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils. How's that working out for us? Pretty much all we ever get is a greater or lesser evil. With some exceptions. Do you really think that God will be pleased with a nation that's a little less cold – and a little more lukewarm? It's actually more dangerous. It's also disingenuous to claim that not to vote for "A" is a vote for "B". No it is not. That's just bad reasoning. If a person does not vote, a "non vote" for A is also a "non vote" for B. Otherwise, you could say that a non vote for "B" is a vote for "A". Cancels each other out. A vote for neither is NOT a vote for either.

(3) I am not looking for the "perfect" candidate, but that reasoning is used to beat people like me who won't budge from a few specific positions that I know are God-honoring. I will vote (or not vote) according to my conscience (Christian liberty), and I will leave the results to Him. He will ultimately set up and take down who He wants to. I will participate in the process only to the extent that I believe I do Him service. – R.M.

OF COURSE I will vote, and vote for the candidate that will most likely support Godly values. While it's true there are no politicians who get it right every time, I will always support the ones who try their best to promote Christian Conservative goals. – W.S.

Every vote is expression of one's approval or disapproval of the issue in question. Even if not seen by others, it conveys agreement, or disagreement with God's position regarding same. – David

Yes, I am voting! We need all voting public to vote! Congress controls our nation, not the president and his administration! – S.R.

Definitely I should vote. If I do not vote when I have the opportunity, I may regret not doing so. In the past, I have said to myself, "Oh well. No vote, all governments are evil" and said to myself waiting for Jesus to come back and establish His righteous government. However, we do not know when this will be nor will we ever know until His return. We may only have one vote but we can pray it will be effective and be multiplied by the One who is over all things. Oh Lord, give us the advantage now so that we can bring something good back to the earth. – Patrick

By voting, one puts his small amount of political power behind whomever he is voting for and becomes surety for that candidate -- that is, he is now a fellow worker with that politician and takes his due responsibility for that person's actions if elected -- see Proverbs 6:1-2, 11:15, 22:26-27. Every voting Christian should keep this at the forefront of his mind when casting a ballot. In the past I have chosen to exercise this political power by voting "NO" to ALL candidates on the ballot, as both main parties (and the supposed alternatives) are all sides of the same coin, and penciled in my soon-coming king Jesus Christ as best choice for the job -- He is the only one who can fix this mess of a world that we live in and rule over it in true righteousness!!

That said, it has become very apparent to me that the "system" we are supposed to have a say in running is completely rigged and controlled by the elites at the very top (the international bankers and the like who choose our leaders for us). The opinion of the public (a Christian majority) is no longer considered. God has given them over to the delusion to believe a lie that most of humanity has chosen, and He also gave His prophets and apostles visions of the coming judgment upon this world. We should read His word and heed it carefully, and pray that we are counted worthy to escape the coming calamities. – D.B.