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The Lord Came Down to See
Genesis 11:5
“And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.”
God was not pleased with the people of Babel when they wanted to build a city and a tower with its top in the heavens. This is because their aim of preventing their own dispersal throughout the world...

Creationists Attacked by Christian Leaders

Is Young Earth Creationism
keeping people from the gospel?

Pat Robertson  William Lane Craig

For many years, well-known Christians like 700 Club host Pat Robertson, apologist William Lane Craig and many others have charged that biblical creationists make Christianity look ridiculous. They assert that our views are contradicted by science and that a literal interpretation of Genesis actually keeps people from turning to Christ for salvation.

Creationists, speak out on whether you think that creationism is a side issue that gets in the way of the gospel of Christ. Also, if you could sit down with people like Pat Robertson and William Lane Craig, what would YOU say to them?

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"What other parts of God's Word don't you believe? Are you truly a Christian? Only in  God's Word is the message of salvation, and the foundation of our faith. If you don't believe it, how can you be a Christian?" – A.R.

"I would recommend that Pat Robertson pick up Dr. Walter Brown's book, "In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood" eighth edition, and read pages 322 and 323. The universe looks old but is not.  He should also check out Barry Setterfield and Trevor Norman's work with Dr. Lambert Dolphin of Stanford's Research Institute regarding the speed of light.  Again, Pat Robertson proves that he is Freemasonry influenced and controlled." - D.R.

The theory of evolution, that chance brought about the intricate complexity of organisms in existence today, is about as scientific a theory as the one that states the earth is flat.  Without going into endless detail here, read my book “On the Existence of God” for why the theory of evolution is unsubstantiated drivel and poppycock. Two chapters in it demonstrate the mathematical improbability of life from non-life. – Rev. R.G., SSB

If I could, I would say to Pat Robertson and William Lane Craig who question God’s Holy Word: You bring to my heart how the serpent Satan was more subtle, and he said in Genesis 3:1, “Yea, hath God said?” That’s why man fell in the first place, questioning God’s Holy Word! Romans 3:3-4: “For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written,...” II Timothy 3:13: “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” As Christians, we must stay in the Word of God, for the Lord warned us of these very days. – K.N.

If Jesus was a literal human being (and He was), then the genealogical account in Luke 3 proves to us that Adam also was a literal human being. Luke 3 gives us specific details of how long Adam lived and how old he was when his son Seth was born. This is not something that fits with a figurative story.  If Adam was a literal human being, then the Genesis account of creation must also be literal. If the book of Genesis is literal history, then the Earth is about 6,000 years old. Pat Robertson’s denial of creation doesn’t tell us much about God’s Word, but it does tell us a great deal about him. – D.M.

If you don’t go along with the Biblical view of creation, you’re lost! Why would God tell us this if it were not so! Pat Robertson cannot be a Christian if he believes otherwise. He needs a lot or prayer! That goes for anyone else that doesn’t believe the Bible. – J.F.

There can be no dispute that science itself, the objective study of reality and nature’s laws using the scientific method, was invented by Christians who believed in the Creator God. Mr. Robertson has long ago lost all credibility in the eyes of educated people. He is now a buffoon who does Satan’s work, rather than humbly follow Our Lord. I have never heard of Mr. Craig, but he is undoubtedly a man of little erudition and less integrity. All those who would claim that “the science is settled” on ANY subject are woefully ignorant and unacquainted with how science itself works. The only thing we know is that NOTHING is EVER settled scientifically. – L.P.

If Robertson and Craig believe evolution, then they must discard both the first and second Laws of Thermodynamics. Doing so, they also then discard the very foundation on which science operates. So, since they discard science, it explains how they can then argue against Creation. As science discovers more and more complexity in our world, evolutionists have to become more and more ‘creative’ to keep the evolutionary concepts alive. And to do that, they only prove the second law of thermodynamics, which says all structures break down into disorder. Thus, their concepts appear more and more ridiculous. – E.K.

I remember reading in the Bible that God created EVERYTHING. I believe Him, not any man that would say something different than what God says. Hmmm. So much for ever tuning the two of them in. – N.W.

I could shorten this comment and simply say “Pat is a Yale Lawyer” – what does one expect? I have watched and listened to Pat Robertson move from a one-room TV station to the 700 Club and Regent University. I attended tent revivals in Virginia Beach with Pat. His history as an “Oral Roberts” type of faith healer drew thousands. His message on salvation was questionable, and he has always been borderline with the truth of the Word, and lately – due to his age, I believe – has made jaw-dropping statements on the 700 Club about women, abortion, and homosexuality, to name a few. He has become a laughingstock locally and gives Christianity a bad look. He is in error on numerous points of Scripture truth. If one studies his history, he has morphed as badly as did Joseph Smith. His comments on Christians who believe the inspired Word of God concerning creation are sad, but convenient to bringing in money. One famous theologian stated what should be easy: discern common sense. “If the Scripture can be taken literal, then take it literal.” – S.S.

Why is everyone so surprised? In his book “Shout It From The Housetops”, Robertson stated that his TV station was going to televise Christ’s return. He probably will! – M.M.

William Lane Craig is great. I enjoy his apologetics. But recently, I heard him say that he thought that it is was wrong to teach your kids that the earth is young. That’s going too far. If any Martian came to earth with no knowledge of it and read the Bible just as the words come off of the page with no knowledge of Darwinian evolution (or any evolution theory), they would think that this book teaches a young earth. I can accept when some people teach that there are acceptable old earth theories that must be seriously considered, but when you say that young earth is unacceptable, I must bow out. Up until now I have contributed some to his ministry but no more. – J.B.

Well, as has been voiced before, the Bible is either all true or none of it’s true. When we begin to split hairs, trying to water down aspects of the Word “we” feel don’t fit OUR design, then, we destroy the whole book. If Jesus can, in the New Testament, speak to the issue of the flood and its accuracy, then I think we can do the same. – D.J.J.

Why do they (Robertson & Craig) think God is wrong when in simple and clear language He informs us of how He created in Genesis and the ‘learned’ scientists are right when there is mounting evidence every day, thanks to technology, of how we can prove so much of what the Bible says is true, as in the story of Noah, for example. I could never reconcile the Truth in the Bible to what we’re taught in school about the world being millions of years old. But now I completely agree with the fact that it is a young earth. So much of what we were taught is untrue, yet they continue to teach it, leaving the textbooks full of untruths that they KNOW about. Why is that? They just have to deny the existence of God. – B.E.

Pat, it is far better to just be thought stupid than to speak and remove all doubt. Sorry, it is too late for you. – B.S.

While I agree with Pat that the universe and earth are probably old, I completely disagree that Evolution was involved with the creation of man. It is completely acceptable to have an Old universe and young created man. This fits with Scripture and science better than a 6,000 year old everything. I used to be a  young earth creationist but have come to believe the old earth creationist interpretation more. Old earth, young mankind. – J.G.

These two men owe the folks that they have insulted, judged, and dismissed an apology. Only God knows the impact of any one individual in the cause of Jesus Christ. – R.Y.

This is one more example of why we need to keep our eyes on the Bible and not religious leaders, even well known and popular ones. Men err, but God’s word is solid. In Science 101 in heaven, God can make it crystal clear. When the wicked and our old sinful world is destroyed at God’s 2nd coming, God will give a Science 101 demonstration on how he creates, or in this case recreates, a world in ‘short time’ vs. ‘long time’. – M.F.M.

Often the most damage done to a cause is from within – Satan in heaven, Judas among the 12. When Christians attack God’s words, are they not doing the same kind of work? – D.T.

I believe these verses apply to Pat Robertson. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.” Romans 1:22-23 “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, ‘Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.’ For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.” 2 Peter 3:3-7 – D.D.

Evolution claims millions of years of lifeforms living and dying before Adam. Romans 5:12 and 1 Corinthians 15:21 document that by Adam came death. If there was death before Adam – and God said to Adam, “If you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, your punishment will be death” – Adam’s response to God would probably have been, “What’s the punishment, God? I was going to die anyway.” If death as the punishment for sin did not begin as the consequence for Adam’s sin, then why did Lord Jesus have to come to die and be raised to conquer death. Death before Adam nullifies the Gospel!

And by the way, all recent empirical (observable Lab science) supports an earth of a few thousand years, not millions. Example: Carbon 14 in diamonds, elastic tissue and red blood cells in dinosaur “fossil” bones, polystrata fossil trees in Spirit Lake, etc. The Biblical genealogical tables document about 6,000 years back to Adam, proving that Christ is our “kin”, He is of the race of Adam and that the universe is only about 6,000 years old. Adding millions of years into the genealogical tables to make time for evolution to occur does not help to squeeze evolution into the Bible since evolution teaches that humans were the last life forms to evolve – that means everything else was already here when man arrived on the earth – nothing was evolving into people.

The days of Genesis were normal days – Genesis 1:14 puts a Genesis 1 day in contrast to a season and a year. If a Genesis 1 day is 1 billion years, then how long is a 90 day season, or how old was Adam when he died at 930 years? Adam lived part of day six and all of day seven. Was Jonah in the great fish 3 billion years or did Esther fast for 3 billion years = same words as Genesis 1?

According to the 10 commandments of Exodus 20:9-11, God made everything that He made within a six day week that was composed of the same kind of days that we people work V.9. And by the way, Genesis is not poetry or allegory or symbol, it is straightforward Hebrew narrative with the grammatical form of verb-subject-object which is Hebrew narrative. God told us what He did and the order in which He did it, and He expects us to believe it! – Dr. J.M.

To believe in evolution you must believe: that dead material miraculously came alive; that initial single cells, by chance, evolved millions of times to form complex human and animal creatures; that  all species that now only reproduce in kind in the past accidentally changed to new species; and that God could not have created with an apparent age, when that is the only way a human could be created. Not a single evolution belief that denies creation has ever been proven to be true. – W.N.

Please add astronomer Hugh Ross to your list. He is a great communicator and a staunch believer in Intelligent Design. However, he is convinced God intervened in the precise moment necessary in the billions of years He created to place the world at optimal conditions to sustain the life He was waiting to create. He agrees that God is outside of time. Yet he holds to the billions of years He sees necessary in the creation. – H.B.

Revelation 22:18-19. – S.M.

I’m aware what Pat Robertson said recently and am saddened by it. I also read Ken Ham’s response to that and many other response’s coming from Answers In Genesis and other creationists camps. I’m so saddened to see Christian’s fighting amongst themselves. When the secular world sees this, they see no difference from the infighting in their world. They’re turned off from the Gospel. However, I don’t have a total solution to the problem, except that Christians like Robertson and Craig have to be confronted privately in love and pleaded with to take the time to study (what we know to be true) and weigh out the evidence.

Robertson and J. Vernon McGee grew up in an era when the “gap theory,” dominated as one of the main “Christian” responses to modern uniformitarian science. The gap theory uses 2 Pet. 3:3-6 as support to their erroneous theory. However, it is good to know that not even V. McGee in his commentary on 2 Pet. 3:3-9 (particularly v 6) can go along with the gap theory people on this one. His studious-ism here paid off with some truth, and I love seeing things like that. – R.F.

C’mon Pat! Get with the Biblical program! – J.N.

Mr. Robertson, I must join the chorus of believers who are shocked at your attempt at picking and choosing scripture you don’t find as God’s truth. What you are doing is causing believers to waver in their faith and pre-Christians to NOT take a look at the Bible that you have taught them is faulty. – K.P.

Any man that believes he knows more about the creation than God does is surely a fool. This scripture backs up a young earth and debunks evolution: Exod.20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it. – Rev. N.W.

Those who ‘Insist’ on a literal 6 day (or even 6-thousand year long days) of creation ARE an embarrassment to those who actually read and understand Genesis (and the rest of the Bible). To insist on something so blatantly NOT scriptural shows a complete lack of reading comprehension and ability for reasonable, logical thought. – J.K.

Jesus said that Adam and Eve were “The beginning of creation.” The New Testament gives genealogies from Jesus back to Adam. That should establish a young earth beyond all controversy. – E.C.

Pat, when did you abandon the authority of Scripture? What part of “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,” do you not understand? – M.B.

I don’t think creationism gets in the way of spreading the gospel but there is a proper way in which to win souls. First and foremost, the most important thing that Jesus told us to do is to go spread the word about Jesus Christ. He did not wish for us to bring a full Bible study and exposition to lost souls (at least not at first). We are to simply tune people to Jesus and let God do the rest; I know from personal experience that that is how it works.

Then once the Spirit works on a person’s soul through the Word of God, that person will become more open to seeing the truth in the Bible which includes creationism. If the blinders are not lifted first, it is impossible for a lost person to see Genesis or any other part of the Bible as literal truth.

As for what I have to say to Mr. Robertson and Mr. Craig: I love them both and the work they do is amazing. My opinion is that these two gentlemen have saved countless souls and led many to believe in God and Jesus. Therefore, they are doing good work. Billy Graham was another who saved many people yet didn’t believe in a literal Genesis. Unfortunately, great men like these never crossed that line, either because they are too busy with current work or still suffer some blindness to the complete truth. I don’t see it as a problem; we need the charismatic types like Mr. Graham or Mr. Robertson who can go out there and save souls by introducing Jesus to the lost; we need guys like Mr. Craig who are great at showing the truth about how there must be a God which then leads a lost soul to the Bible and Jesus; and not least of all, we need the ICR’s and Answers in Genesis along with Creation Moments to educate Christians once they are saved and blinders are lifted to add that solid foundation of truth that is the Bible. In this case the foundation does not come first. First you must plant the seed and let it grow. It is that simple. – M.N.

The truth is that the apostles of Christ believed and acted on the belief that “all scripture is given by inspiration of God”. If we doubt of one part of the Bible and use pseudoscience beliefs to do so, what can stop you of questioning the certitude of the scripture with any other heathen belief, say like ufology or parapsychology, or any other existing nonsense called “science”. I’ve been a Bible teacher for more than 15 years, and my concern is that Christian children are more likely exposed to “science” channels that have a secular agenda which is: a persistent, intentional and deliberate effort to sow the belief of evolution in order to destroy a belief on God. In the light of this struggle, none of your arguments are valid or justified, and by doing so you are destroying publicly the very thing you claim to embrace – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. – J.P.L.

“In the beginning God” tells us that God knew that all of mankind knows who He is, whether they admit it or not. God said more than once, He created all that is in 6 days and He rested on the 7th day (Exo 20:11; Exo 30:17, for example). Either you believe God or not. It’s that simple. True science proves that this earth is an old earth of some 6 to 10,000 years old. It isn’t an ancient earth of millions of years. God said so, that settles it. The Creation account in the Bible leads one to Christ, not away from Christ. – J.H., Th.D

There are two general theologies at work within the Christian Church. One all too often relies on natural reason to guide their understanding of Scripture. The other allows the simple word of God to stand on its own without spin or overlay, while acknowledging there were truths beyond our comprehension. They resisted the urge to say: “If I cannot comprehend it, I’ll not believe it.” Man’s fallen reason brought on the Reformation. Fallen reason is the cause of so many errors within the Church and played a prominent role in the very first sin committed by man. When God gave his first command to Adam and Eve, to not eat of the fruit from the tree in the midst of the garden or they should surely die, He meant it. They were deceived by the Satan with the words, “Did God actually say?” and “You shall surely not die”. Adam and Eve, who had never known death could not have comprehended what God really meant. But they did afterwards. 

This mystery, they ran through their fallen reason. The Bible is full of mysteries. Fallen mankind will not allow a good mystery to go unsolved. But we are not to try and solve them nor are we to comprehend them but believe them by faith alone. Pat Robertson has lost sight of this truth, as so many others have. One must resist that old adage: “I think, therefore I am.” For one cannot think away the real presence, the gifts and promises of Holy Baptism, the 6 day Genesis Creation which so called modern scientific discoveries have not proven in the least; the worldwide flood, the resurrection, the virgin birth any more than one can think away what God calls sin is sin. They serve only to undermine God’s Word and their faith and the faith of others. Jesus commands: “Believe, do not disbelieve!” – W.T.

Robertson is way past the need to retire. I stopped listening to him years ago when he continually made silly remarks about many things. His remarks about young earth creationists should come as no surprise to anyone. As has already been pointed out, what verse, or portion of Scripture does one set aside or render as unimportant. I have always preached that Gen 1:1 is the most important verse in Scripture; if it is not inspired, true and important, how can I trust John 3:16? If the first chapters of Genesis detract from the Gospel, what is your Gospel? I really question anyone who seeks the approval of the lost when the Scriptures clearly teach we are to seek only the approval of the Father. Let us pray for folks like Robertson – that God will shake their hearts and get ahold of them. – J.R.M.

After reading Pat Robertson’s personal DENIAL of God’s Word and seeing his invented chapter how he adds eons of time in the beginning of Genesis Chapter, I no long give him ANY credibility. He is reading INTO TEXT a position that CALLS GOD A LIAR. It appears to me this is what has begun to erode our church. People hear him, accept the lies he is preaching, and then start denying other parts of the Bible.

It appears he follows Darwin, Westcott and Hort. Too bad he leans on his own understanding and self pride, and a tickling of his own ears. Or is a love of money, catering to those who will give him large amounts of money if he promotes Evolution inside the Bible?

I now change the station, or turn off the TV or Radio when they play his recordings. – T.P.

Evolution’s biggest problem is, “Where did the first life come from?” If God had the power to create it, He did not have to create it by evolution, but could just as well have created it like He said He did. Any problems with that? – T.H.

The truth is what we need to be concerned with. The fact that creationism doesn’t fit into the anti-god religion called evolution is no shock to me. – S.M.

“You sure play a mean pinball, Pat!” There is much science and logic for the creation view, Pat. Death could not have entered the world until after Adam and Eve sinned. At the very least, Pat, if it is too hard for you to grasp the TRUTH, you could just simply choose to have a childlike faith! “Unless you become like one of these little ones.” – M.J.S.

I was educated in a highly rated parochial system, went to college in the 60’s, dropped out, following the “ideas of men”, left the religious scene having been in a denomination that intellectualized the Bible, allegorizing creation, prophecy, and adding their beliefs to the Bible, and never presenting a clear gospel message, thus offering no answers to life’s questions. I finished college, worked in a skilled profession, traveled, married with children, but my life spiraled downward. I was lost with no hope.

When I first heard the true gospel message that Jesus died for me, a sinner, was buried, and rose again, and will return, I responded to that outstretched love and accepted Christ as my Savior. From that point on, I wanted to learn the truth from God, not man. Pieces of a broken life began to be put together. I had learned the thinking of man, now I wanted only God’s thoughts. Starting into the Bible for the first time at the age of 30, I found I really had to rely on the Spirit of God for discernment, as layer by layer of man’s thinking had permeated my soul. With each discovery, I reached more freedom, more shackles fell off. I would never again accept man’s views without studying the Bible to find the truth of God first.

I noticed an ambiguity and lack of direct teaching on creation in the church I was in. God is not a liar, man can deceive and be deceived. Then I was drawn to an ICR creation conference and listened to those scientists who believed in a literal Genesis explain things clearly, I knew instinctively that literal, young earth creation was true. The evidence in geology, chemistry, biology, astronomy, hydraulics, etc, all pointed to the truth of the historical record in Genesis.

Suddenly there were answers, and I was stunned to know how much information is being suppressed by schools and even some churches. Ken Ham spoke there with a message on the core problems in society and how they stem from false beliefs, opposed to God’s Word. It all made perfect sense, the pieces all fit together. It definitely helped me grow in Biblical truth and understanding, and see more clearly how people were being brainwashed to reject the Bible. Many of the greatest scientific discoveries have come through men who were deeply committed to faith in God and Biblical truth. If I had known how scientific evidence actually supports the Bible, many years of pain in my life could have been different. It is as John Morris said, there is a long war against God. Thank God for those who patiently gave of their time and their schedules to lead me to know Jesus as my personal Savior.

People who try to fit the Word of God into modernity cause confusion. If there is only one God, one Way, and one Truth,  one Life, one true Light, and He is the One Messiah, Savior for Whom the Jews  waited for centuries, the One Who came to teach us about His Father, and to give Himself as the Substitute for our sin, that we might know Him and make Him known, our source of life abundant and our hope of eternal salvation, then who is mere man to say the Scriptures Jesus quoted are not what they actually say? The One who miraculously fulfilled over 300 Old Testament prophecies? Do these modern talking heads know more than Jesus who quoted multiple times from Genesis, and Peter and Paul who were inspired of God and died for teaching the truth?

When I share Biblical truths, I find a ready acceptance to a literal Genesis from those who are hungry for truth. Just as in communist counties, people instinctively respond to the Gospel, not a Marxist revision of the gospel; seekers here respond to truth. The reaction is stunned shock at having been lied to by so many, when they hear the truth. The truth is clear in the Bible, but many men have not exposed the truth, instead believing a lie. Pat Robertson may be misled or mistaken, but he is a man, and men can be deceived. – D.T.

If you take one tiny part of the Bible out of the whole Bible, it all fails. It is all or it is nothing. If God said it, you either believe it or you don't.  It is so dangerous when we replace what "WE" think with what God HAS said in His written word. Creation is God's. Evolution is man’s theory. Choose whom you will believe. Genesis is as valid as any other part of the Bible. – P.H.

If we don't believe the book of Genesis, then how can we believe the other 65 books? I would rather believe God's word than find out I was wrong and have to apologize to God. – J.B.

In the last days the Lord foretold that before He would come for His church, there would be a great falling away. We are in that time that the Lord foretold. Creation is the center of God’s word. We are made in his image! – E.L.

I wonder if Robertson believes that the three days that Jesus spent in the grave were literal days or not. If he believes the creation days are not six literal days, he certainly must not believe in Jesus’ three days and three nights in the grave being literal. After all, why would one be literal and the other not? – B.R.H.

Start at today and go back to Adam, or start at the Biblical account of creation and go from Adam to Noah to the other patriarchs and to Jesus. Read Genesis like a scientist. God is not threatened or weakened when we ask him to show us. I do wonder if there was a world before the earth was formed. To say that we came from a bunch of atoms that just happened to form life degrades human beings. Without creation, there is no spirit (no life force). I love animals and the other created life forms, but we are the only life form that has a moral sense of right and wrong. People really need to understand that the world changed in form when the flood of Noah's time occurred. That is important. – C.S.

Obviously they don't believe the scriptures are infallible and inerrant, therefore they are saying the Bible is not the Word of God. I would now question them as true preachers of the Word. – G.R.

I will overlook the insult, Mr. Robertson, of saying that I and my fellow creationists are blind, deaf and dumb. But I cannot ignore that you are saying, in effect, that my Lord and Savior is blind, deaf and dumb. Referring to Genesis, Jesus told the Pharisees (Matthew 19:4b), “Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female...” Jesus chided the Pharisees for not believing Genesis. So if the world thinks I’m a fool, let me be thought a fool for Christ’s sake. It’s just a disappointment that a high-profile Christian like you isn’t willing to do the same.

And as for you, Mr. Craig, I admire your debating skills. But I wonder if you are using your gifts for God’s glory or for your own. If you were truly seeking God’s glory, you wouldn’t be mocking those of us who believe that the whole Bible – beginning in Genesis – can be trusted. If you know anything about Hebrew grammar, you’ll know that the early chapters of genesis were written in historic narrative style, not poetic style. There is absolutely  no excuse for ridiculing the vast number of Christians who believe that the history recorded in Genesis is accurate. Nor is there any need to compromise with the godless speculations of scientists who, for the most part, reject God, the Bible and the Savior you claim to believe in. – S.S.

Thank you so much for continuing to present clear evidence from scripture and from creation that the Biblical account of creation is true. I was taught at the Christian high school I attended (a LONG time ago) to look at science through the filter of scripture, and not the other way around. This is easier to do, thanks to Creation Moments’ insights and perspectives, and someday the false prophets will be revealed for what they are. The gospel is a scarlet thread that is woven throughout scripture, and if any of scripture is found to be false, then the gospel is false and our faith is in vain. Keep up the good work and the good fight. – N.S.

My belief is that anything that puts any doubt on the validity of the Bible makes acceptance of Christianity more difficult. If any part of the Bible is wrong, then what is right? And, who is the one to make such judgments? Either the Word of God is completely correct or it is not. It cannot be a little of both. These “Christian leaders” that make such statements are the ones that make Christianity look bad. I think Creation Moments has it right. Keep doing what you are doing. Whether you can see it or not, it is making a difference. May God continue to bless your efforts. – T.S.

The question is, which is right/correct science or scripture? Trying to rationalize the difference discredits scripture and lifts science up to a higher level. Choose this day who you will serve. How many times have scientific theories been proven wrong? How many times has scripture been proven right? Which has stood the test of time? Which is the one that changes with ‘new’ discoveries? Which foundation is a rock? Which foundation is sand? – G.M.

So according to Pat Robertson, we’re not supposed to take Genesis literally. So what parts of the Bible are we supposed to take literally? To me that’s where we lose more people, taking the Bible literally in some parts and not in others. Just because science says it’s so, does not mean it’s rock solid either. Do you really believe that all the oil that we use and are discovering today is from dinosaurs? How many dinosaurs were there? – D.B.

When I was about 14 yrs. old, I believed the Bible except for the issue of cave man. That was the single issue that caused me to doubt. After I found out that there was no actual primitive man, my doubts were overcome (I did lots of research). Pat Robertson is in error on the age of the earth. I used to tune in on Robertson’s 700 Club. Eventually I saw through him. Why believe someone who is blinded by wealth seeking. His TV station was given to him to spread the word of God (he said this himself in one of his books). He’s used this to garner wealth for himself and family. Yes, I’ve heard him go on about his view of creationism. I can’t stand to hear him now. I personally believe he’s an evil man. Remember when he gave up his Ordination to run for President? – P.G.

Craig and Robertson, like many, have not done their homework. Reading is not a popular hobby any longer. Send them Ken Ham’s Answers books. – A.M.K.

I wouldn’t talk with them as I cannot compete with their intellect. I have a masters degree, so I too am educated. I don’t see how they could be dogmatic on when the world was created. I think science continually changes their mind. I for one take the Bible at its face value. I am not concerned about conflict with science. I am concerned with conflict with God’s Word. – D.M.

I am a believer in the “young earth” and in so believing, I take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, checking every Pastor’s teachings to the true Word of God.... In Genesis, God’s use of the word for “Day” is the same word used elsewhere for a 24 hour day. Therefore I conclude in a “young earth” belief. Let me ask you, “How old did Adam look like when he was one second old? Did he appear as a baby, a child, a young man or a mature man? I would say as a “young man”... in other words, he had an age-already-dated-into-him. I believe God made the earth that has this same “age-dated-into-it” as Adam had... The earth looks like it took a long time period to make but like Adam it was older looking when it was one second old. God didn’t have to take millions of years to make the earth. He spoke and it was done. Others who hold different beliefs and teach otherwise will be held accountable for what they have taught... including well-known people of faith. – D.B.

I’m a Chemical Engineer with an M.Div., and I dealt with cults and “scientists”. Atheists have no theory that is not contradicted by one or both of the First or Second Laws of Thermodynamics. The First Law (conservation of energy) kills their theories of the origin of matter (there had to be a beginning caused by breaking the First Law). The Second Law (increasing randomness) kills all theories of Evolution (Someone had to break the Second Law). Craig and Robertson have the problem of Scripture’s descriptions of things like the Earth being damaged by Adam’s sin (Romans 8:16); thorns existing before Adam; pain, suffering, and death existing before Adam; and the sequence in Genesis 1 not fitting any Evolutionary pattern. – H.C.

Pat Robertson himself has made Christianity look ridiculous. But be that as it may, I think it is difficult to deny that Robertson is LIKE one spoken of in II Peter, where Peter maintains that the ages of the earth pass now at the same rate as they did in the beginning days of earth. The verses speak only of mockers (empaíktēs - Strong’s 1703): mockers, by implication, false teachers. False teachers, according to Jude, are lost people - but isn’t it true that Christians can act and think like lost people? The very existence of II Peter 3: 3-8 and the book of Jude make it clear that Peter and Jude are writing to saved people to keep them from acting like lost people. Seems to me that Robertson is acting like a lost teacher with his comments. Now someone is going to accuse me of saying that Robertson is lost. I say again, the word LIKE makes a substantial argument that there are Christians who are in error but are not lost. – J.P.

I would say it is their rejection of God’s Word that harms the Gospel. If a person is pushed away from the Gospel because their faith in historical, unobservable science is stronger than their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, then that person isn’t going to accept the Gospel anyway, whether they believe Genesis is literal or not. If they knew the Lord, they would not reject His Word and they would not be so quick to jump on board with the secularists who always have and always will have an anti-Christian, anti-Gospel agenda. Genesis 3:1 “…Yeah, hath God said,…” That old serpent began with rejection of God’s Word and he’s ending with it. Revelation 22:18 does not only apply to Revelation. Adding to God’s Word is a slippery slope. Christians should stay far from any so-called leader who tells them that there is more to God’s Word than He has provided. – J.S.

Robertson has bought into a line of thinking that denies a key doctrinal point. “For as by one man (note - that would be Adam) - sin entered the world, and death by sin; so death passed upon all men for that all have sinned.” Romans 5:12

His position produces ages of death before the fall and this is in direct contradiction to clear new testament teaching. Robertson has taken a very disappointing public position on an issue where he is sadly ignorant of both the truth and the implications of his position.” – B.H.

Creationism doesn’t get in the way of the gospel of Christ, it confirms the need for Christ. Basic Hermeneutics teaches us that when we read something, we interpret it as literal unless a literal interpretation would be absurd. By reading the Creation account literally there is no reason why we should believe that the days of creation are not literal days. What I would ask Dr. Craig and Pat Robertson would be: “Do we take science that is used by fallible man to interpret the Bible or do we use the Bible, which is God’s word, to confirm what we would expect find if God’s word speaks of 6 literal days, a global flood and the tower of Babel? I would ask Robertson where in scripture does it talk about “a particular human being that God touched before Adam”. Also, I would ask him where Jesus ever talks about this particular human. If sin came through the lineage of Adam but we are part of a race that comes from a human apart from Adam, then we are without sin, so why do we need a Savior? – J.O.

First - from what I have read, REAL science does not disagree with Biblical Creation and a young earth. If Adam was just ‘a particular human’ that ‘started the race’, then what explains where all the rest of “creation” came from? Any other origin is WAY beyond the faith required to be a Christian believer in Biblical Creation. Biblical Creation is not “a side issue that gets in the way of the gospel”, it is the foundation of the gospel that the Biblical gospel cannot survive without. If the Biblical account of the Creation is not absolute truth, then how does the Biblical record of Christ and his apostles have any credibility as truth? – W.G.

It is disappointing that men who are Christian leaders turn their back on the Bible being 100% accurately inspired by God. I can’t wait to find out in Heaven how God accomplished the creation and how horrific the flood was to put the earth in the form it is today. I am not deaf, dumb, or blind... I have faith that God did what he said he did - even though I don’t know how he did it. – J.B.

Statements such as those made by Pat Robertson indicate that he does not believe in the absolute inerrancy of God’s holy Word. Whenever this happens, Satan laughs; he has made another faith-destroying entry into the heart of a Christian and subsequently into Jesus’ holy Christian Church. – E.S.

Not teaching the Gospel and the many truths of Genesis 1-11 in our churches is what causes young people to leave the church when they begin taking biology and other evolution-influenced science classes. Of course popular media is full of long-ages terms as if they are a prerequisite for any science story or new discovery in the news.

William Lane Craig and Pat Robertson would rather receive the approval of atheist and agnostic scientists than to ask them to prove these long ages repeatedly and profusely bandied about in the so called scientific literature. It is really a form of programming or conditioning since evolutionists believe given enough time anything can happen. Time and chance is their creator!

These men would rather have their ears tickled and backs slapped by modern scientists (most of whom totally reject the Holy Bible) than stand on the powerful, life-saving, time-tested Word of our Creator God.

Let’s pray their eyes will be opened to the truth while they’re still on earth because when the resurrection comes they will find out for sure that trusting Jesus the Christ was and is always the best and most certain and true path. He will never mislead or forsake us! – M.P.

The Bible says that sin entered into the world through one man, Adam, so that one man, Jesus could save us from that sin. And death was of all living creatures. If there were men before Adam, or if creatures evolved for millions of years, we would have to allow for death to be a part of the natural order. But that is contrary to Scripture.

In addition, if we are a part of the evolutionary process and not beautifully created in the image of God, then we would also have to conclude that there is something else in the evolutionary order of things. If we evolved or somehow jumped into the middle of things, then we are not any better than any thing else. But that’s not Scripture either. Blessed are those who are persecuted for their faith. – R.W.

Humans before Adam and Eve? What is Robertson thinking? If that were the case, there would have been death prior to the fall in Eden. If that is true, what does that do to Paul’s assertion that “by one man (Adam) death came, by one man (Jesus) came life.” If there was death before the fall, that mitigates God driving man away from the tree of life. Scripture says death came because if sin. If there was death prior to the fall, then the Bible is fatally flawed. – S.J.

I fully believe that you have to be deaf, dumb and blind to NOT believe in a “young earth”! I have seen so many things in just my short 62 years on this earth that happened in a fraction of the time that “old earthers” say that they should take. Also, there has never been an evolutionary “missing link” found, they all fall flat in time! Over and over, the Bible has proven true down to the last detail. On top of all that, if you don’t trust God’s account of His creation, can you trust His account of heaven? …Hell? ...Eternity? …Even salvation? – G.S.

I would say to them to read what Jesus says about creation and Adam, the first man. They ought to know better....death came by one man! No one died before that!” – S.N.

Genesis 1:1-2 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was empty and without form... (paraphrased). So if one needs to imagine what was there before that verse, let them start from there. At least from that verse, i know that before God decided to create anything, there was nothing... Also read Romans 1. I love that one. – L.E.

I’d say this: Why believe the Gospel message if you can’t believe the source of your faith (the Bible) from the beginning? I’d also have a lot of questions  for WLC and Pat Robertson:

  • How can you have death before sin? --Genesis 3; Romans 5:12; 1 Cor. 15
  • How do you reconcile Jesus’s own words? --Math 19:4-6
  • How do you reconcile the time periods of those that lived in the genealogies? --Luke 3:23-38; Genesis 5 & 11
  • How can you twist what Paul plainly said about being from One Race? --Acts 17:26

I’d also encourage them to read this: We can’t even understand the Gospel without understanding Genesis 1-11. We end up adding something that is not in the Scriptures. WLC and Pat Robertson do this because they put their faith in secular science and the notion that naturalistic explanations are fine for Genesis 1, but when you ask them about the Resurrection they believe in supernatural happenings. They are picking and choosing on some levels because they have valued the ideas of man’s interpretation over the Bible’s clear reading.

Here are a couple other verses that I would throw at them: Exodus 20:11; Exodus 31:17---Here God not only inspired it, He inscribed it Himself! – R.E.B.

I have a PhD in Materials Science and believe in a 6000 year old earth. Why? Because comments made by our Lord Jesus Christ make it clear that the accounts in Genesis are historically accurate. Belief in the miracles, death and resurrection of Christ is just as “unscientific” as in the creation account. Where do you draw the line? I look at the same evidence as old earth types and yet have reached a different conclusion, based on observational science, not fantasy. I would tell WLC and Pat Robertson: “Let us build each other up in the Body of Christ, not tear each other down, and agree to disagree.” – J.B.

Yom in Hebrew is ‘sunset-to-sunset’; i.e. a 24-hr day. And there was EVENING and there was MORNING yom echad. And by the 4th day, time was measured with the sun on the earth’s rotation -- 24 hrs. A 6 twenty-four hour day week of Creation according to God in His order. – J.C.

I believe in the Biblical account and that Adam was the first man. Pat Robertson is calling God a liar. I believe that the Bible is meant to be taken literally unless it is an obvious allegory or pun. Every time I make mistakes in reading the Bible it is because I didn’t take it literally enough. Some folks think the genealogies may not be complete but like I said I find it safer to take the Bible literally or feel like a fool afterwards. – P.M.

Evolution makes death the Savior! How can Robertson ADD to Scripture by postulating previous humans on earth, and fall into the evolutionary trap? And, even positing some gaps, how can Christ’s genealogy traced to Adam admit of even 40,000 years? – J.H.

No, I do not think that young earth biblical creationism hurts the cause of Christ. I think it speaks of God’s power and His ability to accomplish in a short time what we might think would take many years.” – J.S.

I love Creation Moments… the incredible diversity of plant and animal life and how they interact with their environment is beyond amazing. Personally, I really don’t care how old the earth is and your relentless attacks on evolution, while interesting, have gotten boring. I feel that Creation Moments is always on the defensive and thinks that they have to prove or disprove this or that and have strayed a bit from the simply “amazing” and “incredible” design that is evident in our universe. Let the reader figure it out for themselves…God doesn’t give us the answers either, he just gives us Creation and allows us to come up with our own conclusions. I am very sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear. – R.L.

Come judgment day will they say: “Yes Lord, I know you said clearly in Genesis that You created the universe in 6 regular days less than 10,000 years ago, but we know You were wrong. The universe was made billions of years ago and it took You much longer than 6 normal days!” – P.S.

If people would love God and just read His Word daily, even several times a day, say morning and evening, they would learn more from God and have the mind of Christ. Pat Robertson and others like him have much pride. Others put their trust in them over God. It’s just as in the garden, Satan, casting doubt on God’s Word...”yea, hath God said?” finally, convincing them to swallow the lie. – L.S.

It’s the reverse in fact. It’s people like Pat Robertson and others who obviously do not believe ‘that ALL scripture is inspired of God’ that gives creationists a bad reputation.

In fact they’re calling God a liar when it states in Exodus 20v11, ‘in SIX days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them’. – J.J.

I believe it is imperative that people understand that the Bible is true without having to resort to elaborate explanations to make it fit “science.” I would ask him for written evidence for his conclusions that it is ridiculous to believe history is only 6,000 yrs old. God is infinitely bigger than our expectations. – M.W.

Folks like Pat Robertson and others who deny the clear teachings of scripture effectively call our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, a liar. For He clearly referred to the account of creation and Adam as being literal. I wonder, does the crucifixion and resurrection keep people from Christianity also in their eyes? – B.T.

It is Pat Robertson who is harming the cause of Christianity. There is overwhelming scientific evidence to support the young age of the earth. In fact the amount of evidence is so great that there isn’t enough room in this column to mention it all. Suffice it to say that Jesus never spoke of any pre-Adamic race. Also, He often spoke of events in the first 11 chapters of Genesis as actual historical events. Pat Robertson is clearly among the false teachers that 2nd Peter warns about! – T.O.

Biblical creation was part of what drew me to Christ. The eternal power that was evident in fallen creation helped me to believe in the Savior and Creator. Dishonest scientific assumptions and unbiblical Christian speculations kept me seeking for answers that came through faith in Christ (Romans Chapters 1 and 8). – A.H.

Pat Robertson has been declining mentally over the last few years. Billy Graham did the same thing and the press just loved it. He needs to have the humility to step out of the limelight. – R.B.

I am appalled. I don’t listen to Pat Robinson as I have never agreed with him. This latest thing is terrible. My comment is that the very elect will be deceived and he sure is trying to help that along. – D.J.

Believing in a young earth didn’t affect the explosion of belief during the Reformation or any of the great awakenings. Does anyone believe if Martin Luther, John Knox, the Wesley brothers had not preached a young earth there would have been a bigger revival? – K.R.B.

Creationism does harm the gospel – the gospel that these kinds of Christians preach. It does, however, bring Great Glory to the Gospel of the Lord Yahshua, the Creator of all that is. Thank you for the great work you are doing. – H.S.

In the end there are many false prophets and teachers who tickle the ears and follow the world, robbing God of His glory. We are God’s people and will stand on the inerrant Word of God as truth and life. How sad that so many people are being led astray. All will kneel before a Holy, Holy God. – C.M.S.

I have an earned doctorate in physics and every argument for an old earth and an evolutionary beginning violates one or more basic laws of experimental science as we know it today. Only the Biblical God is capable of creating the world as we know it. And there is no time-measuring system that can truthfully tell us that the earth is older than about 6,000 years. The decay of the magnetic fields of Mercury, Mars, Earth, Uranus, and Neptune are constant with a 6,000-year-old solar system, and these have been measured by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. – Dr. R.K.

Man is trying to figure out God’s design with an incomplete amount of knowledge from the fossil and human bones. Taking what little we know and trying to fit the Bible to science makes no sense to me. I believe it should be the other way around. If you believe Robertson’s position, you will have to start a whole new theology. – D.G.

I am a medical physicist (radiological science for medicine), graduated top of my class at Emory. All studies done about radioactivity, gravity, and speed of light show that the Earth has to be young and cannot be over 12,000 years old. All the above are SLOWING DOWN. More than 12,000 years ago, life would be impossible to exist at what the above would have been. God obviously created the universe exactly as stated in Genesis: all fully functioning at moment of Creation, but “winding down” thanks to the fall of Adam and his progeny. I’m sorry to see that such godly men have finally succumbed to the lies of Satan, which are now taught as politically correct although disproven. – L.P.

Re: Christian leaders who reject Biblical Creationism: The chief authority on any viewpoint is its author. The chief defender of any organization is its leadership (or founder). If I built it (whether or not it bears my name), I will be tempted to protect and defend it from anyone (or anything) that seems to threaten its safety, security, or reputation. God doesn’t need defenders - only surrendered servants. Those who would appear to defend Him (by re-interpreting His Word in light of the potentially negative impact a literal reading of the scriptures might have upon their pet cause/organization/ministry - See 1 Tim 6:3-9) may quickly find themselves in the company of those mentioned in Acts 16 who saw that the simplicity and power of the Gospel was destroying their ‘hope of profit’. If the strength of our convictions come NOT by the simple reading of His Word (as illuminated and empowered by His Spirit) but instead through the ‘advanced’ or even ‘secret’ knowledge of man, then the majority of humans throughout world history never had a legitimate chance at salvation or any understanding of God. – G.J.

It is heartbreaking to hear a minister of the Gospel for so many years and that reaches so many people to deny the truth of Genesis. If Pat Robertson doesn’t take the creation story as told in Scripture, what else does he not believe is literal? – P.B.

If I could sit down and talk to Pat Robertson, I would try to gently steer him towards seeing that belief in a young earth is reasonable. YEC should not be mocked, but it is easy for someone to mock when they have not had a balanced view of the interpretations of the evidence. I would do the same thing when witnessing to people to whom this was a stumbling block – point out that naturalists don’t know everything and that it is not unreasonable to question their conclusions. – M.A.

I think the old earth side does more harm to the gospel. It undermines the very first words of scripture so that it may compromise with what the world is saying. And if they can undermine that part then what about the rest of the Bible? – M.F.

I have been on the mission field for 22 years of my life. In those 22 years, I have heard many, many, many different ways to present the Gospel. The vast majority of them include a mention of Creation and the fellowship with God prior to sin. But there is not a SINGLE Gospel message I have ever heard that remotely suggests an OEC or TE model. Every one of them that includes a mention of the conditions pre-Genesis 3 (Wordless Book is a primary one) can only be accounted for by what YEC preaches. Is origins part of the Gospel? Actually, yes it is. Because without the origins account, you don’t have sin entering the equation and you don’t have a purpose for Christ. But I have seen VERY few Gospel presentations that do not include some mention of a perfect creation before sin entered the world. – C.W.

Jesus (you know, the one who gave us the gospel) was a young-earth creationist. He proved this when He asked, “Have you not read [in Genesis 1:27] that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female’?” (Matthew 19:4). Jesus also said “The truth will set you free” (John 8:32). YEC is true and was taught by Jesus, so only those who are “ashamed of the gospel” (Romans 1:16) are afraid that YEC will harm evangelism. More likely, they fear that it will harm their reputation or position to boldly speak the truth, as may be the case with Mr. Robertson. – R.L.

Creation Moments has been a friend of Institute for Creation Research (where I work) for decades, and God’s blessing on both ministries shows how a Biblical creation foundation routinely supports the Gospel of Christ. No surprise there! The one New Testament book intentionally aimed at presenting salvation is John’s Gospel (John 20:31), yet John begins his presentation of Christ with Christ’s role as the Creator (John 1:1-2 and 1:10-12), so obviously the Biblical creation message is a support to evangelism, not a distraction. [For more of my perspective on this point, see my short article posted at .] – Dr. J.J.

It’s disappointing to have incredibly smart Christians try and get evolution to fit with the creation account. I would think it obvious that they are polar opposites, one bringing sin/death through man and the other bringing man through death. If the Bible is wrong in the beginning, it’s a lie throughout. What fools we are.” – B.B.

It is hurtful when I see fellow Christian call others name like deaf, dumb and blind because they choose to believe what God’s word says. Evolution is destroying the Christian faith through its lies and false claims and none of it has been proven, yet we are called stupid. It is a battle of two religions, and I choose to believe the Bible.” – R.M.C.

Old earth creationism destroys the gospel. Death came as a result of the disobedience of Adam and Eve. If the world had been millions of years old, there would have been death and destruction before Adam and Eve. God declared His world was very, very good when He finished His work of creation. If death had existed before Genesis 1, God’s world would not have been good as He said and death would have been nothing new and certainly not a punishment for sin as it would have existed for millions of years before Adam and Eve. “By one man sin entered the world and death because of sin.” Death came as a result of Adams sin! Our earth is young! – L.T.

I think there is so much evidence now that confirms a young earth/universe. I may not have much educational experience in that area, but I subscribe to creationist magazines that list several evidences of a young world in Creation magazine, Answers magazine, etc. William Lane Craig and Pat Robertson really have no excuse for denying a literal reading of the scriptures. – S.W.

I’m so glad you were listening to Pat Robertson! I don’t know why he believes what he does, but I think it’s sad. He’s misleading people terribly. He also said, twice, that the earth is 65 million years old! – S.B.

6,000 or 6,000 trillion. It is unimportant. What is important is that we have a CREATOR! – S.S.

They are dead wrong. If one word, one tiny word, of the Bible is wrong, then you can’t trust any of it. You can’t pick and choose what parts of the Bible you accept. I classify these men as 1] unsaved; 2] false teachers. – W.B.

Mr. Robertson’s comments qualified me for more reward in heaven for being persecuted for my Christian, Biblical beliefs. But it is SO SAD that he feels like he has to say those things. I pray that he will repent, and start by having Ken Ham or one of AiG’s scientists debate him on the 700 Club. The other “well-known” person you mentioned [William Lane Craig], I have never heard of before, thank God, because we all need faith builders and edifiers, not destroyers and detractors. – D.P.

The Bible tells us that Adam was the first biological man—in Genesis 1–5, Deuteronomy 32:8, 1 Chronicles 1:1, Luke 3:38, Romans 5:14, 1 Corinthians 15:22, 45, 1 Timothy 2:13, and Jude 1:14. So, how many parts of the Bible are the Pre-Adamists willing to concede as being errant, incorrect or in need of reinterpreting, in order to accommodate the evolutionary -uniformitarian interpretation of the fossil record? Also, pre-Adamism took the form of polygenism, or multiple creations of different races. Proponents of this idea often thought that non-whites were inferior beings who could be treated as slaves. Pre-Adamism thus became the scientific justification for slavery, and a defense for racism. – J.D.L.

Six-day creation is essential. Evolution and long earth ages are a lie of the devil; a person who believes in them has already undermined the Scriptures. – S.M.

Dear Pat Robertson and William Lane Craig – In sharing the Gospel, do you want to be people (man) pleasers or God pleasers? I choose the truth, that Jesus rose from the dead, that God created the earth in six literal days as it says in Gen, Ex 20:11 and again in Ex 31:17. He is the Lord of time and space! So, do you believe God’s Word? Do you believe when God repeats three times He made it all in six days? Or do you prefer to default to your own judgment that man (science) is truth and God is not? – R.K.

Not one person was there when God crested the earth. Any History is speculative. We do not have any time machine that allows us to look back or forward in time. If we do not have faith in any part of God’s Word, there is no part of God’s Word that we can have faith in. God tells us in Genesis exactly why we need Christ’s life, death, and redirection and why we can’t save our selves. Praise God that He didn’t ask us first if we wanted Him to help us. He just did it out of His Grace. Hallelujah! – R.R.

I would tell them to REPENT. Robertson I have heard of but not the other guy. The fact that they are “well known” means they have been embraced by the culture which means they are apostate. They love the praise of men. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. They need our prayers. – G.G.

I used to go to discussion groups that talked about science and creation theory. I quit when during one session I said, “Since I was not there when God did it, I would leave all options open until I met with God and He explained it to me. I was laughed at and put down by people who had no more knowledge than I. Having been a detective, I’ve learned that what you think you know may not in fact be truth. The Bible says six days, I will go with God’s word first. It is His universe and He can do it the way He wants. He can make the laws of physics and change the same to suit His needs.

I have asked in the past, “If the second law of thermodynamics says that all things are winding down, why should it be any different with the speed of light?” If light is slowing down, then that would change all of time and space. We measure the speed of light confined to our little window of time and space. Like studying a raindrop and declaring all water is pure. That’s how we study all things in our world - samples. Short time - long time, it matters not to God.

As for Pat Robertson, he has no more credibility to me than the high school student next door. – R.E.

There is a reason why youth today pay scant attention to GOD’s written record. They distrust it because the “Leaders” of the faith distrust it. If they cannot trust the veracity of Genesis one, why trust John 3:16 or Romans 10? The wolves are within our midst. GOD have mercy. – E.J.

I think they are hurting those who believe in the inerrancy of scripture. I also believe they are hurting those who don’t believe in the scripture. It’s one thing to have differing views on the age of the earth, but I’m afraid Craig and Robertson have been indoctrinated by worldly reasoning of ungodly men instead of those scientists who look at the evidence for a younger earth. I am a pastor and respect people with different views on this. – B.R.

Many Christian pastors are just like the Sadducees and Pharisees of Jesus’ day and the priests of the Old Testament. They do NOT believe God’s word but accept Satan’s lies as absolute truth. Jesus called them vipers and hypocrites and said they were guilty of the shedding of blood of the prophets (Matthew 23). Nothing has changed! – L.H.

Ok, so some people call themselves Christians. Do they believe the Bible? Was there an Adam and an Eve who were the original sinners? Is there a reason for a Savior from sin? So which parts of the Bible do they believe and on what basis? Either the Bible is God’s Word (ALL of the Bible) or it’s just another book. – P.K.

I believe that we have available to us, in the form of the Bible, God’s Holy inspired word, every single word that we “need” to know about anything spiritual. Any argument that anyone wants to put forth, I will evaluate based on God’s Word. It is all I use for faith and practice. – J.D.

I was raised in a denomination that worshipped the immaculate conception and believed everything else evolved until I accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that He died for my sins and was Resurrected from the dead to save me. Then my heart truly began to “see” His Creation. I always loved the nature around me, but believing in Jesus, the Creator and Author of my faith, I cry at His marvelous handiwork., and the more you study Creationism, my faith has so deepened at times there are no words to express how I see and feel about all the creation around me, just as Dr. Don Clark cried about the cell. I just viewed a DVD about God and Math and cried. I am dumbfounded at people who say they are believers in Jesus Christ and cannot see the Truth. I have to wonder, do they truly believe in the whole counsel of God? – T.F.

Evidence against what “science” teaches is exactly what brought me from atheism to Christ at age 60! That evidence for the accuracy of God’s Word is abundant, IF a person will seek it out--as the Bible tells us to do. Furthermore, the concern over “looking ridiculous” shows a priority to self prestige, over glorifying God. Moreover, the more you study, the more ridiculous and pathetic these “science” claims will be in your mind. You will need God’s grace to be patient, yet bold with the deceived. – P.C.

Pat Robertson is wrong. God created Adam from the dust of the earth, not from a human-like creature. He’s hung up on the Gap theory. – K.K.

The foundation for the doctrines of Christianity lies in Genesis 1-4. There we read that God initiated everything, that he created man in his own image, and that man deliberately decided to ignore God’s wisdom in favor of his own (and Satan’s), resulting in spiritual - and later - physical death. If these things are not literal fact, there would have been nothing that could be considered sin, and there would be no reason for which Jesus had to come and die on the cross. The reason he came was to bear our sins and iniquities. If he were just a man, he would have just died; the fact that he rose again, having no sin of his own to hold him in the grave, proves that he was God. And why should the Creator become a man and be murdered except for love for those he had created? Just as it says in I Cor. 15, if Christ has not risen, our faith is vain, so if God had not created the world and if Adam and Eve had not sinned, salvation is only a myth and we all die like animals. – E.F.

Quite honestly, I think that anybody who says that creation “gets in the way” of the gospel message is missing the whole point of the Bible! If we can’t take the first few chapters of Genesis literally when the rest of Genesis is to be taken that way, then how do we know that the gospel message is to be taken literally?

These people want to say that it makes Christianity look ridiculous if we believe in a literal six day creation about 6,000 years ago, but if we are being fair, doesn’t it make us look just as ridiculous to say, “Well, the first few chapters of Genesis can’t be taken literally, but the story of Noah should be, as should be the gospel.” I’m sorry, but if I’m a non-believer, I would look at that and go, “That doesn’t make sense.”

Now granted, I’m saying all of this from a certain perspective, but to me it seems that if I can believe that my God (who made and oversees the entire universe and everything in it, who never had a beginning and will never have an ending, and who is all powerful) sent his only son into the world to become the God-man and die for my sins, for my iniquity, for my shame, then it really isn’t that much of a stretch to believe that same God made everything in a literal six day creation.

I feel as though that is the point of Christianity. It’s not supposed to be “main stream” or “scientific”. What other religion is based on their God sending his only son into the world to save people? None other! Christianity doesn’t make sense to our world. It isn’t logical to a human mind. We get so stuck in stuffing our religion into our culture that we just miss the point. Our religion doesn’t fit our culture. The Bible doesn’t fit our culture. Who is man to say that the Bible, the Word of God, gets in the way of the gospel message? That is ridiculous! How is it man’s place to try and fit millions of years into the first chapter of Genesis to make the gospel message more palatable to society? Millions of years doesn’t fit there at all. Even if we completely ignore the physical evidence (which, I would say, does point to thousands of years in many ways), there is still overwhelming amounts of theological evidence that millions of years absolutely has no place in Christianity. So, all that ranting to say, I think that these men are wrong. I believe that a literal six day creation goes hand in hand with the gospel message.

Finally, I believe that there is plenty of evidence (both physical and theological) which points to a literal interpretation of Genesis 1. Many Christians are just too focused trying to make the Bible fit our mainstream culture to see and acknowledge it. – A.U.

I am a very educated professional (2 MSs and 1 PhD in engineering).When people begin to get too wealthy and too shallow Biblically, they are swayed by any trend that will ‘benefit’ them somehow. They begin to rely on their self-perceived importance, outsmarting God. Being called Christian and being found faithful by God are two different things, sometime opposite like North and South, or East and West. In the last days there will be many deceptions, many deceived because they do not root themselves in the Word of God. ‘Watch and pray’ and speak the truth; many will fall. – G.L.

Question for Dr. Craig and Mr. Robertson: Please explain the meaning of Exodus 20:11. – W.M.

Obviously, William Lane Craig and Pat Robertson want to be considered intellectual among their peers. It reminds me of John 12:43: “ For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” The fact is, there is much scientific evidence for a young earth and universe, and Jesus Christ himself believed and taught a young creation. When these scientists have the intelligence and the power to conquer death and rise from the dead, then I’ll listen to what they have to say. Until then, I’m going to believe the man who did – Jesus Christ our Lord. – M.M.

Christians like Craig and Robertson limit God to what humanistic science says He can do. The Bible makes it very clear that God can easily do things that cannot be replicated in a laboratory....turning water to wine and feeding 5,000 with a few loaves and fish.  If we Christians compromise on this fundamental issue of the accuracy of the Genesis account of creation,  then what else is up for debate?  It is plain to see that our enemy is still up to his same old tricks...."did God really say...?" – D.H.

Sirs, we need to fear God more than we fear men and stop seeking their approval. Stop bowing to public pressure, and teach what the Scriptures say; i.e., God created all things in 6 days. – F.K.

I believe in an old earth, “the earth was without form and void”, anything could have happened beforehand, God could have made and remade the earth and any other planet he wanted to as many times as he wanted to. The Bible doesn’t tell us because we don’t need to know. I believe the time that Lucifer and his angels fell to earth was before creation, based on a few verses about that event, and the overall time line of creation and the fall. Unless Lucifer fell after creation, and before the fall. Anybody who believes in the monkey to man myth, has no place sitting in the seat of a teacher of the Gospel. – J.W.

I noticed Pat Robertson’s unorthodox view of Christianity when he ran for president. Unfortunately, there are many out there who don’t bother to research the belief system of those supposedly in authority. If a Christian doesn’t believe the Genesis account, why would they believe the words of Christ? – E.O.

Count me in! I have been deaf, dumb, and blind for decades now. And it is getting more profound! Worse, I am committed to causing the same malady to those I influence. – Dr. F.H.

Mr. Robertson: Is God a liar? Does He know the difference between one day and a billion years? If so, why didn’t He say so? Seems to me you are adding to the Scripture. How will you account for that? – D.C.

The other question is do short earth creationists view all other views that Christians might hold as unbiblical, or worse yet, anti-biblical and undermining the validity of scripture? If so, this could actually just be pride and self-righteousness being disguised as being “more” biblical or Christian. If all of us who own Christ as Lord could dialogue a little more, Jesus himself said, that our love for one another is how the world would know we are his disciples not by what position we hold on creation. – M.M.

Any honest evaluation of the dating methods used to obtain an old age for the earth would have to include the statement that the age is based on an arbitrary assumption. – E.S.M.

The Bible clearly outlines the young earth time line. The trouble with long earth age and P Robertson’s comments is that sin and death comes before Adam and Eve. We are told in Genesis that God created man and it was “very good”; then they sinned and death came into this world. No grounds to vary from what the truth clearly says. – R.P.

It was because of the views of people like Craig, Robertson, Ross and others that I almost lost my faith. I have been a science teacher for years. I felt that if Christians believed in evolution, then there was no need of a God. It wasn’t until I started reading books, articles, etc. from Creation websites that I realized there was no proof whatsoever of evolution! Evolution makes absolutely no sense. It’s a shame that these theologians have led so many people astray. I cannot believe that they have truly researched the topic. – J.D.

The second law of thermodynamics refutes evolution. The principle of biogenesis refutes life coming from non-life. The fossil record demonstrates the persistence of life forms and the sudden appearance of every invertebrate and vertebrate phylum in the lowest fossil bearing stratum.

The Bible is true in everything it states. It stated both the first and the second law of thermodynamics, 1st law, God created and stopped creating, Genesis 2: 4. The 2nd law was instituted when God cursed the earth. As to the age of the earth, Hebrews 2: 7b and 8 make it clear that Adam controlled every living creature before he sinned. We don’t see Adam (mankind) in control now because of that sin but we do see Jesus who did exercise all that control in His earthly ministry.

There is an awful lot more I could say here both as a scientist (retired) professor of dentistry) and as a theologian (Grace Theological Seminary) and former missionary to Central Africa. We can’t pick and choose what parts of the Bible to believe, take at face value, and what to either discount or allegorize away. God’s word is one word, with one author, the Holy Spirit. “ALL Scripture is God breathed…” 2 Tim 3: 16. I am astonished and greatly saddened that respected Bible teachers have failed to follow what Psalm 119: 99 states.

I myself was denied tenure at the University of Pennsylvania because I am a creationist. I count that a privilege to have endured that rejection for my Lord’s sake! – Dr. A.R.

I believe the Bible says not to take away or add to the Bible. Mr. Craig and Mr. Robertson ought to check the records of what year it is with those of Israel. – L.G.

Creationists are not the problem! They need to read their Bible and believe it is “God inspired” and not subject to interpretation by people, especially by scientists with biased agendas. – D.C.

I am dumbfounded! Our CREATOR runs the universe and doesn’t even break a sweat! Why do we need people to explain everything? Knowing GOD will give us great insight into HIS nature in all things. Remember, it is GOD’s glory to hide a matter, it is the glory of a king to search a matter out! Stop talking and start SEARCHING OUT THE FATHER! – P.J.

If we can’t believe Genesis, how can we believe John 3:16? – G.A.

This issue has become a passion for me over the past 20 years. I would argue that the confusion today is from some Christian’s well-meaning attempts to reconcile long-age evolutionary “scientific” beliefs with Scripture. God revealed Himself and His plan through Scripture and as Christians, we should approach our views about everything based on the Bible. An objective reading of Genesis plainly shows Creation in 6 normal days (morning and evening), and then a day of rest. This is referenced in Ex. 20:8-11 as a model for us to take a day of Sabbath. With the sun created after light and no death before Adam and Eve, there’s really no way to reconcile evolutionary millions of years teaching with the Bible.

The mechanism given to drive evolution is mutations and natural selection. Anyone who has studied genetics knows that mutations are a loss of information while evolution would demand the addition of information. There has been NO evidence showing this (even Richard Dawkins revealed that in an interview), so it’s not established science. Natural selection can only work with existing information (look at intentional forms like dog breeding or at Darwin’s research - finches were still finches and later generations returned to earlier characteristics. That’s simply the ability to adapt, which is part of God’s design to assist in their survival). In fact, there’s new research that tracks human mutations back to only the last 5,000 years. What in Darwin’s day was considered “simple” life forms (ie. bacterial cell), recent technology has revealed as not only incredibly complex, but all of its parts had to be there at the same time and functioning in order to survive.

Although man was corrupt in all His ways and God decided to bring judgment to the world, God in His mercy gave mankind another chance through Noah (who chose to follow Him in the midst of being surrounded by corruption and evil), with an ark of salvation. The ark was huge (the length of 1.5 football fields and was taller than a 3-story building) and modern day shipbuilders have acknowledged that the design was optimum for floating. Scripture says 2 of each “kind” (7 each of some), which is a much broader term than species so the number of animals needed is much less. Even dinosaurs had only the average size of a sheep and large ones could have been very young. There are several other places in Scripture that refer to the Flood as a literal, historic act of God’s judgment (2 Pet 2:5) including Jesus Himself (Matt 24:36-46).

Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, you say? Read Job 40 and 41. Instead of reading man’s study notes, build a picture in your mind of the words. Remember, they are the words God Himself speaking to Job. How many people know that ancient art from all over the world includes clear depictions of dinosaurs (stegosaurus in Cambodian temple column along with monkey, parrot, and other animals we know, sculptures from Mexico of dinosaurs, Inca burial stones, Babylonian Ishtar Gate, Native American Indian cave art, etc.)? Why are there so many documentations of dragons around the world before there was any communication between civilizations separated geographically?

What about the evidence that defies the theory of slow sedimentary layers built over millions of years? Things like folded rock, petrified forests, dinosaur fossil graveyards, fast fossilization of creatures (fish eating another fish, two dinosaurs fighting, a snake eating baby dinosaurs as they hatch, a creature giving birth, etc.), finding soft tissue in dinosaur bones, polystrate fossils, fossilization of soft body creatures, marine fossils on top of every mountain in the world, and the numerous flood legends around the world. Mt. St. Helens has shown that catastrophic events can change geological landscapes very quickly, so the global flood easily explains all of this.

Recent research with DNA and the human genome project has shown that all women can be traced back to one woman (Mitochondrial Eve) and all men can be traced to one man through Y chromosomes. This supports Scripture’s teaching that there’s only one race - the human race (hence, no reason for racism). Different people groups just have different gene pools in their family history from other people groups and have different levels of melanin (how much brown is in the skin).

It’s time for those who profess to be Christians to have a unified message to those who are not (according to God’s Word, not man’s). We serve a God who is not a god of confusion or chaos. His message is simple, but profound, and our response has eternal

consequences as well as consequences during our time on earth. Let’s communicate as one voice, allowing the Holy Spirit to empower us to accurately share His love and truth, and give Him the glory He deserves, so others will know how amazing He is and choose to seek Him in prayer and in His Word with their whole heart, mind, strength, and soul. God does not hide from those who seek Him this way. See Deut. 4:29 and Prov. 2:1-5. Scripture tells us that God will judge evil again, but this time by fire. There is much at stake and time is short. – C.R.

I have been a youth pastor for 20 years and I would say that the young earth position should not be put up front as an absolute you must believe this to be a true follower of Jesus. I think we must get really good at asking great questions that cause people to start using a critical thinking process. If we can get people to question everything, then truth comes out the victor. But if we tell them you must believe either young earth or old earth creation, we remove the critical thought process. If I could ask Mr. Craig questions about his position, I would attempt to dialogue about the evidences that point to a young earth, and after we discussed those viewpoints for a while, I would better understand why he feels so strongly about them. I feel that he probably is looking at a big picture cause of getting intelligent design to a place of acceptance within academia and sees young earth as a stumbling block to that agenda; if I had to guess! – B.P.

The Lord has shown me that those who reject the SIX LITERAL DAYS of creation are commenting the sin of UNBELIEF! In Hebrews 3:18- 4:12 it says, “‘for He spoke in a certain place of the SEVENTH DAY on this wise, and God did rest the SEVENTH DAY from all his works (Hebrews 4:4).” They do not experience His rest! Also we have the Sabbath being established on the 7th day. – C.W.

Who knows? They certainly don’t. Illusions are part of the fall and for anyone to contradict God’s Word as if they have a complete understanding is like an atheist saying there is no God. Both make themselves to be omnipotent and omnipresent, challenging God. He created man in his image and some get popular by undertaking the reverse in their own words. – B.H.

How sad. God’s Word is truth and we don’t need to make it fit with the evolution world view. Unfortunately, that kind of mixed message in the Christian world is damaging to unbelievers and believers. Anything less than the truth of creationism as taught in Genesis is making God to be less than He is. – J.J.

These ‘professing’ Christians obviously do not use the Literal Method of biblical interpretation. I cannot imagine what is going on in Robertson’s mind when he thinks there was another man on the earth BEFORE Adam (1 Cor. 15:45). They are simply proponents of the great apostasy the apostle Paul warned would take place prior to the Rapture (2 Th. 2:1-3). – R.E.S.

Any open door to the sufficiency and inerrancy of the inspired, infallible word of God is an attack on Christianity. That is why Creation Moments is such a blessing and edifying to Christians today. Do not falter just because of some attacks from some “so called” spokesmen of Christians. I’ll be nice and just say, “THEY DON’T TALK FOR ME, SCRIPTURE DOES”. Also it’s not a matter of science against religion, it’s “unbelievers” against Christianity. – R.R.

My first question to them would be, “Where in the Scriptures do you find that? When is there even room for it in the Biblical accounts?” – R.A.

I would say that if the account in B’reishit (Genesis) is untrustworthy, then all of scripture falls apart. If you are a believer in Yeshua the Messiah, you would do well to remember his admonition to the Pharisees: “If you had believed in Moses, you would have believed in me.” Consequently, if you reject the Genesis account, you are rejecting the Messiah who is the Living Word by whom the world was formed. Why is it that Christians want to be in agreement with the world in the first place? I always thought that the friendship of the world is enmity against G-d. – P.S.

What we don’t need are more TV evangelists watering down God’s word to make it into what they can package and sell. The more popular the evangelist, the more they’ve watered down or manipulated God’s word into what they need it to be. Pat Robertson is no exception. I’m proud to say that my sons are strong Christians.  My sons are embarrassed by Pat Robertson. This Christian will debate Pat on the accuracy of the book of Genesis and the young earth creationist viewpoint anytime, anywhere! – S.S.

As a senior engineer who has studied the evolution and creation science data as a hobby for three decades, I find that: the DNA proves that macroevolution could never happen and that Mitochondrial Eve carried the original human source DNA just 6,000 years ago; that geological data proves that macroevolution never happened, that the strata were laid down rapidly and concurrently in massive flooding, and that the earth and moon can’t be more than 30k years old; that the universe proves that manipulation of time/space/energy/matter was an absolute requirement to place the universe in its current setting as anything but dark and cold rocks in space. The failures of Christian leaders to study scientific evidence and to question the motives of religious humanists posing as “scientists” has done tremendous damage in America and globally. – B.D.

Wow! I will say I was disappointed when I heard Pat Robertson make those Comments, and I was unaware that William Lane Craig holds a similar view.

I do think that an over-emphasis on young earth may get in the way of the true work of salvation and that we need to be gentle and humble in trying to teach others what we believe is true. Perhaps preaching “Christ and Him Crucified” might be the work of spreading the gospel. And love must reign superior, of course, in all circumstances. There is the issue, perhaps an “elephant in the room” if you will, though, of the Bible being entirely true and reliable or only partially true. This in itself would lead one right back to young earth or old and perhaps needing to get that settled. In our home in particular, the exact age of the earth is not quite as important as making sure we understand that we were created by a divine creator and that He purposed everything for His good pleasure.

As far as what to say to William Lane Craig and Pat Robertson and the like, it seems like there is a lot of science supporting intelligent design, a worldwide flood, the fact we are made out of dust. Perhaps they are not up to date on this research (which your organization helps to make available - and we THANK YOU!!!) Additionally, it seems the presuppositions of the views surrounding a very old earth and evolutionary creation are more absurd and require a bigger leap of faith than following the Bible itself.

Another point which comes to mind is perhaps young earth research is a bit similar to archeological research in that it has sometimes taken centuries to prove some of the historical events in the old testament (various cities and what not) but in the end the evidence was unearthed and the events proven to be true. Seems like something similar is indeed happening in young earth or creation science. – A.A.

Unfortunately, Craig has always been a theistic evolutionist and Robertson has made some unfortunate comments in the past that have been severely criticized and I believe he would rather err on the side of ‘liberals’ than go through that experience again. Sad. The evidence for Creation is there. “Eyes to see and ears to hear!” – J.R.W.

There is another clear affirmation given by Jesus Himself! Jesus said: “Are there not twelve hours in the day?” John 11:9 – C.W.

So what is the response to Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 5:12, 14, 15, 17, etc.? He clearly stated that sin entered by the disobedience of one and so death also. Apparently all these people and animals died before Adam, making Paul a liar. – V.M.

I don’t see how Christians can say the Word of God is wrong in the beginning of the Bible, but the Truth in the Gospels. You really have to accept the Word as it is written, not add or subtract. Believe! – R.M.

Please, Pat, don’t say this (that we have to be stupid to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old). None of us know the real answers and none of us were here. This has to be part of that mystery we call the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t need to know everything to believe in Jesus and that He died for all our sins, not just mine. I enjoy your programs, Pat, and many things you do, but I wish those that have the stage in society would think before they speak. Godspeed to you, Pat. – J.K.

While there is no theology test to be saved, God is sovereign in salvation. He saves according to His good pleasure. He saves through many means, through creation science and the 700 Club. Despite all our efforts and in spite of our differences of belief, God will have mercy on whom He wills and hardens whom He will. Arguing that Creationists are harming the spread of the gospel puts man at the center of soteriology. I am persuaded that creationism brings the most glory to God. Preach it! – A.G.

We need not cave on this! The evidence is there and mounting, and I’m surprised that so many Christians who know better are capitulating. – J.H.

So-called “Creationists” who refuse to believe what the Bible says about creation taking place over 7 days around 6,000 years ago are more damaging to those teaching about Creation than are those who are openly anti-creation. – D.T.

I would not want to be caught dead calling G-d a liar. When you start to dismiss some of the Bible, it leads to dismissing other parts of the Bible. Pretty soon one becomes a “cafeteria Christian”. – J.L.

The acceptance of the Biblical account which necessitates a literal, historical Genesis (i.e. 6 days and a young Earth model) is NOT harmful to the Gospel message. In fact, to deny the literal Genesis and a young Earth is to undermine and even deny the very Gospel itself. And “old” earth necessarily involves the entry of death into the world before the Fall of Adam and Eve, thus making the Genesis account of Creation and the Fall to be a lie. Dating methods are contradictory and based upon the false assumption of known rates of decay and a presumption that all is presently as it always was.

Sinful man must remove God from the Creation scene so that he is free to do and think as he pleases without any accountability to the God of Creation. The best way to eliminate that one true God is to undermine trust and acceptance in His revealed Word.

The Gospel requires a literal Genesis 1-11. Moses affirmed it, as did the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Modernists such as Pat Robertson and others who reject a literal Genesis and scoff at the possibility/reality of a young Earth demonstrate their foolishness and create real doubt as to whether they are bona fide children of God. – R.W.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The first mention of God is creator, thus knowing God as creator is very important to God. The question I then ask is do you trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding? In all your ways acknowledge (know) him an he will guide your steps. I pray you know and acknowledge creator God on His terms. I refer you to the book of Job. Were you there? – D.W.

Jesus was confronted by Sadducees who doubted the resurrection and called into question the veracity of God’s word concerning its accuracy, truthfulness, historicity and literalness. The reply of Jesus is apropos to both groups: “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.” – M.W.

As a Christian with a background in Physics and Electrical Engineering who has worked with PhD scientists and also looked into the claims of Creation Science (which I had discounted before reading them as unlikely to be truly scientific), I have to say to people like Pat Robertson that you are putting a lot of blind faith in people who are too intrinsically biased and committed to “scientific” political correctness to accurately relate unbiased scientific evidence to the public.

Scientists are no more objective than anyone else, and they ignore scientific data all the time that is inconvenient for their official positions, or is politically incorrect (because such views threaten their research funding) and they actively do all they can to prevent evidence for a young earth and intelligent design from being heard. They have to do this or they will be ostracized from their own scientific community.

There is actually MUCH more solid empirical scientific evidence for a young earth than evolutionary scientists have to put on the table to back their religious belief in evolution and an old earth. Their radiometric age-dating systems (aside from carbon-14 dating which has been externally calibrated and only goes back several thousand years) are based on several unprovable assumptions. It is the main preponderance of evidence, but it is all based on their assumptions that the earth HAS to be ancient because otherwise evolution could not have had time to happen. Age-dating results that contradict their preconceived notions are just ignored simply because they ‘know’ a priori that such readings have to be wrong.

There is plenty of solid evidence for a young earth. There are also grave theological problems for those who say God created the earth through an evolutionary process, since this would mean that death and decay existed before the fall of man in contradiction to the Scriptures.

As far as keeping people from believing in Christ if we teach a literal Genesis creation and a young earth, generally I teach people to focus on Christ and learn about him. He will teach them what to believe about creation, and often if they ignore the creation/evolution debate while getting to know him, they soon find it not hard at all to trust that God’s Word is literally true in Genesis. Looking at the huge amount of scientific evidence that most scientists want to sweep under the carpet and not allow the world to hear about, Robertson’s belief in an evolutionary creation and an old earth requires a great deal more faith in the trustworthiness of unbelieving scientists than I require to believe that my reliable God is straightforward and clear about creation events in his Word. – D.B.

You either believe the whole Bible is God’s inerrant and infallible Word or you don’t. God works when His word is read or preached. – G.D.

Colossians 1:16-17 For by Him all things were created; things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.... Therefore He is creator of ALL and sustainer of ALL. – E.L.

Evolution teaching is the greatest hindrance to the spread of the Gospel and one of the greatest stumbling blocks to salvation. I left the church and became an atheist due to the church believing in evolution. I’m now back, and saved, and know that evolution is a lie. It is anti-science. True science shows there can be no big bang, star formation, planet formation, life from non-life, plants becoming animals, or one kind of life changing into a different kind of life. Radiometric dating is a known fraud, the decline of the magnetic field shows clearly that there can not be great ages, the earth/moon system also shows this, as does the shrinking of the sun as it burns down. – J.T.

It is better to trust God than to put confidence in man and it is way better to put confidence in the God of the Bible than to put confidence in a ‘man of God.’ – F.P.

Romans 5 teaches that sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin. The last paragraph of Genesis 1 teaches that God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. So, if there was a man before Adam, was God lying in Romans 5, or in Genesis 1? – D.L.

How sad that well-known people such as these men would make comments that contradict the Bible and lead many astray. God refers to these people as fools. – C.F.

Our knowledge of Creation comes from a very reliable source: the Word of God. Six days of Creation makes far more sense than believing in “deep time”. For instance, on day three, God created flowers and grass, and fruit trees. On day four (not millions of years later), He created the sun. On day six, He created animals, including the insects, which must be available for pollination of the plants, which He made three days earlier. Even if a person believes in the bankrupt philosophy of evolution, he must admit that years cannot pass from the time the pollinating plants are created and the time the insects are created. – H.M.

People just do not know that the reason evolution was contrived was not to explain how we got here. It was contrived to explain how we got here WITHOUT GOD. It is an atheistic religion at the core. If it were true, there would be no reason for God and nature itself would be god. – R.Z.

Creationism v. Theistic Evolution a side issue? Is Truth a side issue? Is one’s interpretation of the Word of God a side issue? I don’t think so! If you call yourself a follower of Christ, then Truth matters and the Word of God should supersede whatever unbelieving men believe. To accept a belief that contradicts the Word of God and to try to interpret His Word to fit the beliefs of an unbelieving world shows a disrespect to God, His Word and Truth. – R.W.

I believe that the Lord wants us to learn as much as we can about Him, His Universe, His Holy World, the History of the world, the Jewish people, etc. The more we learn, the more we can understand Who our Creator is and His Love for us. The “age of our world” is certainly something that has been well documented and sustained by many renowned scientists and Biblical scholars. The Bible itself is clear about the history of the generations from Adam to Jesus. All of this evidence points to a young earth.

I would direct the cynics to a book, that I obtained from CREATION MOMENTS, titled THE EVOLUTION HANDBOOK by Vance Ferrell. A few quotes from this book: (1) [many studies show]... “that archaeological dating does indeed correlate closely with Bible History.” (2) “…there are many evidences that our world is quite young.” [The author lists 58 areas that examine many studies that support this statement.] He then concludes that, “…we have seen a surprising number of solid evidences for a young earth. They all point to a beginning of our planet about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.” [3] “Men are so intelligent, that in various places on earth, they have always kept written records--yet such records do not exist prior to about 4,300 years ago. The evidence of Creation science is clear and forth-right. In a word, it is scientific.” (N.B. These quotes are taken from pages 49, and 157-58) – P.C. Phd